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    RC’s Camping Nursery Reveal

    The day has finally come!  I get to share with you the finished nursery for sweet little RC!  A lot of hardwork, DIY (by both mommy and daddy), and love from friends and the whole family went into creating this special room for our newest little adventurer.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Crib/Rocker: Kohl’s

    Changing Table: Handmade by hubby
    Chevron Baskets: Walmart
    Metal Hanging Basket: Hobby Lobby

    Blanket Basket: Home Goods
    Side Table: hand me down from Grandma and Grandpa
    Fishing Baskets/Bait Buckets: donated by family friend
    Squirrel Nightlight: Land of Nod

    Cardboard Deer Head: Joann’s
    Open Barnwood Frame: Hobby Lobby
    Vinyl Wall Decals: designed by me and printed by hubby

    Adventurers Hoop Art: Hoopsy Daisy
    Fox and Rabbit Camping Print: Sweet Melody Designs
    Wooden Arrow and Arrow Print: Hobby Lobby

    Explore Print (coming soon)
    Stick Letter
    Felt and Branch Mobile
    Bear Rug

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    DIY Wood Wrapped Frame

    Happy Friday!  Yesterday I shared another one of my DIYs for RC’s nursery over on Pretty Providence.  I seriously can’t believe I’m pretty much done with all of the trimmings and such for it.  I still have a hoop I’d like to make, I mean, of course!  That’s what I sell in my shop!  But that’s all that’s left in terms of artwork/wall decor.

    Anyway, this DIY was inspired by my love of wooden details for the nursery.  If you missed the nursery inspiration post, you can check that out HERE.  As much as I would love to fill the room with amazing wooden art and such, that can be expensive.  So, I took an old frame and gave it a new life for all of about $2!

    What You’ll Need: Frame, Balsa Wood Strips, Scissors, Hot Glue

    For the full tutorial, head over to THIS POST on Pretty Providence.

    Seriously, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to share the final nursery look!
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY Felt and Branch Mobile

    I’ve been having so much fun creating things for RC’s nursery.  I didn’t really get to do much of a nursery for Mr. G since we lived in an apartment and Pinterest hadn’t quite hit it’s peak.  No grand inspiration boards or things of that nature.  So this is my chance to go all out and do my DIY thing!

    One of the items Mr. G had that I didn’t feel like he needed and we used maybe twice (maybe?) was his mobile.  Don’t get me wrong, it was adorable and he loved looking at it, the main purpose of a mobile.  Plus, it came with his bedding set.  But I didn’t feel like it was necessary to get a new mobile for RC, especially since we aren’t going to be getting any traditional bedding either.  (side note:  if you’re not suppose to use bumpers and they’re so dangerous for babes, why do they still make them?!)    But, I did want him to have something bright to look up at in all his baby wonder.  Here’s what I came up with…
    What You’ll Need: Felt (various colors), Long Branch, Twine, Rope (or thicker twine), Miniature Animal (optional)

    Start but taking your felt and cutting out triangles in various sizes.  Make sure each triangle is cut twice, i.e. a front piece and a back piece.

    Cut a few lengths of twine.  I went with five, it fit nicely on my branch.  Speaking of the branch, mine is a repurpose from my bracelet hanger project.  It’s basically just rinsed off and sanded.  Lay out the twine as you’d like it to hang from the branch, and then the triangles along the twine.  Mix it up, pattern it, whatever looks good to you.  Now glue it all on, sandwiching the twine between the triangle pairs.  Tie the twine to the branch and secure with a spot of glue.

    On to hanging it!  Using your rope or thicker twine, cute out two long loops.  *Be sure to measure how long you’re going to need them to be.  This will depend on where you’re hanging the mobile.  We hung ours from the ceiling.*  Tie one piece to each end and then again around itself.  Tie them together at the top and wrap the excess around, securing with glue.

    Optional:  Glue on your little animal figure for a whimsical touch!

    I love how it turned out, simple and sweet….and it doesn’t make any noise! 
    XO, Kelly
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    DIY // Designer Bear Rug Knockoff

    My best friend and I are both pregnant at the same time, exactly a month apart, and both with boys.  Crazy right?!  Needless to say, we talk about nursery themes, clothes, shops, etc.  Now, even though I have a boy already and she has a girl, she’s so far ahead of me in the trendy boy shops/stuff department than I am.  When I had Mr. G, I didn’t have a blog, no other friends with kids, Pinterest as just starting to get huge, and no Instagram (gasp!).  I was so out of the loop on a lot of this new world.  However, now I’m in the know, or at least more aware of all these adorable products and Pinterest is loaded with even more goodness!

    All of that brings me to today’s DIY for RC’s nursery.  The bestie showed me THIS adorable blanket from a great handmade shop but it’s unfortunately out of my price range.  But I thought I’d try to make a version of it myself and here’s what I created! IObviously, I’m not expecting for this to last as long as my Bazaar velvet rug but it should last a good few years while the kids are growing up.

    What You’ll Need:  Canvas Drop Cloth, Hot Glue, Paint

    This drop cloth is just a standard 5ft X 5ft canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.  It also has a poly backing that made painting it easy since I wasn’t worried about it leaking through.

    Fold the drop cloth in half and trace an outline in pencil.  Then cut the outline out leaving a small trim around the pencil line.  Unfold and finish the outline on the duplicate side.

    Cut small slits from the edge to the pencil line and glue the excess to the back of the cloth.  This will create a hem for your rug and keep it from any possible fraying.

    Now go to town and paint the bear however you choose.

    For the ears, I liked the look of the ear flaps.  You can paint them on if you like but here’s how I made mine.  Using some of the excess cloth, I cut out two ears the same ay I cut out the body.  I used the original hem as the base of the ear to be able to easily attach it to the rug.  Cut out one ear along the pencil line and “hem” the larger one around it.  Paint in the detail and glue it don to the rug.

    XO, Kelly

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    Saw It Pinned It Tried it // Twig Letter

    I’m so excited to be showing you my first finished DIY project, other than the doodles I’ve been Instagramming, for RC’s nursery!  When I started pinning nursery ideas, both boy and girl when we didn’t know, THIS PROJECT was on my board.  I thought it would be the perfect addition to a woodland/camping nursery and it looked pretty easy to do.  I was right on both accounts!

    What You’ll Need:  Wooden Letter, Twigs, Hot Glue

    First you’ll need to collect some twigs.  The amount you need will depend on the size of your letter.  The letter I used is 13″ and I ended up running out of twigs before I was done.  Just grab a bunch and make sure you get them in varying thicknesses.  The thicker ones are good for the main covering layer and the thinner ones are great for filling in gaps.   I also made sure to rinse the twigs and let them dry before using them to get any dirt and possible bugs off.

    A bonus from this project is that I got to involve Mr. G in helping me look for the twigs and sticks.

    Now all you have to do is lay them out and glue them on.  This part of the project took the most patience because it’s sort of like a puzzle, fitting everything together and filling in the gaps.

    The example was done with a letter “A”, a letter comprised of nice straight lines.  Mine is a “R” which, with this particular style of letter, has a couple of curves.  The curves were a little harder to figure out but not too bad.  I like that the curves are a little jagged since it’s suppose to look more natural.

    So I bet you’re wondering what this big ole’ R stands for…

    Stay tuned for my bumpdate on Friday to find out!
    XO, Kelly

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    RC’s Nursery Inspiration

    The other day I came to the realization that I’m over halfway through this pregnancy and we haven’t done anything to our spare room that will be the new nursery.  Seriously…nothing.  There’s still old furniture and random bits in piece from when it was storage, let alone all of the dresses and suits hanging in the closet.  Oh man!  Time to kick my rear into gear and get going on this sweet boy’s room!

    So what’s the theme you ask?  Seems like our theme is pretty much the up and coming popular one, camping/adventure.  And I really don’t mind that it feels like everyone and their mom is doing it because that means more ideas for my Pinterest board and more product available to decorate.  Bring it on!  Also, with this theme, even my husband is excited for decorating.  He was a boy scout growing up and he loves all things outdoorsy/camping.

    Here’s what I have in mind:

    For Mr. G’s nursery, I did the whole pastel, soft colors.  This time I wanted something bold!  Whites and grays will be the neutrals with pops of deep greens, mustard, and some blue thrown in for good measure.

    1 // 2 // 3

    Oh!  How dreamy are these wooden walls?!  Now, we won’t be going all out with a full wall but I definitely want an accent of it (like #3) because it’s just simply perfect.

    1 // 2 // 3

    What’s an adventure in the woods without an animal encounter or two?  Faux taxidermy is my jam by the way, you may remember from THIS post, and those cardboard creatures are fabulous on the eyes and the wallet.  Also, you know I’ll be DIY-ing a ton and I may have an idea up my sleeve for #3…just sayin’!

    1 // 2 // 3 // 4

    I can honestly say that even though Mr. G had a mobile that turned and sang little songs, we never used it.  He had a sound soother giraffe from day one and still uses it to this day.  This is why I’m going a much simpler route with RC’s mobile.  No need for music or movement really, just something for him to look at and wonder.

    1 // 2 // 3

    And then there’s the art!  So many amazing prints out there on Etsy, in stores like Hobby Lobby, and even free prints.  So much amazing art for inspiration!

    What do you think? I can’t wait to get going on this boy’s nursery!  This weekend is our first step by getting all the old, unnecessary stuff out and bringing back Mr. G’s crib. What I love about this theme too, is that it’s something he can grow into.  Some of the elements, like the mobile, won’t always stay but the room can grow with him until he tells us he wants something else.

    You can find even more nursery inspiration on my PINTEREST board and my ETSY favorites list!
    XO, Kelly