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    Little Happy Corners // Living Room Mantle

    Y’all…these past couple of weeks have been nothing but straight up adulting! There has been a surgery, schedule conflicts and reorganizing, one kid with an eye problem, both kids on a breathing treatment, party plan/prep, etc.  I’ve had to let some things go here and there for the time being and, unfortunately, one of those things was this wonderful little space of mine.  I hate that, but it happens.  Slowly but surely, we’re getting back in a groove, finding new ways to tackle different issues and so on and so forth.

    So today I want to share with you one of my happy spots in our house, the mantle in our living room. This little space has undergone a few makeovers over the two and a half years that we’ve lived here but this is, by far, my favorite one.  I don’t really see this changing anytime soon.  It’s bright, soft, and cheerful with family heirlooms, keepsakes, and good vibes.  Enjoy!

    The window is one of three that hubby picked up at a garage sale for me at a steal of a price.  All three for $15!

    The cameras were pasted down to me by my mom and belong to my great grandfather.  One of them, not sure if it’s one of these or one that sits on our piano (you’ll see that one of these days when I finish that area!), was actually made by him.

    This little book is very special to my husband and me.  It held our rings on our wedding day.  Some of the details on it are from my grandmother’s jewelry box.

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Gav’s Room

    I can’t believe that I finished this space a while back and I’m only now sharing it.  Maybe because it never feels fully done, or that it’s not as polished as I’d like it to be.  But after stepping in the room to take pictures, I knew that this room would never be fully done.  It’s always going to be evolving into whatever it is that strikes Gav’s fancy at any given time.  He’s still very much into cars and vehicles, which is the main theme of the room, but he also loves dinosaurs, space, Paw Patrol, and his sports trophies.  None of those things “fit” into the theme but I love his room.  It’s becoming an expression of who Gav is at this point in his life.

    So, without further ado, here is Gav’s 4 year old bedroom in all of it’s mix and match glory!

    A few heirlooms here and there and a keepsake from his SECOND BIRTHDAY.
    Why yes, That is a minion hanging from the airplane.  Perfect touch don’t you think?!
    XO, Kelly
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    Little Happy Corners // Small Bedroom Gallery

    This little space in our master bedroom is a space that’s special to me because most of the items on it are my own DIY.  And some of the items, if not of my own creation, were repainted/repurposed to fit with the rest.  I should probably call this the DIY gallery!  Each piece compliments each other and makes me happy.

    Scroll down to find some of the DIYs right here!

    Click each one for the full tutorial:


    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Creative Learning Corner

    Our basement serves as more of a family room than any other space in our home.  The built in bookshelves/desk is down there, the TV, Gav’s playroom and so on.  I’ve enjoyed transforming the space from wide open and empty, to sectioned off and purposeful.  Once I had divided the basement up, I was left with this spare corner.  That’s when Gav’s (and eventually Ro’s too) creative corner was born!

    His Ikea table and chairs was probably the best $20 bucks I’ve ever spent there!  It’s the same one that you see in all of the awesome hack DIYs on Pinterest.  The Hanging cups and organizer are also Ikea purchases.  The rest is pretty much all thrift and yard sale finds.

    A lot of fun, child/boyish art and plenty of supplies.  The Angry Bird tin holds a plethora of stickers and the posters are from Scholastic book orders from Gav’s preschool.

    I love this little arts and learning center and eventually it can evolve as the boys get older and need more of a homework station.
    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // DIY Pantry

    When we moved into our home over two years ago, we loved everything about it.  It’s our first house!  Awesome space, room to grow, MUCH bigger kitchen than either of our apartments, and a good amount of front and back yard.  There was, however, one small detail that was missing.  There was no pantry.  Plenty of cabinet space, yes.  Actually pantry, nope.  It was an odd thing to be missing but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  Until we decided that it was and we needed more room.  This probably had a lot to do with us starting to shop at Costco.

    So we measured out the small space on the end of our support wall where the kitchen cabinets and the living room wall meet and made a plan to make a pantry.  Here she is!

    We found this cabinet piece from Target.  It’s meant for the bathroom but it fit the dimensions to a tee!

    The glass jars are from Hobby Lobby.  (If you’re going to be doing this, be sure to wait for glass decor to be half off!)

    The drawer works perfect for keeping all of Ro’s stuff.

    Other details:
    Plate – Kohl’s
    Cookie Jar – World Market
    Chalkboard Crate – Michael’s

    XO, Kelly
    Be sure to use the hashtag #littlehappycorners and share your space on Instagram!

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    Little Happy Corners // Main Gallery Wall

    These new gallery walls of ours are just my favorite!  I’m so happy that, on a whim one day, I just decided to take everything off our walls and completely redo it.  I could seriously sit down in our basement and stare at them for a hot minute, I’m just saying.

    I’ve repurposed some of the old frames, acquired some preloved ones from my parents, spray painted my little tail off, and made a couple new pieces that I love.

    But of course, more than just how it looks, is what it holds.  This is our family wall, our memories.  These frames will hold different stages of our lives through the years to come and it fills my heart to bursting!

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Mini Gallery Wall

    I’ve been working for about a month now on getting my gallery wall just the way I want it.  When we moved in we had one but I decided that it was too much hodge podge, too many colors, and totally not what I wanted anymore.  So I took everything down, patched up all the wholes and started to plan out the new wall.

    I started by picking a color palette, white/neutrals, mint/aqua, and gold.  Then I began collecting frames slowly and the majority of them are old ones my parents weren’t using anymore.  If some of them didn’t fit in with the color scheme, I spray painted them.  I went through quite a bit of white spray paint.  Then it came time to hang and after getting a lot up, I still had a bit left over.  But it just wasn’t going look good completely filling out the wall.  The wall had a nice symmetry going on so we decided to take the rest to an adjacent wall and create a mini gallery dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world, my boys!

    So here it is, the brother wall!

    Next up will be the main gallery wall reveal!
    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // The Coffee Bar

    I’m super excited to share a new project I’ve come up with called, you guessed it, “Little Happy Corners”!  It’s my version of a home tour.  We’ve been in our house now for 2+ years and I’m finally getting around to making the each space less hodge podge and more cohesive.  I get so excited when I finally finish a space but I never share it because the whole room isn’t completed.  To remedy this, I’ll be sharing my home with you in pieces!

    The first space up is my coffee bar.  This little space has been a work in progress since Christmas 2013.  That’s when my hubby built the grid that hangs above the small white book shelf.  It finally came together last week, even though I’ve shared it a few times on my Instagram here and there.  The final piece that brought it all together was the fabulous “Rise & Shine” wooden sign that hangs at the top!

    Have a space that you love, a space that you’ve been working on, or just a space that you’ve created that makes you uber happy?  Share it and use the hashtag #littlehappycorners!

    A few details:
    Bookshelf – Target
    Baskets/”Rise & Shine”- Hobby Lobby
    Mini Succulent Pallet

    XO, Kelly