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    DIY // Pom Pom Centerpieces

    Recently I was in charge of decorations for one of my very dear friends’ baby shower.  Of course I was so excited because that kind of stuff is fun for me and I got to put my DIY skills to use!  I used the nursery color scheme as my inspiration and since the parents aren’t finding out the gender until birth, I could let me imagination fly.  Gender neutral isn’t always easy, but, in this case, it was!
    What You’ll Need:
    Empty (clean) Coffee Cans
    Patterned Paper
    Tissue Paper

    Measure out the height of your coffee can and cut the paper so that it will wrap around the can easily.  The paper should fit right into the grooves of the lip of the can.  If your paper doesn’t go all the way around, just cut a little extra to cover and be sure to match up the lines as best as you can.
    Now make your pom poms.  Cute a few smaller pieces from your tissue paper.  I found that four layers worked well but the more layers you have, the fuller the pom pom will be.  Accordion fold the layers and tie a piece of twine around the center.  Make sure the twine is tight enough to hold the accordion but loose enough not to fold/crumple the paper.  Round the edges and fluff out the paper by peeling and  straightening out the layers.
    Cut the skewers so that they stick out of the can slightly and glue your pom pom to the top.
    Grab a large chunk of clay and place it in the bottom of the can and then the skewer into the clay.

    I also added a little red and white twine (found in the Target dollar spot!) for an extra pop of red.
    Fill the can(s) with whatever your party needs!  Forks, spoons, straws, the list is endless!
    XO, Kelly