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    Shop Update!

    I feel like I keep putting off actually putting a date out there for reopening.  Well that’s probably because I am.  You may have noticed that I have taken all of my creative outlets, blogging, photography, and the shop, under one name.  Gav + Ro is now serving as my brand and I couldn’t be happier!  So instead of three different names, you can look up Gav + Ro and find what you’re looking for.

    On to that reopen date…
    I had tentatively put on my social media “reopening March 2015”.  I left it very open ended and it left a little room for error.  I originally thought that I would be opening this Tuesday, Ro will be turning 6 months old and I thought it would made for a good marker.  But it’s just not going to happen.  So, I’m putting this date out in the open and I will be sticking to it!  The shop will be reopening Friday, April 8th.  There!  I said it!

    There will also be a ready to ship hoop sale on Thursday, March 24th.  Be sure you’re following along on Instagram because that’s where that will take place.

    So what’s in store for the Gav + Ro shop?
    New Hoops
    I will be focusing more on ready to ship hoops rather than all custom work.  There will still be a few custom items and I’m always up for a custom order, there will just be less custom designs listed in the Etsy shop.  
    Graphic Design
    I plan to have downloadable prints for you to print at home.  A little bit of art and a little bit of handwritten script.  I also still plan to have the baby announcement designs and logo design listings.

    I’ll be designing coffee mugs!!  I’m super excited about this!  I mean, it only makes sense that since I’m obsessed with drinking coffee, I may as well design some mugs I would like to see!  In addition to the Etsy shop, I will have a Society 6 site for the mugs.  This will keep the cost of the mugs lower for you!

    I love to create so I may end up making some random things here and there.  I’m always brainstorming so you never know…

    I can’t wait to get the shop up and running!  In the mean time, there will be the ready to ship sale this month and I will be working my little tail off to get it all finished.  To keep up with any and all updates, you can find the shop on Instagram and Facebook!
    XO, Kelly

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    Shop Update – New Products and a Discount

    Have you been by the shop lately?!  I’ve been an updating fool the past couple of days and I’ve got new products for you check out and well as a favorite from last year, hoop ornaments!  There’s also a whole new section for you to check out for some fun graphic design gifts and more.

    First up is my best seller this time of year…

    Family Hoop Ornaments

    I think these are one of my favorite items in my shop and I only get to make them during this time of year!  It makes my heart so happy to know I’m creating a one of a kind ornament that will hang on your tree for years to come.  I also love that this year I got to create one for a returning customer who family is expanding!  She’s the pregnant snow lady in the picture above.

    Embroidered Onesies

    These make for a unique shower gift or a part of your sweet little one’s going home outfit.  They are hand embroidered on a newborn “Child of Mine” onesie.  And look at sweet little RC being my model!  I can’t believe he’s already so much bigger!  I’ll also have custom name onesies coming soon.

    Birth Announcements

    Super simple and affordable birth announcements are now available.  All you have to do is purchase, send me your pics and stats and I’ll have that annoucement ready for you to print in 1-2 business days.  So quick and easy and there will be more designs to come.  Also, you may recognize that fabulous family in the examples…just sayin.

    Logo/Brand Design

    One of the things that I’ve been doing for awhile but never added to the shop is logo design.  I love doing hand drawn logos as well as digital font designs.  Simply message me and we’ll work together to create a one of a kind look for your shop, blog, or brand!

    House Sketches

    This is my latest obsession!  I’ve done a couple of these and love the uniqueness of each house I do.  These make for a great housewarming gift or a fun way to remember your very first home.

    Princess Inspired Collection

    Who doesn’t love a good disney princess movie?!  We grew up with them and now our little ones are too.  Well, maybe not MY little ones.  Mr. G is way too into Ninja Turtles to know who the different princesses are.  But all of his friends from school and his best gal pal, Sophie, are all about princesses.  That’s why I came up with a fun, princess inspired line of initial and name hoops.  Any letter, any princess and more examples coming soon!

    No just for being a fabulous reader of mine, Im offering 15% off until November 15th!  Use the code GAVRO15 at checkout to get your discount.  And did you know that you can shop from right here on the blog?  Yup!  You can click the shop tab at the top of my site or, you know…right HERE!

    XO, Kelly

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    Shop Update // Christmas Ornaments!

    I’m so excited to share with you my latest product in my shop!  Christmas ornaments are now live in the shop!

    Three different designs and completely personalized for you.  I can’t wait to hang ours from our tree!
    And just for you, my lovely readers, I’m offering a discount codes for the shop through Thanksgiving (November 27, 2014).  Enter code THELILTHINGS20 for 20% your order.

    And don’t forget about the other designs, perfect for gifts!

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    A Whole Lotta New // Shop Update

    So the other day, I got an email from a good friend saying that she tried to tag my shop on Instagram and the tag didn’t go anywhere.  Then it dawned on me that I never shared the big change I made to my shop!

    The big change? No more bows!  I moved to strictly hoop art and I’ve been loving the change.  I’ve found so much inspiration in creating new designs and I find myself less stressed now.  Also, along with the change in product came a change in name, Hoopsy Daisy.

    Here are a few of my latest designs in the shop:

    I’m also working on a new limited edition series called “Verses on Vintage”.  You may have seen an image or two in my Instagram feed!

    Want to see when new designs head to the shop?  You can follow my shop’s Instagram, @shophoopsydaisy, or follow along on Facebook!

    I’ve seen great success with the change so far and want to thank everyone for their support!

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