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    Tis The Season For Traditions

    Hey strangers!  this holiday season has been pretty hectic for me but all in a good way.  I’ve been doing shows for the first time with my shop and I’ve been busier than ever with orders, which is amazing but stressful.  So, if you’ve wondered where in the world I’ve been, that’s it.  I’ve been elbow deep in snowman ornaments, house drawings, and canvases.  My hope for the new year is to continue the momentum as well as keep a balance here.  More on that in my coming new year post!  On to the holiday goodness!

    I love traditions, especially ones that involve food.  My mom started this gingerbread house one three years ago and each year I think we get a little better.  I think… While its super fun each year, I’m looking forward to when little Ro can join in which will more than likely be next year.  We just weren’t ready to let the two year old (who seriously needed a nap) loose on the candy and icing.  So, without further ado, here are some pictures of our third attempt at gingerbread house engineering.

  • Mommyhood

    A New Christmas Tradition

    I love traditions.  We don’t really have that many in our family and I’ve been wanting to come up with a few, inexpensive ones.  This is one that my mom decided she wanted to do with the boys and I love it!  This year it’s just Mr. G partaking in the Gingerbread house building/decorating fun, but RC will be joining in soon enough.  
    We had to make our own icing, whipping egg white by hand with a fork is no joke.  It was everywhere!  We were sticky, powdered sugar and sprinkles on the table and floor, but it was a lot of fun!  As for the taste test, this particular kit is not adult approved but it is definitely kid approved.  I’m so excited to do this again next year, but maybe with a different kit.
    XO, Kelly