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    Mr. G’s Train Birthday

    We had so much fun celebrating our little guy’s birthday this past weekend.  I know Mr. G had a blast too because there were plenty of Thomas the Train details!  He’s probably never said “Thomas!” so much in his life.  We had the party at my parent’s house since our apartment is a war zone.  Ok, its just in boxes, but my OCD mind sees it differently!

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    A {birthday} Letter To My Son

    Dear Gavin,

    Today you are two.  I can’t even believe it.  I feels like yesterday that we were waiting in the hospital for your arrival.  It felt like forever and all we wanted to do was meet you and see your handsome face. Now you’re two and you are so amazing.

    You are so full of energy, as many two year olds are, but your energy is special.  I love talking to you and having full on conversation, whether I know all the words you’re saying or not.

    Watching you explore is one of my favorite things in life and I pray you never lose that wonder.  You are oh so mischievous and playful.  Your smile is contagious and your giggles fill my heart to bursting.
    Deep in my heart I know you are destined for great things little man and I am so blessed to be your mommy.

    I love you more than the stars in the sky, Gav.  Happy Birthday!


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    Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Take Out Box Stamp

    Now that I have one party behind me, I’m gearing up for other.  This one is so very dear to my heart I could burst!  It Mr. G’s 2nd birthday party!  Trains trains everywhere and the favor bags are first on my list.  I’m not gonna lie, they didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped they would, but I saved money by not buying an actual stamp and I can’t be mad at that! (Remember, it’s the little things!)
    Original Pin
    What You’ll Need:
    Styrofoam Takeout Box
    Exacto Knife
    Picture (optional)
    Cut out a square of styrofoam to work on.  Using your image as a guide, draw out the picture on the styrofoam, trying not to push too hard.  You can also freehand draw a design if that’s your thing.  Keep in mind that however you draw the image, it will be reversed when you go to stamp. 
    Paint the image in and test it out before you put it on anything special. (i.e. the 12 favor bags that I don’t plan on buying more of!) I added a handle (old wine cork) to make painting the stamp easier.
    They definitely don’t all turn out the same but it adds charm.  I painted in some of them here and there but overall, not too shabby for a takeout box!
    XO, Kelly

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    Getting “It All” Done

    I’ve had people ask me from time to time how I get “it all” done.  That I must not sleep because I’m so busy doing stuff.  
    Truth is, I don’t.  Nobody really does.  Case and point?  LM’s toys have been sitting out for 3 days.  The living room is a war zone of blocks and trucks.  

    Have I cleaned the bathroom this week? No.  But I did vacuum all of the crumbs from LM’s “I don’t want that cereal bar” rampage.  I’ve worked on products for my shop.  I’ve made some DIYs (coming very soon!), I’ve gone to work, I’ve unloaded and loaded the dishwasher just about everyday, I’ve cleaned up after LM’s yogurt messes.  I even finished a book!

    This was probably the highlight of my week since it’s the first book I’ve finished since LM was born!

    You could probably say I’ve slacked a little on the household chore front this week but my kid is happy, I’m happy.  I call that a success any day, especially if you have a toddler.  

    My first few months of SAHM life were full of me thinking I had to do everything everyday.  But you can’t.  I had to come to terms with getting a few things done and staying sane and happy at the same time.  My OCD brain still has a hard time with this.  You need a nap?  Go take a nap!  Chores don’t go away.  Your tot won’t be this little forever, enjoy this time not only for them but for you too.
    So I surely hope YOU don’t beat yourself up about doing everything everyday!  

    And that’s my ramblings for Wednesday!

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    Separation Anxiety Part II

    The first time I experienced separation anxiety with LM, around 9 months, it was definitely heartbreaking.  I knew it was just something he had to get through.  I had to leave him so he could get used to the idea that mommy does come back and that I’m not leaving him forever.  I knew that it was a phase and that he would eventually grow out of it especially as he got more comfortable with his surroundings.  Sure enough, he did.  It was so easy to leave him in the child care at the gym or church.  
    What I didn’t know, however, was that he would relapse.  We are back to being very sad when mommy leaves. Sometimes he wails and screams,”Mommy!” and it just breaks my heart all over again.  Also, now that he’s older than the first time we went through this, he knows when I going to leave him.  The second we pull up to the gym and he sees the building, he looks at me and says,”No. No.”  
    Even though I know that he’s usually fine about a minute after I leave, I feel like this time it’s harder on me.  The first time I expected it.  This time, I didn’t.  I hate leaving him anywhere because I just can’t stand to hear him scream for me and walk away.  But I know I have to.  It’s good for him and for me.  But it really stinks! 
    How about you?  When did your little one go through separation anxiety?  Did they relapse too?

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    How To // Turn Your Child’s Art into a Project Life Card

    I saw a fabulous idea once on Becky Higgins’ Instagram.  See had scanned her child’s art work, the kind with lots of construction paper and glue, which turned it into a flat image.  She then was able to print the image and slide it into one of the larger page protectors. Voila! The artwork is saved without all the bulk!  I thought this was a great idea and made a mental note to remember this for the future.  
    But then this past weekend, LM decided he wanted to color so I gave him a few crayons and let him go to town. While they ended up in his mouth a lot, they did make it to the paper and mommy and daddy added some doodles too.  It was such a sweet memory that I didn’t want to just discard it.  That’s when I got an idea!  I’ll turn it into a card for the scrapbook!

    Scan the artwork to your computer.

    For this one, the color was very muted so I adjusted the levels and contrast to see it better.
    Resize your image.  I wanted it to go in one of the bigger slots so I got it as close to a 4X6 as I could.

    Print, cut, and insert!


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    Oh hey!  It’s Thursday…when did that happen?  
    Between an ER visit, multiple fevers, and general unwellness, I’ve totally lost track of time it seems.  Our poor LM got hand foot and mouth disease which, if you’ve never heard of it, sounds a lot worse than it is.  Almost every child gets it at least once apparently.  Even though it’s very common, a 103.5 fever is enough to scare anyone! 
    Then, about a couple days later, it was my turn.  Who knows what I had but it was pretty awful.  But thanks to awesome parents and in-laws, LM hasn’t had to leave the house when I went to work.  My dad even came over for awhile just so I could rest and get over my own fever.
    Taking care of a child while your sick is probably one of the worst tortures there is.  I love my LM more than anything but it’s about a million times harder to take care of him when all I want to do is melt into a ball of Tylenol and Gatorade and sleep.  And my poor hubby, who had a wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday, has had to take care of us too when all he wants to do is take Tylenol himself and eat soup until the pain goes away.  
    Needless to say, there should have been a huge caution taped X over our door with complimentary hazmat suits for all who dare to enter!  Well, at least that’s what it feels like. 
    But we are all on the mend!  Thank heavens!  It’s been a rough week and I’ve literally either been home, or at work.  That’s it.  Poor LM has not left the house since last Saturday.
    Luckily, at 20 months, as long as he gets to play and run around, he couldn’t care less.  
    I think we’ll go for a walk just to get out!
    Happy Almost Friday!

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    Mommy Problems // Hoarding

    If you know me, you know that I’m allergic to clutter.  It makes me itchy. I can’t even watch the hoarder shows because it gives me anxiety.
    I am fairly OCD when it comes to things being organized and “just so”.  This is something I’ve had to learn to suppress, every now and then, after having LM.  Sometimes the house is just not going to look like I want it to and that is OK.  
    But still, at the end of the day, when LM is sleeping sweetly, I run through the house like a tornado picking up every little thing I can just to restore some order.  
    Lately though, I’ve found my self doing the exact thing I can’t stand.  HOARDING! Anything that has to do with LM I can’t seem to let go.  He’s grow out of most of the clothes in his closet and there are some very special pieces that I want to keep.  That, I believe, is total understandable.  But why can’t I part with the plain old, everyday, onesies? 

    Part of me is thinking, “What if we have another boy?”.  
    Another part is saying.”But my baby wore it.  It so SPECIAL!!!”  
    And then my more rational side is saying,”Really?  It’s a onesie with a little elephant and I’m pretty sure it has a spit up stain.”  
    Then there’s the toys.  Same problem.  
    He has so many toys that he is definitely too old for.  Most of them he doesn’t even touch, he just likes to dump everything out to hear the sound it makes.
    I know my attachment to these items is ridiculous but for some reason, if it has to do with my sweet little boy, it becomes sacred.  However, for my own sanity, my OCD side, I need to suck it up.  Some pieces are, indeed, very special.  
    I will never ever ever ever ever ever get rid of this one!
    But not EVERYTHING. 
     I think this is a case for those big girl panties.  I just have to go find them!

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    Our First Family Vacation

    This past weekend will definitely go down in the books as one of my favorites.  We took our first trip as a family for the long Labor Day weekend.
    If you remember my getaway weekend from earlier this year, my husband and I love the mountains.  Specifically Lookout Mountain, so of course that’s where we took our sweet LM.  
    This trip was beyond memorable.  Filled with “choo choos”, great sites, and tons of smiles.  
    Not to mention for everything we did, children 2 and under were free so we saved a lot of money too! 
    After our fun filled trip we spent time with our extended family on the lake for Labor day.  wonderful company and relaxing.  But enough babbling, I’ll let the pictures say the rest!

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    Mommy Musings

    I always get a bit nostalgic on the 21st of the month.  LM was born January 21st so every 21st he is another month older.  
    Today he is 19 months old.
    I seriously feel like it was yesterday that we were being visited in the hospital by friends and family.  I feel like it was yesterday that I was getting up 2 and 3 times a night for those wonderful night time feedings.  But at the same time, I can’t imagine him any other way than he is now.
    He’s silly and smart and fully of energy.  He’s constantly surprising us with what he knows and remembers.  He’s starting to communicate more and more every day and it’s like I have this little person with me, not just a toddler. 
    I constantly feel so proud of him.  We’ve gone an ENTIRE WEEK with out a pacifier at all.  And as dependent on it as he seemed, he dropped it like it was nothing.  I couldn’t believe it and I just swell with pride whenever I tell someone about it.
    I’m also constantly frustrated at the same time.  I think my most frequently used word is “NO!”.  He has fairly frequent tantrums both at home and in public.  He’s been hitting a lot lately which has resulted in multiple time outs.  Luckily, time outs seem to be effective and it’s also how we added the word “Sorry” to his vocabulary.  Although it comes out more like “Sar”. 
    I look forward to the day when he will follow directions and understand that you can’t always run around when and where ever you want. (Especially in the mall!) When he knows that I’m getting him something and he’ll have it as soon as I’m ready instead of screaming until said time.
    But I also want time to freeze, as all mommies do, and have him be this age, right now, forever.  He snuggles and gives kisses.  He giggles and gets silly when he’s sleepy.
    He is, and will always be, my little man. 

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