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    6 Tips for Throwing a Themed Party on a Budget

    Tip for a Themed Party on a Budget

    In years past, I’ve been super excited to plan and throw some fun themed parties. If you’ve been here for a little while, then you may have seen one or two of them. Some of my favorites are Gav’s construction, Ro’s 2nd trip around the sun, and Ro’s Wonka party. This year was a little different.

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    How to Turn a Store Bought Cake into a Themed Cake


    how to customize a store bought cake

    For the past few birthday parties, I’ve been the one that made the cake.  I enjoy it and it’s fun to me!  I love being able to completely customize the cake and be as extra as possible.  However, this year I ran into a small, well, a big problem.  I guest list was seeming to be a little large and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make a large enough to accommodate.  I was going to have to go with a store bought sheet cake but how would it look?  Time to use my imagination and get to work doctoring the giant chocolate confection from Costco.

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    Roman + The Chocolate Factory

    Roman + The Chocolate Factory

    This party was so much fun to plan for a few reasons.  One, this year I went with something Ro is really interested in.  I didn’t ask him what he wanted for is birthday, but I knew this would be a hit since he was asking to watch the movie at least once a day.  Two, it’s my husband’s favorite movie and he was actually really excited whenever I would show him things for the party.  And three, I’m now the proud owner of a Cricut!  So with my fancy new machine, the movie constantly playing in the background, and a little “pure imagination”, I got to work planning a Wonka-tastic birthday party.

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    I Sent An Evite

    Gavin's 6th Birthday

    Well…I did the unthinkable.  I sent an evite for Gavin’s birthday party this past weekend.

    Ok, ok.  I kid.  (No really, please don’t think I’m THIS dramatic.)

    But, as one of “those” moms, those “Pinterest” moms, I enjoy doing all the bells and whistles for birthdays.  Yes, I ACTUALLY ENJOY doing all the crazy labels and renaming food and decor and anything else I can do for a theme.  Yes, I realize that it’s mainly just for me and my children will have no recollection of said party.  It’s just who I am.  However, as kids get older and my house continues to stay the same size, there’s less and less space to have the parties at the house.  This means jumpy places and specialty parties and those places cost the money that I would normally spend.

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    Space Party Photo Booth

    Space themed party photo booth

    Welcome to part two of Ro’s second birthday party, the photo booth!  I love photo booths.  Call them cliche, call them basic, I don’t care because they are so much fun.  Whether they’re full of props or just a place to document who was there, I think a photo booth is a always great idea.

    The hardest part of all of this was definitely getting the little ones to cooperate.  But you do the best you can with what you’ve got which is why the picture of both my boys is Gav with a helmet on from bike riding and Ro trying desperately to get the sunglasses to go on his face.  For my props, I found a few things round the house (i.e. the gold frame and left over party favor glasses).

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    Roman’s 2nd Trip Around The Sun (Part One)

    Roman's 2nd Trip Around The Sun

    It’s almost surreal to think that just a little over 2 years ago I was sharing my pregnancy journey with little Ro.  Now he’s a big boy two year old.  And I do mean big!  We just had his check up and we’re up there in the percentiles.

    We had so much fun celebrating him this past Saturday with a sun, moon, and stars themed party.  I especially loved planning this one because black and gold are two of my favorite colors and this party had a ton of both!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for details on where you can find some of the decorations.  ENJOY!

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    Roman’s Lumberjack Bash

    Finally the day came for the big party!  I made as much as a could for this one and had been planning it since about July.  Ok…ok…to be honest, I knew his theme from about the time he was born.  I’m weird like that.  Anyway, I wanted to have as much for the party that I could and by starting so early, it was definitely more affordable.

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    DIY // Cartwheelin’ Cake Topper

    I know what you’re thinking…a post on Thursdays?!  I thought you didn’t post on Thursdays!  I don’t but I had to share this fun DIY I did for my girls over on Pretty Providence.  It’s their blog birthday week so be sure to check out the amazing giveaways they have going on too!  I love how it turned out and it features one of my favorite people in the world, Mr. G. Also, I’m leaving tomorrow open for a fun announcement! (the suspense!)

    I think this cartwheelin’ cake topper would be a great way to add a whimsical touch for a mothers/fathers day treat or even a grandparent’s birthday since most of them don’t really want the candles anyway!

    Look at that happy little face!

    So head on over the MY POST on Pretty Providence for the full tutorial and be sure to drop by again tomorrow for the announcement!
    XO, Kelly

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    Mr. G’s Train Birthday

    We had so much fun celebrating our little guy’s birthday this past weekend.  I know Mr. G had a blast too because there were plenty of Thomas the Train details!  He’s probably never said “Thomas!” so much in his life.  We had the party at my parent’s house since our apartment is a war zone.  Ok, its just in boxes, but my OCD mind sees it differently!