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    Screen Free Week Review

    We made it through screen free week and everyone is still alive!  Hard to believe right?  (I kid…but seriously this wasn’t easy.)  But it was a great way for me to spend extra quality time with my kids and enjoy them being this little.  It ended up being a much busier week than I had anticipated but we definitely fit in some fun activities.  Here’s a break down of how the week went:


    As expected, the first thing Gav did when he woke up was ask to watch TV which is exactly why I decided to do this challenge!  The answer was, of course, no but we sat and read some of his chapter book.  And by some I mean just about 50 pages worth.  He was really into it and it was awesome!  Then we were off to the dentist.  No big deal right? As soon as we walk in, Zootopia is playing on the TV in the waiting room as well as all the screens above the chairs where they clean teeth.  *facepalm*  Gav’s eyes got pretty wide as he looked at me.  I told him that this was ok, not everyone is doing screen free week, just us, so it’s ok if it happens to be on somewhere that not our house.  He liked that rule!

    We didn’t really do much in the way of creativity and I had to work a little that night. All in all, day one went pretty well.


    The same can be said for day two as well since we were out of the house most of the day.  But one thing that was very difficult was entertaining Gav and Ro while I tried to workout.  My father is a personal trainer and trains me two days a week.  It’s been great having my mom home over the summer, she’s a school teacher, because she takes the boys down in the playroom they have for them and it’s nice and quiet and easy.  Plus, that’s usually the only time Gav has extended iPad time so he’s preoccupied.  This Tuesday, however, my mom had a doctor’s appointment and the iPad was not an option.  So I basically shot myself in the foot on that one!  But we got through it, my dad had prepared a simple, compact workout for that reason.

    Then we went to visit my new niece!  Sweet Mason was born just before we went out of town so I didn’t get to see her.  Then both boys and I had some crud going on so we couldn’t go see her for even longer!  But finally we were able to go meet the sweet little peanut.

    Luckily, we had a good amount of time between getting home and work so during rest time, which we also started this week to prep him for pre-K, I made his new “SAND” BOX.  He loves playing in it and, I’m not gonna lie, I do too!


    FINALLY!  We had a day where we didn’t have anything going on.  We headed to the store to pick out plants for Gav’s garden.  After careful consideration, we brought home a couple of cacti, a succulent and some pretty flowers that happened to be on clearance.

    We planned them in Gav’s very own pots and have been taking care of them.  We then spent the rest of the day painting, resting, and playing.


    Thursday was a fun day because I decided we would have a mini half birthday celebration for Gav.  Normally, we would just say, “Hey!  It’s your half birthday! Yay!” and then get on with the day.  But since we were smack in the middle of screen free week, I thought this would be something fun to do.  Together we baked a cake and Gav even cracked two of the eggs! (no shells!)  We also made ziploc bag ice cream which was delicious, if I do say so myself.

    The half cake was pretty darn good too and, no worries, I won’t be going into cake decorating as a new career any time soon!  Although, in my defense, it took too long to bake and I didn’t quite have time to let it cool.


    Thankfully my mom didn’t have a doctors appointment on this day and she was able to entertain Gav down in the playroom while I worked out.  Then it was time to swim!  We haven’t really been able to swim all that much this summer since Gav has been pretty busy between day camps, tae kwon do, and soccer so we had a lot of fun!

    And then, that was it.  Gav woke up on Saturday morning and asked if it was still screen free week.  When he found out that it wasn’t, he smiled really big and went straight for Netflix while he drank his morning milk.  I can’t say I blame him, I know how hard it was for him to not have TV at all.  And he didn’t even have it while the grandparents watched him which was awesome!  Over all, it was a great way to challenge both Gav and myself and I’m glad we did it!

    Have you tried a screen free week/day?  How did you like it, or not?
    XO, Kelly

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    Playing in the “Sand”

    It’s screen free week here and we’re not doing to bad.  Gav has asked a few times if he can watch this or that but it hasn’t been met with much whining at all.  So the other day, while Gav was begrudgingly doing his rest time, I whipped up a new sandbox for him.

    What You’ll Need:  Large Bin, Flour, Baby Oil, Small Toys/Rocks/Digging Tools

    Following THIS recipe, I made some homemade moon sand in a deep storage bin I happened to already have.

    Then all you have to do is bury some of the toys, place some on top to play with and you’re ready to go!  Just make sure this is strictly an outdoor activity.  It gets messy!

    Our old dino Jello mold, which really was terrible for Jello, worked great with the moon sand.  Other items that are fun to use are measuring cups, silicone baking molds, and sifters.

    Also, note to self, don’t wear black while playing in the “sand” box.

    XO, Kelly

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    Screen Free Week Printable

    I’m ready!  I have a full list of fun things we can do for our screen free week and I know we’re going to have fun.  I also know that this will be quite a challenge and there will be down time.  But learning that down time is actually a positive thing is a good lesson for Gav to learn.  I’m not saying that he’ll get it right away, he is only 4 after all, but maybe after this week he can start to realize that it’s good for him.  You’ll be able to see how we’re doing through the week on Instagram! (I said that it would be *mostly* screen free for me and I promise to only ‘Gram when it’s quiet time or I’m in the bathroom or something.)


    You can see what’s on our list of fun activities for next week in the first pic!  What would you put on your list?

    XO, Kelly

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    Getting Ready For A Screen Free Week

    You read that right!  I’m taking on the challenge to go (mostly) screen free for a whole week.  Why mostly? For one, I will still be working at night and while other people are watching the boys, I won’t make them adhere to it.  I know that some will scoff at that and say that these are my kids and I can enforce what I want to.  But I’m not, because we have parents that are generous enough to watch the boys and we don’t have to pay for child care so if they want the TV on, fine by me.

    Second, I’ll still be watching a show here or there after the boys are in bed and I’d like to keep up my blogging and instagramming as well.  This is mainly for Gav.  I think that sometimes I rely on TV or movies a bit too much when I need to do things around the house.  Even if it’s just as background noise.  Gav will watch things periodically, but a lot of times he’s not sitting and staring like a zombie.  I will also say that since he mainly watches educational TV, i.e. PBS, he’s actually learned a good bit from it.  But I want to do this for myself as well.  I want to be a little more present, especially at the stages that my boys are in.

    So what in the world are we going to do?!

    Our days will still be structured but there will be more quiet time.  I plan to do crafts, painting, and plenty of outside time.  It’s blazing hot here in Georgia so the pool is always an option.

    Gav’s “half birthday” falls during this week so we’ll bake a little cake for it.  I want to get him more involved with what I do around the house.  From cooking to cleaning to everything in-between.  He’s at the age where he can help out more and should.

    I think my favorite daily activity we’ll be doing is reading.  I checked out a book from the library, our first chapter book together, and we’ll read a chapter at a time.  Gav’s attention span is all over the place and this will be good to help him focus and also work a little bit on his comprehension and listening.  Just a chapter at a time and, if he wants to read more, I definitely will!

    My goal for this week is to show Gav that he doesn’t need TV all the time.  His time does not have to be occupied every single second like it is with an iPad in hand.  He’s growing up in a time where we are constantly entertained, always with a device in our hand, and instantly given what we want when we want it.  His generation doesn’t know life without technology and I want to show him that it isn’t so bad.

    What are some activities we should incorporate into our screen free week?  I’d love more suggestions!

    XO, Kelly