Mini Banana Berry Bread

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Mini Banana Berry Bread - Gav + Ro

I’ve recently taken on a new love for baking.  At first it was just fun cookies for Gav and I (and Ro when he’s older) to do for holidays.  Then, after making Ro’s first birthday smash cake, I decided that I wanted to keep doing it.  Banana bread has been my go to the past month or so and its so easy to make.  I often find that I buy too many bananas and the last few tend to go bad.  Those overripe bananas are PERFECT for banana bread!

So I found a simple recipe that I really love and we have banana bread every couple weeks or so.  Then I got a crazy idea to start experimenting with adding flavors.  The first one I tried was honey.  Towards the end of baking, I drizzled honey over the top and it gave the bread a delicious taste, sweetness, and a pretty glaze.   Today’s recipe was my second attempt at adding in a new flavor.Continue reading