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Thanks to The Beatles for the intro…
I’m in need of your opinion! Yes, you!  
So it seems that September has made its way here and not only is it September…but it’s MID(almost late) September.  Not sure if you noticed or not but I haven’t announced the opening of my new Etsy shop.  That is because of one MAJOR thing…
I didn’t open it!
First, I got behind.  Then I tried to catch up and that got borderline discouraging.  Then it was looking into cost effective ways to produce my products….on and on.  Last but not least, I didn’t feel like I was offering anything new.  There are so many shops, in all different genres, that I think I would just get lost. However, after some encouragement from friends, I’ve decided to reconsider.  
I’m wondering what to market though.  I know that I will have cards and maybe a print or two, but there is a third item I’m considering.  Hand drawn blog design.
Whatcha think?  I’ve been helping out a friend with her blog design lately and when I couldn’t find a graphic that was right, I drew it.  Turned out really great too.  (If I do say so myself!)  So this could be something a little more unique to offer. (Don’t get me wrong.  I know there are people out there who already do it…just not as many of them!)
What do we think about this?  Something you’d be interested in?  Something you would recommend to a friend?  Completely ridiculous?  Whatever you have to say on the matter, I want to hear it!
Thanks ya’ll! You’re pretty rad!
BTW  you can check out the banner I created for my friend, Megan aka Simple Mum, HERE.  While you’re there, check out her blog too! She has very inspiring posts about all things motherhood and pregnancy/birth!

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