Putting Together the Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Basket

In Mommyhood

*Some items in this gift basket were given to me for review/feature.*

What do you get your best friend that is pregnant her third baby, is not finding out the gender, and already has a boy and a girl? I don’t know how people do it, waiting until birth to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. I’m a planner to the core and while I love how far we’ve come with gender neutral baby gear (i.e. everything isn’t just yellow and green anymore), I am still a person who wants to know. I applaud anyone who can do it and has done it, my best friend, Katy, now included. But what can I get her?! I can’t personalize anything and she already has two children, one of each gender, so she has so much saved up. My solution, ESSENTIALS!Continue reading