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Our Summer Bucket List (Free Printable)

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summer bucket list

Now that we are in our first full week of June (and finally getting better weather here in GA!), it feels like summer has really begun.  I love that the job I have lends itself to lots vacay time for the summer.  I get to spend more time with my boys, my mom who’s a school teacher, and my bestie!  During the yea, I’m a bit more limited on the clock with my shop/chalkboards/teaching dance classes so it’s a very welcome change.  I have plans y’all and I really want to check everything off our list!

Here’s our list…

  • Make Smores
  • Shoot Fireworks + Light Sparklers
  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Have a Cookout
  • Have Picnics at the Lake
  • Visit the Splash Pad
  • Visit the Beach
  • Collect shells
  • Build a Sandcastle
  • Go on Nature Walks
  • Paint Our Nature Finds
  • Got to the Farmer’s Market
  • Make “Dirt + Worm” Cups
  • Have a Water Balloon Fight
  • Make Fresh Lemonade
  • Make a Half Birthday Cake for Gav (yes…we love to celebrate half birthdays!)
  • Play with a Sprinkler in the Lawn
  • Make Ice Cream in a Bag
  • Meet Ms. Black at the Library (This is something that Gav’s amazing kindergarten teacher is offering to keep up their reading in the summer.)
  • Go for a Bowling Date with Gav
  • Scrapbook the Summer (I’ve REALLY let me memory keeping go since having Roman.  Ok…even before that!  So I want to get back into it.)
  • Play with Bubbles and Chalk in the Driveway
  • Splash in Puddles

Summer bucket list

Want to make one for your family?  Just print this one out and fill it up with fun times!


Summer Bucket List


Happy Summer!








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I have to admit, my Pinterest game is super weak these days.  I’ve gotten back in the habit of pinning 5,000,001 things and doing nothing with it.  So sad, such wasted inspiration.  I used to try to do them often (see my Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It posts HERE) but then life kinda happened and I stopped.

Then, last week I shared my fall bucket list (see it HERE) and it got me thinking.  
Enter the Pinterest bucket list!
These are all pins that I have on other boards that are just sitting there.  And you know sometimes certain good intended pins can get lost depending on how long ago you found it.  So I sifted through my boards and started repining them to a new one entitled, you guessed it, “Pinterest Bucket List”.  I ready to dig in and get these projects going!
What’s on my list so far?
– A weekly clothes sorter for Gav to make getting ready for school easier/quicker
– DIY “Poo” pourri (don’t judge me)
– A pumpkin vase
– Kid activities
– Faux fondant
– about 101 recipes that I’m dying to try
What’s on your Pinterest bucket list?
XO, Kelly
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Our Fall Bucket List

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Yesterday was the first day of fall and I could not be more excited!  This is my favorite time of year.  The scents, the activities, and, being a Georgia girl, the (eventually) cooler temperatures.  A few months back I created a rotating seasonal bucket list (you can see it HERE) and the time finally arrived to change it for fall.

Did we check everything off of our summer list?

Build A Sand Castle
Swim As Much As Possible
Go To The Aquarium

Almost!  And we technically ate snacks while at the beach so, that’s sort of a picnic, right?  Sadly, there was no BBQing to be had.  We had some time towards the end of the summer but that’s when the weather decided that rain was a good idea.  EVERY DAY!  But we had a wonderful summer filled with swimming and camps.

As for fall, I want to do the traditional fall activities.  I always do!  But this year, I have my heart set on apple picking.  I’ve never done it and know it will be fun for the boys.

My home town has its annual fall festival this weekend and I’m beside myself.  I can’t wait!  This weekend marks the 33rd one and I wouldn’t miss it.

I’m also looking forward to getting the boys Halloween costumes together.  Gav wants to be a “firefighter monster” (for Halloween and as a career choice apparently) so it should be interesting.  Or, since he’s 4, he may change his mind next week.  Stranger things have happened!

What’s on your fall bucket list?
XO, Kelly

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Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Paper


time a new season comes up, I have a list of things I’d like to do.  For example, when fall rolls around, it’s pumpkin patches and apple picking and for spring it’s usually plant flowers and fly kites. (HERE is a printable spring bucket list!)  Then, for some reason or another, I never really get around to doing those things, like apple picking.  I’ve literally never done that! So I wanted a way to sort of hold myself accountable and actually cross those things of my list.

So for this month’s challenge, which was paper, I came up with a way to display our seasonal bucket list and keep track of all the things we’d like to do.  It’s also a great way to involve little ones in planning fun activities.

What You’ll Need: Cardstock, Construction Paper, Laminating Sheets (heat or self sealing), Velcro, Magnet Sheet

Sketch out a bucket on the cardstock and outline it with black marker.  I just drew some straight lines, and oval, and a handle.  Then cut out some squares from the construction paper for the season names.
I choose two colors per season just for fun but you could also cut out strips for one color to use for the names if you’d like to skip this next step.
Write out the names on the squares and tape the backs for them together.
Next, cut out some shapes for your bucket list items.  I went with stars since I feel like they pretty much go with each season.
Place all of the paper pieces in your laminating sheets and seal them.  After you cut the smaller pieces out, place some velcro on the back of each.
On the back of the bucket, glue/stick on three more pieces of velcro to store the extra seasons.  Cut out two strips of magnet and glue them on as well.
Using a dry erase marker, write your items on the stars (or whatever shapes you chose) and stick them on the bucket!
We keep ours prominently displayed on our fridge so we can always see it.
What’s on your bucket list for summer?  
Want to jump in on the challenge for next month?  Here’s our June craft item:
If you have a DIY that involves paper, we’d love to have to link up below and show us your stuff!
Happy crafting!
XO, Kelly

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