DIY Cork Board Makeover

    DIY Cork Board Makeover

    First off, thank you to everyone for the awesome comments on my office tour. It’s a space I love and I’m so thrilled that you like it too! Sticking with this same space today, I wanted to share how I made over a plain, standard cork board into a fun little piece. This project takes pretty minimal effort and you get a pretty fab payout!

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    DIY Unicorn Planter

    DIY Unicorn Planter

    If you can’t tell, I’m in love with making planters lately.  Maybe it’s the warmer weather mixed with trying to will spring into existence but whatever the case, I’m filling my space with some (fake) green!  I don’t have the greenest thumb and pair that with some minimal light in my office and you don’t the best environment for a real plant to drive.  Yet, I still like have the green and florals around so today I’m sharing with you a whimsical planter I made specifically for my creative space.

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    DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign

    DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign

    Hi there!  It’s been too long!  I’ve been working my little crafty butt off lately which is great for the shop but I’ve missed this little space!  However, today I wanted to share the easiest little DIY I did to personalize Gav’s room.  If you have a kiddo between the ages of 4 and about 14, you are no stranger to the tiny little plastic blocks of pain that are Legos.  Stepping on a Lego is next level pain because A – they’re sharp B – it’s the tender part of your foot C – you’re probably irritated that they weren’t picked up after saying it 500 times.  So, I thought I’d put a little humorous spin on the plight of every Lego mom out there.

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    DIY Target Art Knockoff

    DIY Target Art Knockoff

    Since getting our basement back in order, I’ve had the opportunity to redo do the boys play area and gained an office. (All the praise hands and heart eyes!) I love the freedom of completely redesigning a space. You can declutter, regroup, rearrange, and, my favorite part, SHOP! While perusing the aisles of all my favored decor spots, I saw a common style at Target (from the Pillowfort line to be exact) that I loved but didn’t quite want to pay the price. I wondered if there was a way I could recreate it and this is what I came up with.

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    Little Happy Corners // Creative Learning Corner

    Our basement serves as more of a family room than any other space in our home.  The built in bookshelves/desk is down there, the TV, Gav’s playroom and so on.  I’ve enjoyed transforming the space from wide open and empty, to sectioned off and purposeful.  Once I had divided the basement up, I was left with this spare corner.  That’s when Gav’s (and eventually Ro’s too) creative corner was born!

    His Ikea table and chairs was probably the best $20 bucks I’ve ever spent there!  It’s the same one that you see in all of the awesome hack DIYs on Pinterest.  The Hanging cups and organizer are also Ikea purchases.  The rest is pretty much all thrift and yard sale finds.

    A lot of fun, child/boyish art and plenty of supplies.  The Angry Bird tin holds a plethora of stickers and the posters are from Scholastic book orders from Gav’s preschool.

    I love this little arts and learning center and eventually it can evolve as the boys get older and need more of a homework station.
    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Fabric Dye

    So I was all set and ready to go with this challenge.  I got to pick the item this month, I got a project in my head…and then I went for it.  MAJOR FAIL!  It’s that utter disappointment only an avid DIYer can feel when the project that looked so good in your head turns out looking like a hot hot mess.  So there had to be a plan B.  Well let’s just say that I am so excited with how this turned out that I’m not even upset (ok maybe still a little upset) that the first one didn’t turn out.  Turns out there was a plan C too and I’ll share that in another post!

    What You’ll Need: Four Mini Canvases, Tie Dye, Large Container, Towel, Paint Pen (optional)

    Fill your container with water and dump the entire bottle of powder in it.  Try to make the solution pretty saturated with color by having less water for the pigment to dissolve into but still enough to dunk in the canvases.  Start dipping the canvases one at a time into the dye.  When you pull them out, let the color run over the canvas in different ways to create the desired look.  Set them aside to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

    Repeat the dipping/drying process, making sure you angel the canvases in different ways with each dip, as many times as needed until you reach your finished look.

    Once they are completely dry you can display them as is, write a fun message (this was for my mom so I wrote her a nice reminder), or you could even glue them to a bigger canvas or piece of wood for easier hanging.

    Have a project you’ve done and love that involves fabric dye?  We’d love to see it!  Be sure to link it up at the bottom of the post and visit my co-hosts as well to see what fabulous things they created.

    Want to join in next month?  May’s item is:

    image via Unsplash

    Happy Crafting!
    XO, Kelly

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    Repurposed Placemat Banner

    We don’t have a formal dining room so traditional place settings on a table are something I don’t really think about.  However, every once in awhile I’ll stumble across some really amazing placemats.  Let’s be honest, I’m usually at Target when this happens.  Recently Ifound one that was in one of the clearance sections and saw this really awesome placemat sitting all by itself at a fabulous price of $3. Before I knew what I was doing, it was in my cart!  I mean, it must have just hopped in there!

    I knew I had to use this placemat for something.  So I came up with a great way to use it as decor!

    What You’ll Need: Placemat, Letter Stencils, Felt, Hot Glue, Wooden Dowel, Twine

    Lightly outline your letters on the felt as a guideline.  Some letters will need to be traced as a mirror image so that, when you flip them over, they will appear correctly and without any marks.  This felt is from Crafty Wool Felt and I highly recommend using a wool blend felt for this project rather than the poly blends from the craft store.  Wool blend felt cuts much cleaner.

    Fold over a small portion of the top of the place mat and glue it in place.  This will be where the dowel slides in so make sure you leave a space for it.  Then find the center and glue on you first letter.  I went with the middle letter of the middle word as a base for my spacing.  Now glue on the rest of your letters to spell out your phrase.

    Slide the wooden dowel in, cut off any excess, and tie twine to the ends for hanging.  Since my twine is so thin, I braided together three strands for a textured look.

    I knew I loved this little placemat and now it has a special spot in our home!
    XO, Kelly

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    Dear Spring…Where are you?!

    This Georgia peach is dying for some spring weather to start sticking.  I realize with that change, the next season is literally around the corner with the sticky, humid hotness that is a Georgia summer.  But for now, Imma need it to not be so darn cold!

    In an effort to nudge the weather along, because that’s totally possible, I updated my wreath!  I figured, new month equals new season equals new wreath.  If you saw my last wreath update, I had added a lovely little gray washed chalkboard to the center and all of the florals were placed or woven into the natural wreath.  All of this made the change so simple and easy.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck this way.  I also added a twine hanger this time so that it would hang a bit further down than before.

    So come on spring!  We’re ready for ya!

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    A very DIY Christmas

    Last weekend we broke out the Christmas decorations and got down to business decorating the house.  I love decorating for this time of year and it was so cute to see Mr. G really get into it as well.  Anything I wasn’t going to use anymore, he decided needed to go in his room for decoration.  His room is now a complete hodge podge of christmas decor from years past and I love it!

    While going through the box of decorations, I found some of my favorite ones that I made myself that I had forgotten about.  So today I thought I would share some with you for a Christmas decor DIY round up!

    Candy Cane Wreath

    Scrappy Christmas Trees

    Mini Joy Wreath

    Ornament Bouquet

    Christmas Card Tree

    Mini “Leftovers” Wreath

    Sharpie Santa Plate

    Happy Decorating!
    XO, Kelly

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    Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Mini Ornaments

    It’s here!  The very first Ready, Set, Craft Challenge and our item was mini ornaments, just in time for the holiday season.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to link up to see all of the fabulous projects, add your own, and find out what the next item is for the January challenge!

    Here’s what I came up with…

    What You’ll Need: Large Embroidery Hoop, Ribbon, Paint, Mini Ornaments

    First thing you’ll want to do is paint your hoop.  Now, technically, this step is optional.  If you like the look of the plain wooden hoop for your project, you can leave it as is.  I wanted mine to be white so I chose to paint it.  Be sure to paint all edges.  You may notice in the pictures coming up that I forgot the inner hoop when I started so I had to go back and do that.

    Cut long lengths of ribbon, one for each ornament.  The size of your hoop will determine how many ornaments will fit inside.  My hoop is a 10″ and 5 ornaments looked best to me.

    Thread the ribbon through the ornament and secure with a dot of glue.  Cut off the excess ribbon.

    Once you’ve finished with each ornament, it’s time to add them to the hoop.  Starting with the middle ornament (or the middle two if you have an even number), glue the ribbon to the inner hoop.  Now glue the rest of the ornaments, in varying lengths, around the center one(s).  Place the outer hoop on top and tighten it.

    Using some left over ribbon, make small bows and glue to the front side of the ornament.  A larger ribbon bow on top finishes it off to hang and display.  I used a pre made gift bow since all of the Christmas merchandise is 50% off at Hobby Lobby!

    This could also make a great door decoration as well!

    Let us see what you’ve created in the link up below and on social media.  Use the hashtag #readysetcraftchallenge to show us your stuff!

    So what’s up for next month’s challenge?  I handed over the picking reins to Amber and she chose:


    Now get those crafting pants on, get you some yarn, and come back for more January 5th!
    XO, Kelly