Easy Treat-Filled Flower Pot Teacher Gift



Treat Filled Flower Pot Teacher Gift

Somehow this school year is coming to an end and, when it does, I’ll have a kindergarten graduate.  That just sounds so weird!  Anyway, I’ve always loved making end of the year gifts, as well as Christmas ones, for Gav’s teachers.  (Check out my party in a box gift from last year!) Teachers are incredible (And I say this as a parent and the daughter of a teacher).  They sacrifice way more than their students’ parents know and they deserve out thanks.  Let’s be real, if they didn’t do it, you’d have to and when’s the last time you considered home schooling?  NOT I! (Not to knock home schoolers.  If that’s what you are called to you, more power to you and you have the patience of Job.)  This year Gavin had to transition from one school to another and his current teacher has been nothing short of awesome!  I wanted to make her something special and here’s how a make her treat-filled flower pot.Continue reading