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    Staying Cool This Summer

    Gav + Ro // Staying cool and hydrated with Nuby

    It goes without saying that summer is just hot.  But here in the south, we get hoooooooot!  So we’re always trying to find ways to stay cool during these humid and hot summer days.  One thing we have a lot of around where we live are splash pads (or fountains) and my boys love them!  All I have to do is pack up the sunscreen, towels, and our favorite Nuby water canteens to stay hydrated and we’re off!

    I think Gav and Ro would play at the splash pad until their whole bodies were nothing but one giant wrinkle.  But every now any then they will take a break for some water and, of course, a snack.

    The Nuby Thirsty Kids 12 oz. Freestyle water canteen is made of durable tritan from Eastman and is ideal for kids on the go! The water canteen features a silicone band that allows your child to get a firm grip while drinking and a push top that keeps the straw clean when it is not in use. The water canteens are NEW at Babies R’ Us stores!

    Gav + Ro // Staying cool and hydrated with Nuby

    These water canteens from Nuby are great for both my boys.  Even though Ro is 3+ years younger than Gav, these bottles are easy for him to hold onto and he can/will do it while running too!  Also, they have a great variety of prints so I was able to chose something that both boys would like.  (Because heaven forbid they look the same or *gasp* share!)

    What’s also great about this particular splash pad is that it’s a stone’s throw from my parents’ house where we like to go for lunch on occasion!  (Ok, ok…we go a lot.) This also happens to be where we keep Ro’s Nuby Silicone Mat.

    The Nuby Sure Grip Miracle mat features super gripping action that keeps the mat on the table and not on the floor! The 100% silicone mat allows for easy cleaning and the fun characters and design make mealtime fun!

    Shop the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat range in store at: Target, TJ Maxx, Babies R’ Us, Walmart and coming this summer to BJ’s Wholesale Club. Shop the item online: Amazon , Target, and Babies R’ Us.

    My parents have a glass table, perfect for making finger prints and banging on with little hands!  Nuby to the rescue!  My little destructor can have his own plate now that involves no banging, no throwing, and easy clean up.  He tries to pull it up but after seeing that it’s not budging, he goes back to eating.

    Nothing beats these easy summer days in the sun!  (and staying hydrated, of course!) Be sure to check out my INSTAGRAM for a giveaway for your very own Nuby Thirsty Kids 12 oz. Freestyle water canteen!

    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // Summer Tote

    As a former “indoor kid”, I’m not one for outside activities.  However, as an adult and now a mom, I’m finding myself outside A LOT more than I used to be.  And I actually like it!  This mean a lot more sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, and just sun in general.  Naturally I need a place to keep all these things so I made a fun tote to take with me for our outdoor adventures.

    What You’ll Need: Small Tote, Paint, Letter Stencils
    Prep your tote by wiping it clean, if necessary, and laying it flat.  Place something inside the tote to keep the paint from seeping through the material, especially if your tote is made of fabric.  The one I used, from the Target dollar spot, is straw but I didn’t want to take any chances with bleeding paint.
    Find your letters, these are from the Walmart craft section, and start painting them in on the tote.  The easiest way to keep the letter even is to work from the middle out.  Also, to avoid smearing, work from top to bottom. If your tote is straw like mine, the lines in the weave make for great guidelines to keep the letters straight.
    Time for some SUN SUN SUN for Mr. G and me!

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