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    6 Tips for Throwing a Themed Party on a Budget

    Tip for a Themed Party on a Budget

    In years past, I’ve been super excited to plan and throw some fun themed parties. If you’ve been here for a little while, then you may have seen one or two of them. Some of my favorites are Gav’s construction, Ro’s 2nd trip around the sun, and Ro’s Wonka party. This year was a little different.

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    Roman’s 2nd Trip Around The Sun (Part One)

    Roman's 2nd Trip Around The Sun

    It’s almost surreal to think that just a little over 2 years ago I was sharing my pregnancy journey with little Ro.  Now he’s a big boy two year old.  And I do mean big!  We just had his check up and we’re up there in the percentiles.

    We had so much fun celebrating him this past Saturday with a sun, moon, and stars themed party.  I especially loved planning this one because black and gold are two of my favorite colors and this party had a ton of both!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for details on where you can find some of the decorations.  ENJOY!

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    Cookie Decorating and Egg Hunt Party

    *This post was sponsored by Party City and the majority of the products that you see were supplied for use in planning this party.

    I love celebrating holidays.  Not necessarily in huge ways but I do enjoy heart shaped items for Valentine’s day, green colored things for St. Patrick’s day, pumpkins, and fireworks…you get the idea.  That’s why I started my cookie tradition with Gav.  I was able to take those little pieces that I love and turn them into a tradition.  There are a few holidays, however, that I enjoy more than others.  Christmas is pretty obvious, but I also really enjoy the Easter season.  

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    DIY // Cartwheelin’ Cake Topper

    I know what you’re thinking…a post on Thursdays?!  I thought you didn’t post on Thursdays!  I don’t but I had to share this fun DIY I did for my girls over on Pretty Providence.  It’s their blog birthday week so be sure to check out the amazing giveaways they have going on too!  I love how it turned out and it features one of my favorite people in the world, Mr. G. Also, I’m leaving tomorrow open for a fun announcement! (the suspense!)

    I think this cartwheelin’ cake topper would be a great way to add a whimsical touch for a mothers/fathers day treat or even a grandparent’s birthday since most of them don’t really want the candles anyway!

    Look at that happy little face!

    So head on over the MY POST on Pretty Providence for the full tutorial and be sure to drop by again tomorrow for the announcement!
    XO, Kelly

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    Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Train Party Favor Display

    While I was planning Mr. G’s party, of course I turned to Pinterest.  It’s hard not to!  This idea was one of the first things I saw, and pinned, and I knew it was definitely going to be incorporated in the party decor.  

    All you need is a suitcase, I prefer the vintage kind for displays, and your favor bags!  So easy and a super cute touch to the party.
    original pin

    You can make the party favor bags too!  Check them out HERE!
    XO, Kelly
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    DIY // Snack Train

    Since we’re in the process of buying a home and moving, we’re trying to save even more money than we normally do.  Not easy folks…not easy!  So this means that I’ve had to get even more creative with my DIY, especially with Mr. G’s party.  Luckily, if I think I can reuse it, I save it and that’s how the snack train came about!

    What You’ll Need:
    Empty Shoe Boxes
    Patterned Paper
    Aluminum Foil

    Take the bodies of the shoe boxes, setting aside the tops for later, and cover them in your paper.  I just printed out some stripes on printer paper we already had.

    Trace out circles on the cardboard of the tops for wheels and cut them out.  Using the glue, cover them with aluminum foil and attach them to the boxes.

    For the conductor’s car, take an old toilet paper roll, trace out a place for in on one of the tops, and cut it out.  Cover in black paper, or paint it, and stick it in.

    You can place some extra foil inside the cars to line it if you like and fill with your favorite treats!

    The snack train was a pretty big hit at the party!
    XO, Kelly