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    Putting Together the Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Basket

    *Some items in this gift basket were given to me for review/feature.*

    What do you get your best friend that is pregnant her third baby, is not finding out the gender, and already has a boy and a girl? I don’t know how people do it, waiting until birth to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. I’m a planner to the core and while I love how far we’ve come with gender neutral baby gear (i.e. everything isn’t just yellow and green anymore), I am still a person who wants to know. I applaud anyone who can do it and has done it, my best friend, Katy, now included. But what can I get her?! I can’t personalize anything and she already has two children, one of each gender, so she has so much saved up. My solution, ESSENTIALS!

  • DIY

    Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn

    Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn

    I’m totally on the unicorn bandwagon.  I have coffee mugs with unicorns, they decorate my office, and my obsession is so obvious that Gav always points them out to me and wants to buy me unicorn things. (Seriously though, how sweet is that?!)  Needless to say, while you don’t HAVE to be a girl to love unicorns, my boys are very much into anything with wheels and loud noises.  So, my unicorns and I live in my office.  That is until we get around my sister-in-law and her daughter!  I live vicariously through them and love giving my niece all of the cute unicorn, pink, gold, glitter everything when I can.  She just turned two and I had fun picking out her tea/kitchen food set but when it came time to wrap it, I decided to have even more fun!  Now, you could totally make this into any animal you’d like but, unicorns are awesome!