Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Paper

    time a new season comes up, I have a list of things I’d like to do.  For example, when fall rolls around, it’s pumpkin patches and apple picking and for spring it’s usually plant flowers and fly kites. (HERE is a printable spring bucket list!)  Then, for some reason or another, I never really get around to doing those things, like apple picking.  I’ve literally never done that! So I wanted a way to sort of hold myself accountable and actually cross those things of my list.

    So for this month’s challenge, which was paper, I came up with a way to display our seasonal bucket list and keep track of all the things we’d like to do.  It’s also a great way to involve little ones in planning fun activities.

    What You’ll Need: Cardstock, Construction Paper, Laminating Sheets (heat or self sealing), Velcro, Magnet Sheet

    Sketch out a bucket on the cardstock and outline it with black marker.  I just drew some straight lines, and oval, and a handle.  Then cut out some squares from the construction paper for the season names.
    I choose two colors per season just for fun but you could also cut out strips for one color to use for the names if you’d like to skip this next step.
    Write out the names on the squares and tape the backs for them together.
    Next, cut out some shapes for your bucket list items.  I went with stars since I feel like they pretty much go with each season.
    Place all of the paper pieces in your laminating sheets and seal them.  After you cut the smaller pieces out, place some velcro on the back of each.
    On the back of the bucket, glue/stick on three more pieces of velcro to store the extra seasons.  Cut out two strips of magnet and glue them on as well.
    Using a dry erase marker, write your items on the stars (or whatever shapes you chose) and stick them on the bucket!
    We keep ours prominently displayed on our fridge so we can always see it.
    What’s on your bucket list for summer?  
    Want to jump in on the challenge for next month?  Here’s our June craft item:
    If you have a DIY that involves paper, we’d love to have to link up below and show us your stuff!
    Happy crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY Tic Tac Toe Rocks

    Recently I tried to teach Gav how to play tic tac toe.  We were outside playing with chalk and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  We started off great but then as I tried to show, correct, remind, he quickly got a little frustrated, lost interest, and asked to go do something else.  Oh well!  Then I thought about the matching game I made him a few months ago that he still loves to use.  I mean over and over, almost every day.  (It makes me so happy!).  He has another matching game, a superhero one with tons of matches and bright colors, but he still prefers the one I made.  (Again, I pat myself on the back and smile a big cheesy grin!).

    So I thought that if I made him something, maybe he would enjoy learning how to play.

    What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper, Laminating Sheet, Paint (optional), 10 smooth rocks, Black Permanent Marker

    Measure out how big you need your game board to be by setting out nine rocks in three rows.
    Draw or paint your grid on the paper,  I chose to paint since my paper was a little dark.  Let it dry if you’re using paint, and laminate the grid.  I happen to have a small laminator but you can use the self laminating pouches as well.  They work great!

    Find the smoothest side of each rock and write the X’s and O’s on them, five of each.  For a carrying pouch, I had saved the bags that Gav’s sheets came in from Target and it works great!

    We’re still working on the concept on “blocking ” the other player from getting three in a row, but he’s learning and he enjoys this version much better than the traditional one!

    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Fabric Dye

    So I was all set and ready to go with this challenge.  I got to pick the item this month, I got a project in my head…and then I went for it.  MAJOR FAIL!  It’s that utter disappointment only an avid DIYer can feel when the project that looked so good in your head turns out looking like a hot hot mess.  So there had to be a plan B.  Well let’s just say that I am so excited with how this turned out that I’m not even upset (ok maybe still a little upset) that the first one didn’t turn out.  Turns out there was a plan C too and I’ll share that in another post!

    What You’ll Need: Four Mini Canvases, Tie Dye, Large Container, Towel, Paint Pen (optional)

    Fill your container with water and dump the entire bottle of powder in it.  Try to make the solution pretty saturated with color by having less water for the pigment to dissolve into but still enough to dunk in the canvases.  Start dipping the canvases one at a time into the dye.  When you pull them out, let the color run over the canvas in different ways to create the desired look.  Set them aside to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

    Repeat the dipping/drying process, making sure you angel the canvases in different ways with each dip, as many times as needed until you reach your finished look.

    Once they are completely dry you can display them as is, write a fun message (this was for my mom so I wrote her a nice reminder), or you could even glue them to a bigger canvas or piece of wood for easier hanging.

    Have a project you’ve done and love that involves fabric dye?  We’d love to see it!  Be sure to link it up at the bottom of the post and visit my co-hosts as well to see what fabulous things they created.

    Want to join in next month?  May’s item is:

    image via Unsplash

    Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    Repurposed Placemat Banner

    We don’t have a formal dining room so traditional place settings on a table are something I don’t really think about.  However, every once in awhile I’ll stumble across some really amazing placemats.  Let’s be honest, I’m usually at Target when this happens.  Recently Ifound one that was in one of the clearance sections and saw this really awesome placemat sitting all by itself at a fabulous price of $3. Before I knew what I was doing, it was in my cart!  I mean, it must have just hopped in there!

    I knew I had to use this placemat for something.  So I came up with a great way to use it as decor!

    What You’ll Need: Placemat, Letter Stencils, Felt, Hot Glue, Wooden Dowel, Twine

    Lightly outline your letters on the felt as a guideline.  Some letters will need to be traced as a mirror image so that, when you flip them over, they will appear correctly and without any marks.  This felt is from Crafty Wool Felt and I highly recommend using a wool blend felt for this project rather than the poly blends from the craft store.  Wool blend felt cuts much cleaner.

    Fold over a small portion of the top of the place mat and glue it in place.  This will be where the dowel slides in so make sure you leave a space for it.  Then find the center and glue on you first letter.  I went with the middle letter of the middle word as a base for my spacing.  Now glue on the rest of your letters to spell out your phrase.

    Slide the wooden dowel in, cut off any excess, and tie twine to the ends for hanging.  Since my twine is so thin, I braided together three strands for a textured look.

    I knew I loved this little placemat and now it has a special spot in our home!
    XO, Kelly

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    Dear Spring…Where are you?!

    This Georgia peach is dying for some spring weather to start sticking.  I realize with that change, the next season is literally around the corner with the sticky, humid hotness that is a Georgia summer.  But for now, Imma need it to not be so darn cold!

    In an effort to nudge the weather along, because that’s totally possible, I updated my wreath!  I figured, new month equals new season equals new wreath.  If you saw my last wreath update, I had added a lovely little gray washed chalkboard to the center and all of the florals were placed or woven into the natural wreath.  All of this made the change so simple and easy.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck this way.  I also added a twine hanger this time so that it would hang a bit further down than before.

    So come on spring!  We’re ready for ya!

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Mason Jars

    It’s that time again!  Time for the Ready, Set, Craft Challenge! 
    Our lovely co-host, Kerry, picked the very versatile mason jar for our craft item this month and, to be honest, I struggled a bit.  I mean, there’s just so much to do with these that I couldn’t wrap my head around a full idea.  So I did what I always do in these situations, when I’m looking for inspiration.  I went to the craft store and literally stared at all of the jars.  Yes I did!  I probably look crazy whenever I do this but it really helps!
    So after staring for a few minutes, I decided that I definitely wanted to do something with the mini variety.  I haven’t done a craft with them before and they were calling me.  Then I did the next thing I always do, I strolled the aisles aimlessly looking at every single thing on the shelves.  You think I’m kidding?  Ask my hubby how long I spend in Hobby Lobby or Michaels! 
    Fast forward through this entire trip and you get this super cute and fun mini pallet project!  

    What You’ll Need:  Mini Pallet, Paint, Mini Mason Jars, Pipe Clamps, Screws, Faux (or real) Succulents/Plants, Sand, Frame Hanger
    When I saw this little pallet, I knew I had to use it!  Look at it, it’s so cute!  Paint it, if you choose to, and set it aside.
    Fit the pipe clamps (you can find them in the plumbing section of any hardware store) onto the jars so that they sit comfortably in them.  Not too tight that they tip and not too loose that they slip through.  
    Screw the clamps into the mini pallet based on where they will hang.  Be sure the measure them out first so that you have room for the plants.  It helped to start the holes first and to stretch the slats in the clamps before attaching them.
    Attach the hanger to the back.  I used one of these since I knew I wanted to to hang on my coffee station.  However, you could easily put a couple of screws in the wall and hang the pallet without this little fixture.
    Arrange the plants into the sand or, if you’re going with the real thing, plant them however is necessary.  I have a black thumb so I stick with the faux variety.
    Set the finished jars in their clamps and hang.

    Ready to play along?!  We’d love for you the link up with us and show us your amazingly creative Mason Jar crafts!

    Want to join us for next month’s challenge?  It’s my turn to choose the item and it’s…


    Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly
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    Remove Refrigerator Clutter

    For the past few weeks I’ve been on a major house binge and redesign.  Every area that I can possibly do by myself I am.  Kitchen cabinets, craft area and desk, closet, so on and so forth.  It’s been nothing short of A-MA-ZING!  I’m feeling so refreshed and with each new cleaner area, I get a little more fire under me to do more!  My refrigerator was one such source of a little clutter stress.  If you’re like me, you keep just about every magnet with an important/emergency number that has to do with my children.  Pediatricians, children’s ERs, and even the pet ER was on my fridge in magnet form.  So here’s how I cleaned up the clutter but still got to keep all of the important info at hand.

    What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper, Thermal Laminating Pouch, Magnet Sheet

    Transfer all of the important information to a piece of scrapbook paper cut to size.  Then laminate the pouch.  You can use these like I did, I’m pretty much in love with my laminator, or a self sealing pouch which is a bit easier on the budget if you don’t have a machine.

    Glue your magnet to the back and throw away all of the now unnecessary magnets!

    So much better and clutter free!
    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft! Challenge // Wood

    Can I just say, I am loving this challenge series!  It’s forcing me to think outside the box since we’re purposefully picking very generic craft items. These are all items that I have used in previous DIYs so it’s really getting my wheels turning and getting the creative juices flowing!

    This month, Emily chose wood.  Oh, the possibilities!  I have to say that one of my favorite aisles of any craft store is the unfinished wood section.  I could stand there and just stare for awhile, coming up with a million ideas on what to do with it all.  Something I haven’t really used much, even though I look at them all the time, are the shapes.  Small little baggies, hanging on hooks, filled with different shapes in all sizes.  Then, when I looked at the circles, I was reminded of a recent play date with our besties when we played a memory game with the kids.  Just some small circles with pictures on the back sides and I thought, “Hey!  I can make this!”  So I did!

    What You’ll Need: Wooden Circles (an even amount), stickers, Modge Podge (or other sealant)

    If you have a toddler or preschooler, you probably have about a million to a billion, half empty, sticker sheets lying around.  If you get lucky however, you may be ale to find enough for this project!  I had such luck and they happened to be one of Gav’s favorite things, dinosaurs!

    Separate your wood circles into pairs and place a sticker on each.  Make sure you only use each picture once per pair.

    Brush a layer of Modge Podge over the top, let dry, and you’re ready to play!

    Super simple and a great, non screen related activity!

    Want to join in next month?  Here’s our craft item for March:

    Mason Jars
    Image credit Chiot’s Run

    Alrighty…it’s link up time!  Have a project that involves wood?  Link it up below.  We’d love to see your creations…Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    Faux Wood Pallet Sign

    I love a good pallet sign.  Every craft and home decor store is full of them.  But, they tend to come with a bit of a price tag, or at least one that is more than I’m willing to fork over.  This is where the art of faking it pays off!  This also makes for a great project for any leftover gift boxes from the holidays!

    What You’ll Need: Gift Box Lid or Painting Canvas, Balsa Wood Sheets, Hot Glue, Exacto Knife, Paint

    Lay out your word sheets to fit the surface of your box lid or canvas then glue them on.  Don’t worry about any over hang, that will be removed in a second.

    Flip your surface over and, using the exacto knife, trim off any excess.  Repeat these two steps with the sides of the lid/canvas.  I chose to leave the bottom uncovered to make it easier to prop up to display.  Paint on a message and you’re good to go!

    This is one of those times that I really wish I had a Silhouette/Cricut because the possibilities are endless.

    Yeah for making things for a fraction of the cost!
    I also did a similar project like this with a frame.  You can see it HERE.
    XO, Kelly

    What would you put on your pallet wood sign?

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Yarn

    We’re back for another round of the Ready, Set , Craft DIY Challenge and this month’s craft item was yarn.  Oh the possibilities, especially if you know how to knit, crochet, or weave.  I don’t know how to do any of these things!  But luckily, my mom knits and she has a lot of extra material for me to use for my project.  But when you don’t know how to do the main things yarn is meant for, what do you do?  You loop and tie!  Here’s my version of a yarn wall hanging.

    What You’ll Need: Metal Ring, Yarn (in various colors and textures), Stick/Piece of Wood

    Start with the yarn you plan to use in the center of your hanging.  This is usually your biggest section, though it doesn’t have to be.   Pull out a large amount in the longest you want your hanging to be.  Snip any loops and even out the ends.  To attach it to the ring, half the strands and lay the loop over it. Thread the rest through the loop and tighten as necessary.

    Since this yarn was so fluffy, I played around with different ways to use it.  I tied the middle section a couple of times and fluffed it out some more.  

    Now continue this with your different colors, shortening the lengths as you go.  You can weave some through thicker yarn and alternate the different textures to get the desired look.  Once you’ve finished tying the yarn on, lay it out flat.  Be sure to comb through the strands so that they are laying flat and side by side.  Use scissors to cut down the yarn in a “V” shape.

    Place your stick or piece of wood (mine is a thick branch from my backyard, washed off and dried) across the ring and wrap yarn around in an “X” to secure it.  You can use a little hot glue to hold it in place too.

    I’m so thrilled with how this turned out!  There are so many great options of yarn so the combinations are endless.

    Now it’s time to show us what you made with this month’s challenge item!  Link up your yarn related posts below and check out some of the other fabulous DIYs.
    XO, Kelly

    So what’s up for February?  Next month item is:

    image via

    Be sure to come back on February 2nd for the link up!