DIY Non Candy Valentines

    When Gav was in preschool, I wanted to do all the Pinterest-y Valentine things for his class. Back then it was easy though, there were five kids in his class. Total. His class sizes have certainly grown in size now and I just felt like DIY was going to be too much. But I came up with some fun, simple, cost friendly Valentines that you can put together just as quickly as the store bought variety. Bonus points: They lend themselves to be candy free! Be sure to scroll all the way down for the free printable sheets!

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    A Family Valentine Tradition

    Family Valentine Tradition

    Most people who know me know that I’m a bit of a Valentine’s Day scrooge. I’ve never been a fan of the day. Maybe it stems from my many years as a boyfriend-less teen, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, even when not single, it’s just never been my cup of tea. However, being a mom changes you ever so slightly and I enjoy holidays, even the super commercialized ones, for them. After hearing about (and buying) the book, Sacred Holidays, I thought I’d give this holiday a bit more of a shot.

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    The 5 W’s of Our Love Story

    Awhile back I shared the story of how my husband and I met.  It’s a very short and sweet story.  Nothing spanning many years or miles or really any obstacles.  We found each other in the right time that God wanted.  For the full story, you can read it HERE, but today I’m offering more of a cliff notes version! So here it goes!

    WHO – Me and my husband! (and my mom who pushed me to try online dating)

    WHERE – Plenty of Fish dating site is where we met.  We got engaged at one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Nan Thai. (Side note: If you’re ever in Atlanta, eat there! Its amazing!) We got married in Roswell, GA at Kimball Hall, the most wonderful place to get married and run by the most fabulous lady!

    WHY- Both my husband and I had moved back with our families within months of each other and neither of us knew anyone around the area anymore.  With my job teaching young girls and older women dance, I wasn’t really gonna meet anyone and my husband, having only been back a few weeks, didn’t have a job yet.

    WHEN – January 2010

    WHAT (happened after?) – We got engaged after 2 months of dating and married 8 months after that.  2010 was a big year for us!

    Like I said, it’s a very quick and to the point story.  We grew up within 10 minutes of one another, even knew some of the same people, just never met.  Our story is just proof that God brings you together in His time, when it is right.

    What’s your story?  Is it an epic tale or can it fit on a post-it note like mine? Either way, every love story is a beautiful one!

    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // BFF Chalkboard Planters

    Hey there!  Yesterday, over on Pretty Providence, I shared a fun gift idea for your favorite gal pal.  These also make a great gift for just about anyone since they can be personalized and are reuseable.  Yay for chalkboard everything!

    This project also features one fo my new favorite painting products, chalkboard paint medium.  No need to mix up a batch just for one color or stick with the traditional black.  With this medium, any surface can become a chalkboard in any color!  Check out the full tutorial HERE to see how to use it.

    XO, Kelly

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    Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Crazy Love Valentine Art

    I saw this Valentine art on Pinerest and thought it was adorable.  Then, once I saw how to make it, I knew I had to try it with Mr. G.  It’s such a simple DIY with an awesome end product and it’s fun for your little ones.

    What You’ll Need: Paper, Pen/Sharpie, Watercolors, Straw

    For my paper, I chose to use some that is specifically for watercolors.  This keeps the paper from getting too soggy plus, I planned to scan the final product into my computer so I wanted the paper to hold up.  Draw out a head, face, and any other doodles you’d like.  Just be sure to leave the hair out.

    Once you’re ready for the paint, fill a cup with water and get your first color ready.  Gently dab some of the paint onto the paper and hand your child the straw.  Get really close to the drop of paint and blow!  Mr. G thought it was so cool when the paint went crazy!
    Side Story: He only thought it was cool for the first couple of seconds.  Then he realized that the boy on the page was going to have crazy hair and he didn’t want that.  He wanted “nice hair”!  So the rest of this project was very tearful and sometimes a lot of spit came out of the straw.  Oh to be a “threenager”!
    Keep adding drops and spraying them up the page until you rach the desired look.  Be sure to have a couple of straws handy becuase, depending on the age of your child, they may get pretty spitty.

    I had a feeling that Mr. G would only sit still for one project so I scanned the original into the computer and printed them out as 5X7s.  Now everyone can have one!  Check out THIS TUTORIAL for more on how to turn your child’s art into a card.

    I love the end result of the project. So colorful and whimsical!

    Have a Pinterest project you’d like me to try?  I’d love to hear from you and try it out!
    XO, Kelly
    PS: Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It is now on Wednesdays! 
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    Favorite Valentine DIYs and Freebies

    That lovey holiday is right around the corner!  Which also makes me think, how in the world are we already at the end of January?!

    Today I’m taking a look back a sharing some of my favorite Valentine inspired projects.  No matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate with, it’s always nice to give someone a gift or make something for someone you love.

    1. Valentine Love Note Mailbox

    I LOVED doing this with my hubby.  In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day we wrote little notes to one another and put them in the box.  Then, when Valentine’s Day arrived, we opened up our letters and read them.  No money was spent, just love shared.  Totally doing this again this year!

    2. DIY Valentine Photo Booth

    Oh wow, this is definitely a “Flashback Friday”! This simple and easy photo booth set up was so much fun to do because it involved a lot of kisses.  All you really need is a sign (free printable in the original post) and some lipstick.  Squishy, adorable baby cheeks are optional, but highly recommended!

    3. Rhinestone Heart Phone Case

    So, this is not technically a Valentine project, but a sparkly way to get in the mood for love! I mean, what says “LOVE” more than a shiny, sparkly heart?

    4. LOVE-ly Freebies

    A round up of free, love inspired prints to decorate to your heart’s content!

    5. Heart Stamped Doily Banner

    This works great for the photo booth or to decorate your mantel.  Inexpensive and easy to create!

    6. Coffee Lid Heart Stencil

    When in doubt, just put a heart on it with this DIY heart stencil!  Any plastic lid will work for this project which makes it reusable so you can use it over and over and over…and over!

    What are some of your favorite valentine projects?
    XO, Kelly

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    A Heartfelt Week: One For You & Two For FREE!

    Woo Hoo!  Free Stuff!
    Today, since I love ya so much, I have a print and a FB timeline cover just for you!
    ENJOY and Happy Saturday!
    Click HERE for download.
    Get it? It’s a relation-SHIP! On a SEA OF LOVE!! Oh man, I crack myself up!
    Click HERE for download.
    Cheesy and sweet!

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    A Heartfelt Week: Valentine Mailbox

    Since becoming a new owner of a Keurig, I seem to have these empty K-cup boxes lying around.
    Ok, well, not really.  You know me.  No clutter…but I did save one.  I thought it would make the perfect valentine mailbox for my husband and I.

    1. Give the outside a quick sweeping of paint to lighten up darker areas of the box. 2. Using Modge Podge, or other preferred decoupage method, and cover the box with festive tissue paper.  It took a couple of layers for me because the paper is delicate and would tear around the corners.  3. Decorate!

    The way my husband and I are using our mailbox is to write tiny love notes until Valentine’s Day and then read them together on the holiday.  So I cut up some paper, put it in a tin with a pen, and placed it next to the mailbox.

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    A Heartfelt Week: Heart Stencil

    I found these cute flats at Walmart (not ashamed that I love Walmart) and when I went to wear them, I noticed that, for me, they were a bit plain.  I had made over a pair of canvas flats before and I thought I’d do the same with this pair.
    Instead of stamping them, I decided to try my hand at a stencil.  All I used was a coffee can lid.  The plastic provides a sturdy edge for a clean line.

    1.Draw out your shape.  Press hard with your pen or pencil so that you can see the impression.
    2. Cut out your shape.
    3. Tape your stencil to your surface and fill in with paint.
    To stencil these shoes, I stuffed the toes with plastic bags so that the fabric would push up into the stencil.

    XO, Kelly