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    What are you Thankful For? + A Freebie

    It’s November!  What?!
    Well I hope that this post finds you happy and well rested from your extra hour of sleep!  But if you’re like me your night comprised of your toddler hyped up on the high of Halloween and some sugar, your congested 6 week old not sleeping well (which basically means just more than usual), and then everyone still got up at 6:30, you may be just as thankful as I am for caffeine!  Glorious, beautiful, delicious caffeine!

    Today I’m sharing this fun print over on Style at Home Mom!

    Coffee definitely tops off my mommyhood thankful list, you know, behind my children, of course!  Coffee is a gift from heaven and proof that God’s wants us to be happy (and to function).

    But, let’s be real, there really is so much to be thankful for and each Sunday this month I plan to share one of those things.  Some may be a little silly and some will be a bit closer to the heart, but I’m very blessed and thankful nonetheless!


    Thank you for being you, coffee!
    And Also a big thank you to Rachel from Style at Home Mom!

    So tell me…what are YOU thankful for?!
    Want some more coffee love?  You can check out my “Eat, Sleep, & Drink More Coffee” print HERE.
    XO, Kelly

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    Weekend Freebie // The “Mommy Motto”

    It’s been a rough couple of days.  Mr. G has been sick, like sick sick, but he’s been to the doctor and gotten some meds and I think (praying, knocking on wood, etc) he’s on the mend! Today I bring you my motto for dealing with these very situations…Eat, Sleep, and Drink More Coffee!

    Honestly, this could just be the “Mommy Motto”and can be translated as such:
    Eat (all the feelings), Sleep (what is that?), and Drink More (and more and more) Coffee!


    ENJOY! (and try not to pull your hair out, just drink more coffee!)