DIY Non Candy Valentines

    When Gav was in preschool, I wanted to do all the Pinterest-y Valentine things for his class. Back then it was easy though, there were five kids in his class. Total. His class sizes have certainly grown in size now and I just felt like DIY was going to be too much. But I came up with some fun, simple, cost friendly Valentines that you can put together just as quickly as the store bought variety. Bonus points: They lend themselves to be candy free! Be sure to scroll all the way down for the free printable sheets!

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    Free “I Love You…” Printable

    Y’all….I’m back!  After being in full on panic mode that my site was suddenly inaccessible on any server, I’m back!  A call to tech support and an agonizing 20 minute wait (yes, agonizing) for everything to fix itself, and we’re back in business.

    Free I Love You Printable

    To celebrate, I thought I’d post a freebie!  I posted that picture on Instagram yesterday and I got such a great response on the quote.  I decided to turn it into a print that you can download and print for your own gallery wall!  They are available to print as 8×10, 5×7, and 4×6 with a white or black background.  Just click the picture below to take you to the download. Free I Love You Printable





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    Screen Free Week Printable

    I’m ready!  I have a full list of fun things we can do for our screen free week and I know we’re going to have fun.  I also know that this will be quite a challenge and there will be down time.  But learning that down time is actually a positive thing is a good lesson for Gav to learn.  I’m not saying that he’ll get it right away, he is only 4 after all, but maybe after this week he can start to realize that it’s good for him.  You’ll be able to see how we’re doing through the week on Instagram! (I said that it would be *mostly* screen free for me and I promise to only ‘Gram when it’s quiet time or I’m in the bathroom or something.)


    You can see what’s on our list of fun activities for next week in the first pic!  What would you put on your list?

    XO, Kelly

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    What are you Thankful For? + A Freebie

    It’s November!  What?!
    Well I hope that this post finds you happy and well rested from your extra hour of sleep!  But if you’re like me your night comprised of your toddler hyped up on the high of Halloween and some sugar, your congested 6 week old not sleeping well (which basically means just more than usual), and then everyone still got up at 6:30, you may be just as thankful as I am for caffeine!  Glorious, beautiful, delicious caffeine!

    Today I’m sharing this fun print over on Style at Home Mom!

    Coffee definitely tops off my mommyhood thankful list, you know, behind my children, of course!  Coffee is a gift from heaven and proof that God’s wants us to be happy (and to function).

    But, let’s be real, there really is so much to be thankful for and each Sunday this month I plan to share one of those things.  Some may be a little silly and some will be a bit closer to the heart, but I’m very blessed and thankful nonetheless!


    Thank you for being you, coffee!
    And Also a big thank you to Rachel from Style at Home Mom!

    So tell me…what are YOU thankful for?!
    Want some more coffee love?  You can check out my “Eat, Sleep, & Drink More Coffee” print HERE.
    XO, Kelly

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    A Freebie For Fri-YAY!

    A while back I shared a simple weekly planner I made and it was met with a lot of happy downloads.  Yay!  But then something happened to the download and it’s no longer available. BOOOO!  I’ve been getting your comments and today I’ve delivering you a brand new one as promised.  It’s available to download as a JPG, a PNG, and even a chalkboard!


    The PNG is great for layering over digital patterns or printing on scrapbook paper.  You can find the stripes and bows HERE as a free download!

    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // Hanging Clip Frames

    Need a last minute Mother’s Day gift?  What you make something for that special teacher?  I think these frames make the perfect DIY gift!  These are easy to make and can be personalized however you like.

    I made this one for my mom since I wanted to give her something this year to incorporate our new edition.  This is also special because, as a mother of only one, my mom is getting a second grandchild!  She is beside herself excited!

    This DIY also comes with a FREEBIE!  Don’t see your special grandparent name?  Let me know and I’ll be happy to whip one up just for you!

    Can’t wait to give this to my mama and see it in her classroom!  Also, I wish we had a name to put on here instead of “Baby”, but we’ll find out the gender the DAY AFTER Mother’s day.  It’ll serve as a fun memory for when we found out what our second bundle of love is!

    Click HERE for the full tutorial on Pretty Providence.

    XO, Kelly

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    Our Spring Bucket List

    Happy First Day of Spring!  It may not actually look like spring at the moment in my neck of the woods but we’ve had some spring days mixed in here and there and it was so wonderful!

    We’re so ready for warmer weather and sunshine to stick around for a little longer than a day or two and I know Mr. G is ready to get his park/playground on!  And oddly enough, I am too!  I’ve never been an outdoor person until I had Gavin and now I look forward to it.  Here’s our bucket list for the sunny times ahead!

    Mr. G love’s making “collections” and it’s the perfect way to work in a good walk for me too!  Making your own nature collection?  Check out THIS activity we did last year that Mr. G absolutely loved.  Plus, you can keep all of the nature stuff in one place!

    I think I’m most excited about the zoo!  At three years old, Mr. G has never been.  *GASP!*  I know, i know!  He’s also never been to the aquarium and that’s on our list for later in the year. I really wanted to wait for him to really enjoy the experiences (if I’m gonna shell out the Atlanta area prices!) and get to soak it all in rather than him just stare at the animals.

    Want to make your own spring bucket list?  You can print this one out HERE!

    What’s on YOUR list?!
    XO, Kelly

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    Weekend Freebie // Weekly Planner Printable

    If you’re like me, school supplies and planners are just wonderful to you!  I’m always looking for the “perfect planner” and while I’m pretty sure that’s an Erin Condren Life Planner, I don’t have to funds to shell out for one for the time being.  That being said, I found a solution to my constant planner purchasing.  I narrowed down what I really need one for the most and created exactly that.  For now, what I need is something simple to plan out blog posts for a week or two.  Weekly planner it is!

    This fun and simple layout was doodled by yours truly and is all yours for free! (For personal use only please!)

    You can use the .jpg file to print the clean and simple white paper version or, using the .png file and print on fun and colorful paper.  The possibilities are endless if you just take a turn down the scrapbook paper aisle!

    Happy Planning!

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    DIY // School Artwork Binder

    Keep all your child's artwork in one place!

    I had a hard time finding the right title for this post.  Honestly it should read,”My son is my most precious little baby and I can’t believe he is in preschool and all of the little tiny pieces of artwork he does must be saved and treasured and I will never ever get rid of them!  EVER!”  But I wanted you to actually read this post, so I went with a DIY.

    But in all honesty, these first little art projects are so precious and special that I really do want to keep them to look through, not only at the end of the year but when he graduates from high school and even when has kids of his own.  What he does with them after that is his deal but for now, these are my memories and I love love love looking at them!  I could have scanned them in and made them into little cards for my Project Life (which has sadly been neglected for months but that’s for another day) like I did HERE.  But I wanted to do something different for all of these piece from his school days.
    What You’ll Need: Binder with Clear Cover, Sheet Protectors, Cover Page Printable
    Basically all I do is take each piece and place it in a protector as I get them in his weekly folder.  If it’s too big for the sheet protector, it gets a three hole punch and goes directly in the binder.  This also helps to eliminate any clutter that could occur from placing them in a box or forgotten in the file cabinet.  

    And no binder is complete without a great cover!  I was like this in school too, my favorite part of getting a new binder was creating my cover.  The possibilities were endless!
    I’ve come up with 4 fun designs for you to choose from and they’re all customizable.  Once you’ve opened them in a photo editing software, just follow the layers and fill in the blanks.  To select your design, find the layers labeled with the design names and click on the little eyeball to make the one you want visible.  Be sure to also click the eyeball or delete the layer for the other ones so that they won’t appear on your final print.
    To add your picture, upload it as a layer and place it under all layers, including the background.  From there, you can resize and place whatever part of the photo you’d like in the frame.

    This is probably my favorite page of his about me book.  It’s so Gavin!

    I’m looking forward to filling this up as the year goes on!

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    Weekend Freebie // The “Mommy Motto”

    It’s been a rough couple of days.  Mr. G has been sick, like sick sick, but he’s been to the doctor and gotten some meds and I think (praying, knocking on wood, etc) he’s on the mend! Today I bring you my motto for dealing with these very situations…Eat, Sleep, and Drink More Coffee!

    Honestly, this could just be the “Mommy Motto”and can be translated as such:
    Eat (all the feelings), Sleep (what is that?), and Drink More (and more and more) Coffee!


    ENJOY! (and try not to pull your hair out, just drink more coffee!)