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    Gav + Ro’s Joint Easter Basket

    I can see how this title could be read wrong…..but let’s move on.

    Each year I love putting together special Easter baskets for my boys. And every year, since Ro has been around that is, I have done a separate basket for each boy. However, I was scrolling Instagram, as one does, and saw that Amy Lou Hawthorne was doing Easter basket ideas but there was only one basket for both of her girls. That’s when it hit me! I don’t HAVE to get them each a basket that’s going to end up becoming a hat, or a weapon, or giant rock holder, or a weapon. (Yeah, I said weapon twice. It’s highly likely.) We already have buckets from last year that they can use for all the egg hunts they’ll go to so why not just place the focus on the goods inside? That’s the part they like anyway! Here’s what I put together…

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    Cookie Decorating and Egg Hunt Party

    *This post was sponsored by Party City and the majority of the products that you see were supplied for use in planning this party.

    I love celebrating holidays.  Not necessarily in huge ways but I do enjoy heart shaped items for Valentine’s day, green colored things for St. Patrick’s day, pumpkins, and fireworks…you get the idea.  That’s why I started my cookie tradition with Gav.  I was able to take those little pieces that I love and turn them into a tradition.  There are a few holidays, however, that I enjoy more than others.  Christmas is pretty obvious, but I also really enjoy the Easter season.  

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    We Always Make Cookies

    Last year, during a small group, we talked about traditions.  As I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything that was specific to our family and that made me a little sad.  It also made me determined to start at least one!  We were then directed to think about them less as “traditions” and more of “we always…” statements.  Then I got to thinking about what I could do that would be very specific to me and my boys.  What will they remember years from now, tell their kids about, and possibly carry on.

    So what I came up with was cookies.  For every holiday, we make cookies in fun shapes, decorate them, and enjoy!  It’s pretty ironic too since my mother never fails to recall this one story of when I was younger and I told her that I was going to be a “real mom” and make cookies for my kids.  *facepalm* I mean, come on…I promise I wasn’t always that awful!

    I finally found a recipe that I didn’t have to completely make from scratch and works so well.  The first time I tried it, my ghosts turned out a little portly and my pumpkins looked like blobs.  *facepalm #2* Then I didn’t do it for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  *ugh…#3*  Anyway, once I got my hands on this glorious Betty Crocker mix (with a specific recipe for cutout cookies), I want to make them all the time!  They’re super easy to make and a big hit with Gav.  I definitely look forward to when Ro can join in and all of the cookies and memories we’ll make over the years!

    XO, Kelly

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    A New Christmas Tradition

    I love traditions.  We don’t really have that many in our family and I’ve been wanting to come up with a few, inexpensive ones.  This is one that my mom decided she wanted to do with the boys and I love it!  This year it’s just Mr. G partaking in the Gingerbread house building/decorating fun, but RC will be joining in soon enough.  
    We had to make our own icing, whipping egg white by hand with a fork is no joke.  It was everywhere!  We were sticky, powdered sugar and sprinkles on the table and floor, but it was a lot of fun!  As for the taste test, this particular kit is not adult approved but it is definitely kid approved.  I’m so excited to do this again next year, but maybe with a different kit.
    XO, Kelly