• Mommyhood

    The Bond of Brothers

    Sometimes I just sit back and watch as my boys interact and it simply amazes me.  The love that those two have for each other, that they don’t even realize is there, is sometimes overwhelming to me.  But in a good way.  I see the awe in Ro’s face as he takes in his big brother.  He knows that this is an older kid, babies have that sense in them, but he also knows that this is someone special.  I also see the protectiveness in Gav when he’s around his baby brother.  When the girls in his class flock to the baby carrier when I visit his school, Gav is right there beside it saying, “This is my baby brother.”  He takes ownership, he’s proud.

    The older Ro gets, the more I see their bond evolving into something amazing.  This isn’t something I have ever experienced myself.  I don’t have any sisters and my brother is 9 years older than me.  While I definitely got to experience what it was like to have and be a sibling, we are so different in not only gender but age.  I’m watching these two incredible little boys make one another laugh.  I’m watching Gav show concern and caring when Ro cries.  I’m watching the look in Ro’s eyes as he sees his brother playing or talking.  The smiles these boys can get out of one another is heart melting.

    I’m so beyond thrilled that God has given me not only the blessing of being their mother, but the blessing of witnessing this relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, I know there will come a time when Ro is “annoying” or Gav is “being mean”.  I’m fully prepared to breakup wrestling matches that get a little too real and tend to wounds inflicted in revenge.  It’s only natural.  I’ve heard some of my hubby’s stories between him and his sister, so I can only imagine what lies ahead with two boys! But I know that the good will far outweigh any of the trips to urgent care and ER struggles.

    As any mother will admit, I want my babies to stay little forever but I also look forward to watching this bond of theirs blossom.  I look forward to little things like how Ro will say “Gavin” when he starts talking or late nights when I can hear them talking to one another when they know they should be asleep.  Knowing that they will go to each other for advice and one day, very far in the future, listening to a best man speech or two.  Every day watching these boys of mine grow together is such an incredible gift and I am so blessed to call them “my boys”!

    XO, Kelly