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    What are you Thankful For? + A Freebie

    It’s November!  What?!
    Well I hope that this post finds you happy and well rested from your extra hour of sleep!  But if you’re like me your night comprised of your toddler hyped up on the high of Halloween and some sugar, your congested 6 week old not sleeping well (which basically means just more than usual), and then everyone still got up at 6:30, you may be just as thankful as I am for caffeine!  Glorious, beautiful, delicious caffeine!

    Today I’m sharing this fun print over on Style at Home Mom!

    Coffee definitely tops off my mommyhood thankful list, you know, behind my children, of course!  Coffee is a gift from heaven and proof that God’s wants us to be happy (and to function).

    But, let’s be real, there really is so much to be thankful for and each Sunday this month I plan to share one of those things.  Some may be a little silly and some will be a bit closer to the heart, but I’m very blessed and thankful nonetheless!


    Thank you for being you, coffee!
    And Also a big thank you to Rachel from Style at Home Mom!

    So tell me…what are YOU thankful for?!
    Want some more coffee love?  You can check out my “Eat, Sleep, & Drink More Coffee” print HERE.
    XO, Kelly

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    Guest Post: Lena B’s Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

    Happy to be hanging out here today!  Usually, you can find me on my own blog
    From all these places you would learn that I 
    a) like to wear dresses
    b) have an adorable rock n’ roll family
    c) i can’t cook, but my husband does & he spoils us with all his deliciousness!
    HOWEVER, every now & then I do take the initiative to at least TRY to cook or bake something. 
    I thought I could share one of my favorite & EASY cookie recipes with you today!

    1 box of chocolate cake mix
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    1 cup dried cranberries
    Mix well, by hand {mixer makes the batter too thick}
    Then spoon and “drop” onto cookie sheet
    Bake at 350
    for 8-10 mins
    And that’s it!  I told you it was easy!!

    Thanks again to Kelly for letting me take over her blog today!

    I host a brand new “Passion For Fashion” linkup on Fridays… anything fashion goes!! Would love to see some new faces there this week!  

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    Guest Post: Ashlee from Muse my World

    Hey fabulous readers!!  Today I want to introduce you to one of my wonderful sponsors, Ashlee.  She blogs over at Muse My World and is one crafty lady!  But I’ll let her tell you more!

    Well, hello there!!  My name is Ashlee Townsend and I am the blogger over at Muse My World.  I am a wife, mother, paper crafts artist, and Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  I love to make cards, scrapbooks, journals and started really getting into digital design over the last year.  It is so much fun to combine digital and traditional products to make something awesome!!  I blog mainly about paper crafting, but also about my little family, my style, my favorites and whatever random things I am making at the moment in my Try It Out feature. 

    I work a full time job outside of my home and I’m the mom to two little Mr.’s, so a lot of the time I put myself on the back burner.  Before I know it, I’m wearing three-day-old jeans, a ratty sweater, and my hair is a frizzed out mess.  I’m sure EVERY mom can relate to this at one time or another.
    So, today I’m going to share my 5 tips for how to feel like a lady again. 
    Trust me, they are easy!!

    1. Give yourself a mani or pedi: I always feel like a new woman when I have my nails, toes, or both (eek!) painted.  Giving myself a mani or pedi is the quickest way to get my lady groove back.  Make sure you use a quick dry top coat so you don’t have to wait around for hours, afraid to pee for fear of messing up the nails.  
    2. Get your hair cut regularly:  I went years and years with only getting my hair cut every six months.  And it sucked!!  When I got bangs I knew I had to go in on a regular basis, or the bangs wouldn’t work.  So, I made a resolution to get my hair cut every 8 weeks.  I also stop by and get my bangs trimmed in between.  There is just something magical about going to the salon and getting pretty.  And, the cost of a hair cut is minimal ever 8 weeks.  (no, I don’t get my hair dyed there, I do that myself!)
    3. Get smooth: Nothing makes me feel more lady like than getting smooth.  Wax your eyebrows (I do it myself with pre-shaped wax strips), shave your legs, use a sugar scrub and get smooth.  Take some extra time in the shower occasionally and do these things.  You’ll thank me later.
    4. Do your make-up and your hair:  I rarely wear make-up!  And, the only thing I do with my hair most days is make sure that my bangs are laying flat… but, some times we just need to take a moment and do it up!!  I find that Sunday afternoons work best for me.  Even if I’m not going anywhere, it still makes me feel like a million bucks to walk out of the bathroom and have the hubs tell me how hot I look.  
    5. Make yourself a pretty cocktail: Sometimes I just want a drink!  Saturday nights are the perfect night (for me) to make myself a pretty cocktail and sit down to enjoy.  My favorite: An Ashlee Mojito made in a mason jar, full of mint and lime, and drank out of a pretty paper straw.  Make sure you add lots of pretties to your drink like umbrellas, straws, and swizzle sticks to make it super lady like.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed my 5 tips to get yourself back on the lady train.  Remember, as much as we are moms, wives, employees, maids, cooks, drivers, coaches and all the other things being a woman encompasses, we are still women.  And, sometimes, you need to take a moment are remind yourself to be one!!  Have a fantastic day!!
    A mojito in a mason jar?  Girl after my own heart!! Thanks Ashlee!
     You can find Ms. Ashlee on Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin’

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    Guest Post: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Spring Party

    Hey there!  Today’s post comes to you from Heather over at Shutterfly.  As many of you know, I’ve been so ready for the warmer spring weather to get here and Heather has to perfect ideas to ring in the new season!
     Spring is in the air in many parts of the country, and if it isn’t
    where you live, it will be soon enough. With spring comes the perfect
    opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before the heat of summer is upon us. A
    spring garden party is the ideal way to celebrate the
    melting of winter and the coming of a fresh start to the year. Consider what
    type of party you’d like to throw and you’re on your way to a wonderful time
    for you and your guests.
    Location, Theme, and Attire

    If you have access to an actual garden or somewhere flowers are
    blooming, it’s obviously an ideal
    setting for your spring party
    , but you can still have a memorable time at a
    park or on someone’s front lawn. The location may help you determine the theme
    and type of attire you want guests to wear.
    For example, if you do happen to hold your party in a beautiful garden,
    you might consider creating a theme of elegance. Ask guests to wear summer
    dresses, floppy hats, and gloves, and serve food on china. On the other hand,
    if you decide on a backyard barbecue, tell guests to dress in shorts, tanks,
    and flip flops. You could even hold a pajama party if that strikes you as fun.
    It all depends on where you hold the party and how you want to personalize it.
    Again, invitations can vary based on your theme and personality. If
    your party is casual and you don’t relish the idea of spending time creating
    invitations, send an evite. They’re quick and simple to make. Plus it is easier
    for guests to RSVP. But if you’re a DIY gal and love the idea of making your
    own spring party invitations, then browse samples online. A great idea that’s
    easy but adds a personal flair is to buy invitations at the store and include a
    pressed flower inside.
    Springtime is all about colors – you could choose either pastels or
    bright colors – so find ways to incorporate them into your décor. Use
    multicolored tablecloths and dishes, customizing your plates
    and cups if you wish. Some hostesses choose to serve food and drinks in
    glassware, as it sparkles in the sunlight.

    images from shutterfly.com
    Decorate with spring-themed centerpieces as well, such as potted plants
    or flowers, vintage birdcages, or fruit bowls. For an extra fun touch, put personalized coasters
    at each place setting or anywhere else guests might sit.
    image from shutterfly.com

    Food and Drinks
    Menu choices for spring parties can be as varied as the themes
    available and hostesses who throw them. If you prefer not to spend a lot of
    time cooking or baking, serve finger foods like crisp toasts and dips, fruits
    and vegetables, and cucumber or chicken salad sandwiches. For dessert, there is
    no shame in purchasing cupcakes from your local bakery in an effort to save
    yourself time and energy for hostessing activities you may enjoy more.
    However, if cooking is your specialty, consider a plated meal or buffet
    with chicken quesadillas, mini pesto pizzas, homemade dips, and more. If you’re
    aiming to hold a casual picnic-style party, throw burgers or chicken on the
    grill and serve it with beans, potato salad, and cornbread.
    You can have fun with dreaming up drinks for your spring party.
    Lemonade and tea are simple but delicious choices, as is punch served in a
    gleaming crystal punchbowl. However, if you want to get a bit more creative,
    consider fun bright-colored cocktails or a refreshing drink such as mint
    Guests may be bored if the only activity at your party is eating.
    Depending on your theme and the level of activity your guests expect, give your
    guests some choices. These choices can range from croquette, bocce ball,
    badminton, volleyball, and horseshoes to beading, seed planting, flower
    arranging, and pottery painting.


    For a successful spring party, know what you want and consider how your
    theme and personality infuse into each part of your gathering. Whether you
    decide on a casual picnic or an elegant tea, take the time to enjoy your own
    party once the arrangements are made. Mingle with guests, delight in the fruits
    of your labor, and allow the outdoor setting to refresh you.

    Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting
    people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting,
    photography, gift giving and personal expression.

    **Pictures added by TheNoDramaMama

    Thanks Heather!!

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