Bold Graphic Art, A DIY Blog Hop, & A Giveaway!

    Today I’m teamed up with some fabulous bloggers, who are all expecting, to bring you a great round up of DIY wall art for your little one’s nursery!

    For my DIY, I had orinigally planned for the changing table to just have a couple of baskets above it, RC’s name, and maybe a shelf.  Then the actual table came in and it turned otu mch larger than I anticipated.  Which, by the way, I’m not complaining, hubby did an amazing job and I love it!  But, it’s taller than I expected so we had to move the wall hangings around, creating a bit more space.  You know what that meant?  Time to create some more art!  RC’s nursery has a ton of prints and fun animals so this one needed to be a little different and it also needed to incorporate some color for the space it was going.  Here’s what I did:

    What You’ll Need: Printed Image, Letter Stencils, Black Paint, Frame

    For your background image, simply find something you like that’s not too busy or dark.  I went with a trail map.  How did I find it?  Google search “trail map” and you’ll find a lot of great images to work with.  Resize the image to what you need, you can do this in a photo editing software if you have it, but Power Point/Word can do the trick just fine.  Print it out and grab your letter stencils.

    Before you start painting onto the image, make sure you know how you’d like them to appear.  Write it out on paper and play with the layout until you have one you like.  Now, start with the very center letter and place it smack in the middle of your image.  Once you’ve finished the first letter, just fill in the letters around it.  I didn’t measure, eyeballing it works just fine.

    Once it’s dry, which doesn’t take very long, trim the image if necessary and place in your frame to display!

    Be sure to check out the other wonderful DIY in the link up for more wall art inspiration and adorable nurseries!

    Want to check out RC’s entire nursery?  Check out THIS POST.
    XO, Kelly

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    RC’s Camping Nursery Reveal

    The day has finally come!  I get to share with you the finished nursery for sweet little RC!  A lot of hardwork, DIY (by both mommy and daddy), and love from friends and the whole family went into creating this special room for our newest little adventurer.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Crib/Rocker: Kohl’s

    Changing Table: Handmade by hubby
    Chevron Baskets: Walmart
    Metal Hanging Basket: Hobby Lobby

    Blanket Basket: Home Goods
    Side Table: hand me down from Grandma and Grandpa
    Fishing Baskets/Bait Buckets: donated by family friend
    Squirrel Nightlight: Land of Nod

    Cardboard Deer Head: Joann’s
    Open Barnwood Frame: Hobby Lobby
    Vinyl Wall Decals: designed by me and printed by hubby

    Adventurers Hoop Art: Hoopsy Daisy
    Fox and Rabbit Camping Print: Sweet Melody Designs
    Wooden Arrow and Arrow Print: Hobby Lobby

    Explore Print (coming soon)
    Stick Letter
    Felt and Branch Mobile
    Bear Rug

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    DIY Wood Wrapped Frame

    Happy Friday!  Yesterday I shared another one of my DIYs for RC’s nursery over on Pretty Providence.  I seriously can’t believe I’m pretty much done with all of the trimmings and such for it.  I still have a hoop I’d like to make, I mean, of course!  That’s what I sell in my shop!  But that’s all that’s left in terms of artwork/wall decor.

    Anyway, this DIY was inspired by my love of wooden details for the nursery.  If you missed the nursery inspiration post, you can check that out HERE.  As much as I would love to fill the room with amazing wooden art and such, that can be expensive.  So, I took an old frame and gave it a new life for all of about $2!

    What You’ll Need: Frame, Balsa Wood Strips, Scissors, Hot Glue

    For the full tutorial, head over to THIS POST on Pretty Providence.

    Seriously, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to share the final nursery look!
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY Felt and Branch Mobile

    I’ve been having so much fun creating things for RC’s nursery.  I didn’t really get to do much of a nursery for Mr. G since we lived in an apartment and Pinterest hadn’t quite hit it’s peak.  No grand inspiration boards or things of that nature.  So this is my chance to go all out and do my DIY thing!

    One of the items Mr. G had that I didn’t feel like he needed and we used maybe twice (maybe?) was his mobile.  Don’t get me wrong, it was adorable and he loved looking at it, the main purpose of a mobile.  Plus, it came with his bedding set.  But I didn’t feel like it was necessary to get a new mobile for RC, especially since we aren’t going to be getting any traditional bedding either.  (side note:  if you’re not suppose to use bumpers and they’re so dangerous for babes, why do they still make them?!)    But, I did want him to have something bright to look up at in all his baby wonder.  Here’s what I came up with…
    What You’ll Need: Felt (various colors), Long Branch, Twine, Rope (or thicker twine), Miniature Animal (optional)

    Start but taking your felt and cutting out triangles in various sizes.  Make sure each triangle is cut twice, i.e. a front piece and a back piece.

    Cut a few lengths of twine.  I went with five, it fit nicely on my branch.  Speaking of the branch, mine is a repurpose from my bracelet hanger project.  It’s basically just rinsed off and sanded.  Lay out the twine as you’d like it to hang from the branch, and then the triangles along the twine.  Mix it up, pattern it, whatever looks good to you.  Now glue it all on, sandwiching the twine between the triangle pairs.  Tie the twine to the branch and secure with a spot of glue.

    On to hanging it!  Using your rope or thicker twine, cute out two long loops.  *Be sure to measure how long you’re going to need them to be.  This will depend on where you’re hanging the mobile.  We hung ours from the ceiling.*  Tie one piece to each end and then again around itself.  Tie them together at the top and wrap the excess around, securing with glue.

    Optional:  Glue on your little animal figure for a whimsical touch!

    I love how it turned out, simple and sweet….and it doesn’t make any noise! 
    XO, Kelly