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Roman + The Chocolate Factory

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Roman + The Chocolate Factory

This party was so much fun to plan for a few reasons.  One, this year I went with something Ro is really interested in.  I didn’t ask him what he wanted for is birthday, but I knew this would be a hit since he was asking to watch the movie at least once a day.  Two, it’s my husband’s favorite movie and he was actually really excited whenever I would show him things for the party.  And three, I’m now the proud owner of a Cricut!  So with my fancy new machine, the movie constantly playing in the background, and a little “pure imagination”, I got to work planning a Wonka-tastic birthday party.Continue reading

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I Sent An Evite

Invites Made Easy with Paperless Post

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*Compensation was given in exchange for an honest review of my experience.*

Hard to believe that in just over two weeks it will be Ro’s third birthday! HE’LL BE THREE! What?! Anyway, we’ll also get to have his party on his actually birthDAY this year which is always fun. So, staying true to my party planning-loving self, I’m going all out. If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you know I love themed parties (check some of them out HERE) and this year is no different. The ONE part about party planning that I dislike the most, however, is sending the actual invitation. I know, I know….makes no sense but invites are a HUGE hassle for me. Printing, postage, addresses…all of it.  But this year I was able to keep all of the fun of the themed invites, plus some extras, by using Paperless Post!Continue reading

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Cookie Decorating and Egg Hunt Party

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*This post was sponsored by Party City and the majority of the products that you see were supplied for use in planning this party.

I love celebrating holidays.  Not necessarily in huge ways but I do enjoy heart shaped items for Valentine’s day, green colored things for St. Patrick’s day, pumpkins, and fireworks…you get the idea.  That’s why I started my cookie tradition with Gav.  I was able to take those little pieces that I love and turn them into a tradition.  There are a few holidays, however, that I enjoy more than others.  Christmas is pretty obvious, but I also really enjoy the Easter season.  Continue reading

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Teepee and Arrow Cupcake Toppers


This past weekend, I helped throw a baby sprinkle for my friend Katy’s newest little addition.  You’ve seen her little girl in many of my Instagram pics with Mr. G.  It’s crazy how our firsts are so close in age (just over a month) and now our second children are the same!  Her nursery theme is woodland/camping, just like RC’s, so we went with that for the party too. My mind is perpetually thinking in that theme already, so I had fun coming up with these little cake toppers for the sprinkle!

What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper & Toothpicks (also: scissors, hot glue, pencil, and ruler)

Let’s start with the teepees.  Turn your paper over and, using the ruler, draw out some triangles.  Cut them out and turn them back over.  Cut a small, angled like the triangle, slit and fold it over to make a flap.

For the arrows, use the ruler to draw out a simple design on the back of the paper.  Only draw one though, trace the rest and cut them out.

Glue the toothpicks onto the backs of the toppers and you’re good to go!  Tip: Glue the toothpicks to the arrows at an angle.  If you glue them straight down the middle, they’ll look more like rockets coming out of the cupcakes rather than arrows.

XO, Kelly

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Guest Post: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Spring Party

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Hey there!  Today’s post comes to you from Heather over at Shutterfly.  As many of you know, I’ve been so ready for the warmer spring weather to get here and Heather has to perfect ideas to ring in the new season!
 Spring is in the air in many parts of the country, and if it isn’t
where you live, it will be soon enough. With spring comes the perfect
opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before the heat of summer is upon us. A
spring garden party is the ideal way to celebrate the
melting of winter and the coming of a fresh start to the year. Consider what
type of party you’d like to throw and you’re on your way to a wonderful time
for you and your guests.
Location, Theme, and Attire

If you have access to an actual garden or somewhere flowers are
blooming, it’s obviously an ideal
setting for your spring party
, but you can still have a memorable time at a
park or on someone’s front lawn. The location may help you determine the theme
and type of attire you want guests to wear.
For example, if you do happen to hold your party in a beautiful garden,
you might consider creating a theme of elegance. Ask guests to wear summer
dresses, floppy hats, and gloves, and serve food on china. On the other hand,
if you decide on a backyard barbecue, tell guests to dress in shorts, tanks,
and flip flops. You could even hold a pajama party if that strikes you as fun.
It all depends on where you hold the party and how you want to personalize it.
Again, invitations can vary based on your theme and personality. If
your party is casual and you don’t relish the idea of spending time creating
invitations, send an evite. They’re quick and simple to make. Plus it is easier
for guests to RSVP. But if you’re a DIY gal and love the idea of making your
own spring party invitations, then browse samples online. A great idea that’s
easy but adds a personal flair is to buy invitations at the store and include a
pressed flower inside.
Springtime is all about colors – you could choose either pastels or
bright colors – so find ways to incorporate them into your décor. Use
multicolored tablecloths and dishes, customizing your plates
and cups if you wish. Some hostesses choose to serve food and drinks in
glassware, as it sparkles in the sunlight.

images from shutterfly.com
Decorate with spring-themed centerpieces as well, such as potted plants
or flowers, vintage birdcages, or fruit bowls. For an extra fun touch, put personalized coasters
at each place setting or anywhere else guests might sit.
image from shutterfly.com

Food and Drinks
Menu choices for spring parties can be as varied as the themes
available and hostesses who throw them. If you prefer not to spend a lot of
time cooking or baking, serve finger foods like crisp toasts and dips, fruits
and vegetables, and cucumber or chicken salad sandwiches. For dessert, there is
no shame in purchasing cupcakes from your local bakery in an effort to save
yourself time and energy for hostessing activities you may enjoy more.
However, if cooking is your specialty, consider a plated meal or buffet
with chicken quesadillas, mini pesto pizzas, homemade dips, and more. If you’re
aiming to hold a casual picnic-style party, throw burgers or chicken on the
grill and serve it with beans, potato salad, and cornbread.
You can have fun with dreaming up drinks for your spring party.
Lemonade and tea are simple but delicious choices, as is punch served in a
gleaming crystal punchbowl. However, if you want to get a bit more creative,
consider fun bright-colored cocktails or a refreshing drink such as mint
Guests may be bored if the only activity at your party is eating.
Depending on your theme and the level of activity your guests expect, give your
guests some choices. These choices can range from croquette, bocce ball,
badminton, volleyball, and horseshoes to beading, seed planting, flower
arranging, and pottery painting.


For a successful spring party, know what you want and consider how your
theme and personality infuse into each part of your gathering. Whether you
decide on a casual picnic or an elegant tea, take the time to enjoy your own
party once the arrangements are made. Mingle with guests, delight in the fruits
of your labor, and allow the outdoor setting to refresh you.

Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting
people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting,
photography, gift giving and personal expression.

**Pictures added by TheNoDramaMama

Thanks Heather!!

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