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    Turning Your Child’s Paintings Into Quote Art

    I’ve been making over the boys’ creative corner in our basement for a little while now.  I revamped the art supply stash with some pallet storage and I rehung some of the art that was already there.  But it was definitely still bare.  It needed some color and character.  What better way to add some character than with the two characters I gave birth to?!  I got some paints and let my little Picassos go to town.

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    DIY Art Supply Pallet

    DIY Art Supply Pallet

    It’s been way too long since my last DIY post and I’m here to remedy that!  I’ve been in one of those moods lately where everything in my house needs an upgrade.  This is a relatively common occurrence (annoyance, if you ask my husband) once I’ve finished an area.  I’ll finish a space, love it for a few weeks and then want to change it.  Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me but I prefer to think of it as the “perpetual need to be creative-ist” in me.  That’s totally a thing…

    One of these spaces that has incurred my creative wrath is Gav’s art table/creative learning corner.  I decided that I wanted to reorganize his art supplies in a way that didn’t put a million tiny holes in the wall.  I tried using those little plastic drawers but Ro quickly showed me that those made it much easier for him to eat crayons.  That’s when I came up with this super simple, inexpensive and minimal wall damage project.

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Family Photos

    If you’re anything like me, you love having pictures of your family all over your house.  We have so many wonderful photos around our house but they are, mainly, in frames.  Maybe one or two aren’t but, for the most part, what else do you do with them to display them?  This is exactly what made this craft item so challenging for me.  And I loved it!

    When I started just thinking about things we might need around the house, our dry erase board came to mind.  It was getting pretty dingy, it was small, and our little family was starting to get pretty busy with Gav going to Pre-K, all his actives, and my husband and I wanting to volunteer more at church.  My husband and I are always trying to keep up with the important dates and schedules and sometimes we just forget to tell the other or forget what the other told us.  (That happens ALOT!)  Then there is Roman’s little feeding schedule which is pretty open, but when my parents or in-laws babysit, it’s nice to have something for them to look at so they know what exactly he needs.  That’s when I decided to chuck the old dry erase board and revamp a bigger one into a family info board.

    What You’ll Need: Large Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Picture of Each Family Member, Lamination sheet, Sticky Back Magnets, Thin Washi Tape, Exacto Knife

    To get even sized pictures of each member of my family, I used Lipix (an app on my phone) to create one single image that I could cut up. This definitely works best if you have an even number of family members. Our printer is on the fritz so I sent it off to a store to be printed but you can use regular paper from your printer and save a $1.50.  I had mine printed as a 5×5.

    Cut out each picture, I did a little extra trimming to allow for more room on the board, and laminate them.  I used a heat laminator but they also sell self-laminating sheets if you don’t have one.  Cut the picture out of the lamination and place a small piece of magnet on the back.  My main reasons for using magnets instead of just taping/gluing them on are one, I didn’t want to ruin the board in case I eventually want to reuse it and two, the boys are going to change so I want to be able to change their pictures to reflect them.

    Using the washi tape, tape off a section for each picture and trim with an exacto knife.  Now you have a place for each member and all of their info!

    I love how clean and simple this ended up looking.  It really helps soothe my OCD. Ha!  If you have any projects using your own fabulous family photos, come link up with us at the bottom of the post!

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    Pre Made Paper Mache Shapes

    Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    Playing in the “Sand”

    It’s screen free week here and we’re not doing to bad.  Gav has asked a few times if he can watch this or that but it hasn’t been met with much whining at all.  So the other day, while Gav was begrudgingly doing his rest time, I whipped up a new sandbox for him.

    What You’ll Need:  Large Bin, Flour, Baby Oil, Small Toys/Rocks/Digging Tools

    Following THIS recipe, I made some homemade moon sand in a deep storage bin I happened to already have.

    Then all you have to do is bury some of the toys, place some on top to play with and you’re ready to go!  Just make sure this is strictly an outdoor activity.  It gets messy!

    Our old dino Jello mold, which really was terrible for Jello, worked great with the moon sand.  Other items that are fun to use are measuring cups, silicone baking molds, and sifters.

    Also, note to self, don’t wear black while playing in the “sand” box.

    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Chalkboard Paint

    We’ve been working on a our budget lately and have decided to really hone in on a few things.  A lot of what we would like to do has to do with home improvements and those can cost quite a bit of dough!  This doesn’t really leave much room to save for much else.  However, we have budgeted a little weekly personal money for my hubby and I to do whatever we’d like.  We each get $20 week for whatever. If that gets spent by Tuesday, then that’s it for the week.  With this, I’ve decided to start saving for a new camera.  My current one has been oh so good to me and was a Christmas gift about seven years ago.  She’s on her way out though since technology updates itself just about every 5 seconds.  Each week I’ll save some of my weekly spending money and, eventually, it’ll add up to what I need.  The more diligent (read: self disciplined) I am, the quicker I can get it!

    So I thought, with this month’s challenge, I’d make myself something to collect it all and see the saving progress.

    What You’ll Need: Old Plastic Container, Tape, Chalkboard Paint, Exacto Knife, Sand Paper, Acrylic Paint (optional), Sharpie, Chalk

    Tape off a section of the container and paint on the chalkboard.  Be sure to follow the directions for how many layers and how to cure it.

    While the chalkboard is drying, draw and cut out the money slot from the container lid.  Sand down any rough edges.  I originally, as you can see in the pictures, drew out a much smaller slot.  As soon as I started cutting with the knife, it cracked but I made it work!  Paint the lid if you wish or you can leave it as is.  If you choose to paint it, use a sealant (i.e. Modge Podge) to keep it from peeling or cracking from use.

    Use the sharpie to write the words “saving for…” just above the chalkboard.  Once the chalkboard section is ready to write on, fill in the blank with whatever you’re saving for!

    It may take awhile, but it’s going to be so exciting when I finally get it!  What are you currently wanting to save for?

    Have a project that uses chalkboard paint?  We’d love for you to share it with us by linking up below!
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    image from THIS POST

    Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Fabric

    It’s that time again!  Time for our monthly craft challenge!  This month, the craft item up for DIYing was fabric.  I’ll admit that some items have had me scratching my head for a good while and then sometimes, like this one, an idea will just pop right up.  Our basement bathroom is nothing short of plain.  I mean, pllllaaaaiiinnnn.  There’s nothing in there but the toilet, sink, and the old mirror from the previous owners.  We just haven’t really gotten around to saucing that one up yet so I thought up a fun way to add some much needed color and boldness.

    What You’ll Need: Large Canvas, Fabric, Wooden Letters, Paint, Hot Glue

    Lay the canvas on the fabric, pattern side down, and glue the edges to the back and trim any excess.  When you get to the corners, it’s easiest if you fold the fabric up as you would if you were wrapping a present.  My canvas is 16×14 and 1/2 a yard covered it easily.

    Paint the letters and once they’re dry, glue them to the canvas.

    Simple yet bold and colorful!  It may be the only piece of art in there, but it’s a step in the right direction.
    Do you have a DIY including fabric?  We’d love for you to link up with us!

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    images via homedepot.com and michaels.com

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // Creative Learning Corner

    Our basement serves as more of a family room than any other space in our home.  The built in bookshelves/desk is down there, the TV, Gav’s playroom and so on.  I’ve enjoyed transforming the space from wide open and empty, to sectioned off and purposeful.  Once I had divided the basement up, I was left with this spare corner.  That’s when Gav’s (and eventually Ro’s too) creative corner was born!

    His Ikea table and chairs was probably the best $20 bucks I’ve ever spent there!  It’s the same one that you see in all of the awesome hack DIYs on Pinterest.  The Hanging cups and organizer are also Ikea purchases.  The rest is pretty much all thrift and yard sale finds.

    A lot of fun, child/boyish art and plenty of supplies.  The Angry Bird tin holds a plethora of stickers and the posters are from Scholastic book orders from Gav’s preschool.

    I love this little arts and learning center and eventually it can evolve as the boys get older and need more of a homework station.
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY Peg Person Keychain

    Peg people are so fun!  There are so many handmade shops that make incredible custom orders and popular characters.  They are also great for little hands to play with but this is a different sort of project.  It’s no surprise that I love my boys and I love to have something on my just about all the time that represents them.  I have pictures on my phone, they are my lock screen, and my favorite is my bracelet that has both of their names on it.  Then, one day, this idea popped in my head and I had to go for it!

    What You’ll Need: Unfinished Wooden Peg Figure, Screw Eye, Paint, Sealant (i.e. Modge Podge, etc.), Super Glue, Key Ring

    Start by screwing in the screw eye (found mine in the hardware section of Walmart) into the top of the peg figure and take it back out.

    Paint your figure any way you like.  You can be as detailed or simple as your artistic abilities allow.  Since I wanted one for Gav and one for Ro, I opted to tape off half of the peg and paint one boy on each side.  Once it’s dry, paint or spray on the sealant.

    Drop some super glue into the screw hole and place the screw back in the peg.  Allow it to dry then add the key ring.

    This would make a great gift for Fathers Day!  What I like about it, besides the fact that it represents my babies, is that it’s light weight and doesn’t add more bulk to my keys!

    This would also be fun to paint on your favorite characters.  What would you paint on your peg person?

    XO, Kelly

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    Little Happy Corners // DIY Pantry

    When we moved into our home over two years ago, we loved everything about it.  It’s our first house!  Awesome space, room to grow, MUCH bigger kitchen than either of our apartments, and a good amount of front and back yard.  There was, however, one small detail that was missing.  There was no pantry.  Plenty of cabinet space, yes.  Actually pantry, nope.  It was an odd thing to be missing but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  Until we decided that it was and we needed more room.  This probably had a lot to do with us starting to shop at Costco.

    So we measured out the small space on the end of our support wall where the kitchen cabinets and the living room wall meet and made a plan to make a pantry.  Here she is!

    We found this cabinet piece from Target.  It’s meant for the bathroom but it fit the dimensions to a tee!

    The glass jars are from Hobby Lobby.  (If you’re going to be doing this, be sure to wait for glass decor to be half off!)

    The drawer works perfect for keeping all of Ro’s stuff.

    Other details:
    Plate – Kohl’s
    Cookie Jar – World Market
    Chalkboard Crate – Michael’s

    XO, Kelly
    Be sure to use the hashtag #littlehappycorners and share your space on Instagram!

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    DIY Summer Wreath

    About a month ago I shared on my personal FB that we had some unexpected guests show up at our front door.  And I mean that literally.  
    A mama robin decided that behind our little wreath was a great place to make a nest.  She then proceed to fill it, and I mean FILL IT, with eggs.

    After a bit of research, we found out that these birds typically only lay, at most, 3 eggs which means that the other two are likely from another bird laying their eggs in said nest.  Great, so we have TWO really stupid birds that think a wreath hanging on a highly trafficked door is a great place to nest.  But even though this was a bit of an inconvenience, and not so great for my mom since birds are her number one fear, we were kind of excited to get to witness this nature show up close and personal.  The nest was so intricate and nothing short of amazing.  You could even see bits of twine and grass woven in it!  Sadly, this doesn’t have a happy ending.

    Since the mama couldn’t stay on the nest for long enough periods of time, the eggs never hatched and she eventually abandoned the nest.  To make matters worse, we were advised not to keep the wreath, even if we bleached it, due to the diseases and parasites many birds carry.  Bye bye wreath!

    So, I had to make a new one and here’s how I sort of recreated the one I had made previously.  What I liked so much about the old wreath was that I could change out the flowers for each season making it pretty yet very cost effective.  Click these links to see the WINTER and SPRING ones!

    What You’ll Need:  Natural Wreath Form, Mini Chalkboard (or you can make one) Twine, Faux Flowers, Pinwheel

    I loved the chalkboard on the old wreath but they stopped selling them at Michael’s.  (UGH!  First world problems!)  I could have gone with a regular chalkboard but there was something about the gray one that I just couldn’t let go.  So I made one…

    DIY Chalkboard

    What You’ll Need: Frame, Wood Plaque, Paint, Chalkboard Paint Medium

    Paint the plaque and let dry completely.  Following the instructions, apply the chalkboard medium and cure for a full 24 hours.  Glue the plaque to the frame and you’re ready to attach it to the wreath.

    Staple even lengths of twine to the four corners of the chalkboard.  Weave them through the wreath and tie them tightly together.  Weave few, longer, lengths of twine through the top and tie the ends together.  This will be your hanger.

    Snip the flower stems and weave them into the wreath.  Slip in the pinwheel and write a seasonal message.  Now you’re good to go!

    To prevent any more avian guests, I stuck one of Gav’s mini plastic snakes in the back to deter nesting notions.

    Bring on the sunny days and vacation time!
    XO, Kelly