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    Little Happy Corners // Small Bedroom Gallery

    This little space in our master bedroom is a space that’s special to me because most of the items on it are my own DIY.  And some of the items, if not of my own creation, were repainted/repurposed to fit with the rest.  I should probably call this the DIY gallery!  Each piece compliments each other and makes me happy.

    Scroll down to find some of the DIYs right here!

    Click each one for the full tutorial:


    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Main Gallery Wall

    These new gallery walls of ours are just my favorite!  I’m so happy that, on a whim one day, I just decided to take everything off our walls and completely redo it.  I could seriously sit down in our basement and stare at them for a hot minute, I’m just saying.

    I’ve repurposed some of the old frames, acquired some preloved ones from my parents, spray painted my little tail off, and made a couple new pieces that I love.

    But of course, more than just how it looks, is what it holds.  This is our family wall, our memories.  These frames will hold different stages of our lives through the years to come and it fills my heart to bursting!

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Mini Gallery Wall

    I’ve been working for about a month now on getting my gallery wall just the way I want it.  When we moved in we had one but I decided that it was too much hodge podge, too many colors, and totally not what I wanted anymore.  So I took everything down, patched up all the wholes and started to plan out the new wall.

    I started by picking a color palette, white/neutrals, mint/aqua, and gold.  Then I began collecting frames slowly and the majority of them are old ones my parents weren’t using anymore.  If some of them didn’t fit in with the color scheme, I spray painted them.  I went through quite a bit of white spray paint.  Then it came time to hang and after getting a lot up, I still had a bit left over.  But it just wasn’t going look good completely filling out the wall.  The wall had a nice symmetry going on so we decided to take the rest to an adjacent wall and create a mini gallery dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world, my boys!

    So here it is, the brother wall!

    Next up will be the main gallery wall reveal!
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // 3D Playroom Art

    A while back I shared my plans for Mr. G’s new playroom.  Well I’ve shared a lot of plans for the rooms in the house and I promise some reveals are coming soon!

    Anyway…Mr. G’s playroom theme is monsters and the color scheme is bright and colorful.  There is a lot of empty wall space so I figured it would be great for him to have his own gallery wall.  Pictures of him, monster art, etc.  Today I’m sharing one of the pieces I made just for this space!

    What You’ll Need: Large Canvas, Paper Mache Letters, Paint, Fabric (optional)

    First thing I did was paint a chevron pattern on the canvas.  At first, I was disappointed that the lines didn’t come out clean, but then after looking at it, I thought it looked almost like fuzzy fur.  Perfect for a monster’s playroom!  The texture of the canvas had actually helped out with this furry effect.

    Now paint the letters.  You can paint the entire letter or just the tops, it all depends on if you’re going to do the fabric step.  If you are, cut strips of fabric and glue them to the border of the letters.  This furry stuff was leftover from Mr. G’s monster costume I made for his first Halloween.

    Now that I look at it, I may even add some eyes to this PLAY monster!

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    DIY // Fabric Covered Canvas Art

    Do you remember that collage/gallery wall I started in the old apartment?  Well it’s slowly but surely reforming in the new house and I’m making some changes by adding new art.  This is easily one of my favorite pieces now and it was so easy to make! And to make it easier, I already had all of the materials!
    What You’ll Need: Canvas, Fabric, Stencil, Paint
    Cut the fabric to the size of the canvas.  Be sure to make it slightly larger so it will wrap around to the back of the canvas.
    Glue the fabric around the edges of the front of the canvas to lightly secure it and begin wrapping and gluing around the sides.
    Print and cut out the design you’d like to stencil and pin it to the covered canvas.
    Paint around the edges and then the rest of the fabric.  After it’s all dry, take the stencil off to reveal your design!
    Happy crafting!
    XO, Kelly

    The DIY Dreamer

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    Thrifty Thursday: DIY Hoop Decor

    So, I have this dress/shirt/tunic top.  

    I absolutely love the print but, as you can tell by my description of it, it’s an awkward length.  I think I’ve worn it a total of 2 times in the year (probably longer) that I’ve owned it.  Once as a dress and once as a shirt.  
    Proof that I wore it!
    Both times I just felt weird in it.  But I hated to give up the print that I loved so much.  Here’s how I remedied that!
    What You’ll Need:
    Old piece of clothing
    Embroidery hoop
    Embroidery thread and needle
    Cut out a piece of your fabric that will cover the hoop.  I cut mine right above the gathering and now can wear the bottom half as a skirt!
    Lay the fabric over the inner hoop and place the outer hoop on top.  Pull the fabric taught and tighten the the hoop until it doesn’t move.

    Draw out your design.  You can free hand it if you like but I didn’t think I could pull that off.
    Trace your design with stitches as many times as needed.  My fabric is busy and a little dark so I made two rounds of stitches on each word.
    When you’re happy with how the front looks, start gathering the access fabric on the back by sewing it together.
    Of course I added it to my gallery wall!

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