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    Little Happy Corners // Small Bedroom Gallery

    This little space in our master bedroom is a space that’s special to me because most of the items on it are my own DIY.  And some of the items, if not of my own creation, were repainted/repurposed to fit with the rest.  I should probably call this the DIY gallery!  Each piece compliments each other and makes me happy.

    Scroll down to find some of the DIYs right here!

    Click each one for the full tutorial:


    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Main Gallery Wall

    These new gallery walls of ours are just my favorite!  I’m so happy that, on a whim one day, I just decided to take everything off our walls and completely redo it.  I could seriously sit down in our basement and stare at them for a hot minute, I’m just saying.

    I’ve repurposed some of the old frames, acquired some preloved ones from my parents, spray painted my little tail off, and made a couple new pieces that I love.

    But of course, more than just how it looks, is what it holds.  This is our family wall, our memories.  These frames will hold different stages of our lives through the years to come and it fills my heart to bursting!

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Mini Gallery Wall

    I’ve been working for about a month now on getting my gallery wall just the way I want it.  When we moved in we had one but I decided that it was too much hodge podge, too many colors, and totally not what I wanted anymore.  So I took everything down, patched up all the wholes and started to plan out the new wall.

    I started by picking a color palette, white/neutrals, mint/aqua, and gold.  Then I began collecting frames slowly and the majority of them are old ones my parents weren’t using anymore.  If some of them didn’t fit in with the color scheme, I spray painted them.  I went through quite a bit of white spray paint.  Then it came time to hang and after getting a lot up, I still had a bit left over.  But it just wasn’t going look good completely filling out the wall.  The wall had a nice symmetry going on so we decided to take the rest to an adjacent wall and create a mini gallery dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world, my boys!

    So here it is, the brother wall!

    Next up will be the main gallery wall reveal!
    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Yarn

    We’re back for another round of the Ready, Set , Craft DIY Challenge and this month’s craft item was yarn.  Oh the possibilities, especially if you know how to knit, crochet, or weave.  I don’t know how to do any of these things!  But luckily, my mom knits and she has a lot of extra material for me to use for my project.  But when you don’t know how to do the main things yarn is meant for, what do you do?  You loop and tie!  Here’s my version of a yarn wall hanging.

    What You’ll Need: Metal Ring, Yarn (in various colors and textures), Stick/Piece of Wood

    Start with the yarn you plan to use in the center of your hanging.  This is usually your biggest section, though it doesn’t have to be.   Pull out a large amount in the longest you want your hanging to be.  Snip any loops and even out the ends.  To attach it to the ring, half the strands and lay the loop over it. Thread the rest through the loop and tighten as necessary.

    Since this yarn was so fluffy, I played around with different ways to use it.  I tied the middle section a couple of times and fluffed it out some more.  

    Now continue this with your different colors, shortening the lengths as you go.  You can weave some through thicker yarn and alternate the different textures to get the desired look.  Once you’ve finished tying the yarn on, lay it out flat.  Be sure to comb through the strands so that they are laying flat and side by side.  Use scissors to cut down the yarn in a “V” shape.

    Place your stick or piece of wood (mine is a thick branch from my backyard, washed off and dried) across the ring and wrap yarn around in an “X” to secure it.  You can use a little hot glue to hold it in place too.

    I’m so thrilled with how this turned out!  There are so many great options of yarn so the combinations are endless.

    Now it’s time to show us what you made with this month’s challenge item!  Link up your yarn related posts below and check out some of the other fabulous DIYs.
    XO, Kelly

    So what’s up for February?  Next month item is:

    image via

    Be sure to come back on February 2nd for the link up!

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    Repurpose // Thrifted Artwork

    I love a good thrifted piece.  Especially if, when I see it, I immediately see it’s potential or get a project idea.  That was the case with today’s thrifty before and after!  I saw this piece of wall decor and right away knew what I was going to do with it.

    For this DIY, all you’ll need is spray paint, a frame, and some glue.

    What was great about this particular piece of art is that once I took off Mr. rooster, there was a piece of foam that held it up.  A perfect place for gluing on the frame!

    From country kitchen to bright accent frame!

    What’s something you’ve given new life to from the thrift store?
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // Honeycomb Decor

    Honeycombs are popping up left and right it seems in my Pinterest feed.  Hexagons as far as the eye can see.  I thought I’d put my two (DIY) cents into the mix with something fun and super easy!

    What You’ll Need: Hexagon Paper Mache Boxes, Paint, Glue, Pronged Frame Hangers

    Separate the lids from the boxes and paint the bottom panel of each.  While they’re drying, arrange them as you will want them to be glued together. When gluing them together, be sure that the bottoms are level.  You want a flat surface for it to hang on the wall.

    Once they are arranged as you would like, place the pronged hangers on the back.  Use a little glue to secure them.  The hardest part of this whole project, depending on where you placed the hangers, is trying to figure out the hanging placement.  But once you do, you’ll love your finished product!

    XO, Kelly

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