DIY Target Art Knockoff

    DIY Target Art Knockoff

    Since getting our basement back in order, I’ve had the opportunity to redo do the boys play area and gained an office. (All the praise hands and heart eyes!) I love the freedom of completely redesigning a space. You can declutter, regroup, rearrange, and, my favorite part, SHOP! While perusing the aisles of all my favored decor spots, I saw a common style at Target (from the Pillowfort line to be exact) that I loved but didn’t quite want to pay the price. I wondered if there was a way I could recreate it and this is what I came up with.

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    Turning Your Child’s Paintings Into Quote Art

    I’ve been making over the boys’ creative corner in our basement for a little while now.  I revamped the art supply stash with some pallet storage and I rehung some of the art that was already there.  But it was definitely still bare.  It needed some color and character.  What better way to add some character than with the two characters I gave birth to?!  I got some paints and let my little Picassos go to town.

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    Bold Graphic Art, A DIY Blog Hop, & A Giveaway!

    Today I’m teamed up with some fabulous bloggers, who are all expecting, to bring you a great round up of DIY wall art for your little one’s nursery!

    For my DIY, I had orinigally planned for the changing table to just have a couple of baskets above it, RC’s name, and maybe a shelf.  Then the actual table came in and it turned otu mch larger than I anticipated.  Which, by the way, I’m not complaining, hubby did an amazing job and I love it!  But, it’s taller than I expected so we had to move the wall hangings around, creating a bit more space.  You know what that meant?  Time to create some more art!  RC’s nursery has a ton of prints and fun animals so this one needed to be a little different and it also needed to incorporate some color for the space it was going.  Here’s what I did:

    What You’ll Need: Printed Image, Letter Stencils, Black Paint, Frame

    For your background image, simply find something you like that’s not too busy or dark.  I went with a trail map.  How did I find it?  Google search “trail map” and you’ll find a lot of great images to work with.  Resize the image to what you need, you can do this in a photo editing software if you have it, but Power Point/Word can do the trick just fine.  Print it out and grab your letter stencils.

    Before you start painting onto the image, make sure you know how you’d like them to appear.  Write it out on paper and play with the layout until you have one you like.  Now, start with the very center letter and place it smack in the middle of your image.  Once you’ve finished the first letter, just fill in the letters around it.  I didn’t measure, eyeballing it works just fine.

    Once it’s dry, which doesn’t take very long, trim the image if necessary and place in your frame to display!

    Be sure to check out the other wonderful DIY in the link up for more wall art inspiration and adorable nurseries!

    Want to check out RC’s entire nursery?  Check out THIS POST.
    XO, Kelly

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    Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Packing Tape Transfers

    It’s no secret that the ladies of A Beautiful Mess are insanely creative and talented.  So it should come as no surprise that I love trying out their DIYs.  This one is so simple, not to mention quick to do, and ends with some really neat results.

    What You’ll Need: Magazine, Packing Tape, Glass of Water

    Find images in the magazine that you like.  Ones that inspire you and/or are just plain pretty.  Don’t worry about it being right or wrong, just go for it.
    Lay a piece of packing tape over the part(s) of the image you would like to transfer.

    Tear out the packing tape strips from the pages and then the access paper from the sides.  Don’t worry about perfect edges.  Stick them in the glass of water for 5 minutes.  This will help make removing the rest of the paper a breeze.  I also found that leaving a little excess paper at the top makes it even easier after soaking.

    Once the 5 minutes are up, peel off the paper and you’re left with a beautiful transparent image.  This was the part of the project I thought was so cool.  I couldn’t believe it was actually working!  Let the tape strips dry and add them to your art journal, a scrapbook page, whatever you’d like!

    I also loved their idea of putting them up to a window to let the sun shine through them.

    Happy Pinning and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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    DIY // Fishbowl Art

    A couple of weeks ago my little family and I went to IKEA and of course I wanted to put about 500 things in the cart.  How can you not?!

    We’re still finishing up decorating our house so there’s a lot of potential and so many ideas swarming around in my head.  One of the areas I’m currently working on is a fun little corner for Mr. G in our basement.  His stuff has started to spill out of the play room area so I needed an extra place to organize the chaos.

    We started with the table.

    Seriously the best $20 I’ve spent at IKEA in a LONG time!  Now it’s on to the “fixin’s” so to (southern) speak.  There has to be some art and when I found this adorable print I thought,”Hey!  I could make that!”
    So I did my own, very simplified, version.

    What You’ll Need: Shadow Box, Printouts (on Cardstock), Colored Pencils/Crayons/Markers, Twine

    Print out the FISHBOWL and FISHIES, hand drawn by yours truly, on card stock.  Color in as many (or few) fish as you’d like to be in your bowl.  I had a fairly small shadowbox so I went with one little fishy.  This would also be adorable if your little ones colored in the fish.  Mr. G has a very short coloring attention span right now so I went ahead and did it for him.

    Glue your fish, singular or plural, to the twine.  Be sure the length of twine is long enough so that the fishy will hang inside the bowl when it’s all put together.  Then glue the twine to the inside of the shadow box.  Close it up and display!

    I asked Mr. G what he wanted to name his fish and he gave him the very distinguished name of Fishy.

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    DIY // 3D Playroom Art

    A while back I shared my plans for Mr. G’s new playroom.  Well I’ve shared a lot of plans for the rooms in the house and I promise some reveals are coming soon!

    Anyway…Mr. G’s playroom theme is monsters and the color scheme is bright and colorful.  There is a lot of empty wall space so I figured it would be great for him to have his own gallery wall.  Pictures of him, monster art, etc.  Today I’m sharing one of the pieces I made just for this space!

    What You’ll Need: Large Canvas, Paper Mache Letters, Paint, Fabric (optional)

    First thing I did was paint a chevron pattern on the canvas.  At first, I was disappointed that the lines didn’t come out clean, but then after looking at it, I thought it looked almost like fuzzy fur.  Perfect for a monster’s playroom!  The texture of the canvas had actually helped out with this furry effect.

    Now paint the letters.  You can paint the entire letter or just the tops, it all depends on if you’re going to do the fabric step.  If you are, cut strips of fabric and glue them to the border of the letters.  This furry stuff was leftover from Mr. G’s monster costume I made for his first Halloween.

    Now that I look at it, I may even add some eyes to this PLAY monster!

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    Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Easy Easter Art

    I loved doing this DIY.  It’s simple, cute, and I already had everything I needed!
    What You’ll Need: Scrapbook Paper, Cardstock, Glue
    Here’s the tutorial:
    And here’s mine!
    And this definitely doesn’t have to be just an Easter project, there are endless options.  But it does make a super cute Easter egg!
    I also love that this can definitely be a family project.  Easy for the littles and an adorable piece of holiday decor when you’re finished!
    XO, Kelly

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    DIY // Hand Drawn Portrait

    This has become one of my favorite things to do recently.  It’s how I do my bow packaging
    and it appears here on my little bliggity blog too! (Check out my advertise and about pages to see!)

    What You’ll Need:
    Printed Picture
    Paper (can be any kind)
    Print out the picture that you want to use and tape it to the window.  This will only work during the daytime unless you have a light source you can use.
    Tape your other piece of paper directly over the picture and begin tracing the details you want to appear in the sketch.  
    Once you’re done it will look something like this.  
    Now trace all of the outline with pen and erase the pencil. (You can stop here if you want but the next steps help make your portrait really pop!)
    Scan your image into your computer and open it in a photo editing software.  I use GIMP because it free!  Adjust the layers until the lines are bold.
      You can add color if you like here (make sure all of your lines connect!) or print it out and color it in by hand.  I colored in my glasses for fun!

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    DIY // Easy Multimedia Artwork

    I heart art!  Times a million!  I love to look at it, create it, learn about it, and on and on.  My latest fascination has been multimedia art.  Layers and textures making up a cohesive image or feel.  Here’s a super easy way to make your own layered work of art.
    What You’ll Need: 
    Card stock or other background material
    Patterned Printouts
    I used an old planner for my background/foundation and cut it to the size frame I had.
    Start cutting out the pattern from your printout and glue it down in different directions as you see fit.  
    Paint in some details.
    Write a message.
    Frame it and you’re done!
    You can do this in any order you like, it’s your art!

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