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    A Letter to my Second Child

    Dear Ro,

    Oh my sweet baby boy.  I never really knew that I could love another little person, let alone another little boy, as much as I did when your big brother was an only child.  I remember specifically one night, not being able to sleep because I didn’t know what it was going to be like.  I had heard that your love just multiplies but I couldn’t fathom it.  I knew that I loved you, my child, my blessing from the Lord.  But how on earth was I going to love two of you the same.  And that’s just it, I don’t love you the same.  I love you both fiercely and with all my heart, but differently.  I suppose you can say that my love multiplied but I feel like I grew a second heart just for you.  That God gave me an extra heart so that I could have one for each of you.

    With all this being said, I apologize.  Why?  Because sometimes things fall to the wayside.  I try to take as many pictures of you as I can, and believe me, I probably take too many.  But things like your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas are barely documented.  I may have roughly five million of each of your brother’s firsts and just two of yours (I kind of want to cry thinking about that…) but please know that that does not mean I love you any less.

    Sometimes I feel like I probably don’t hold you as much as I did your brother.  A lot of times it’s because I’m busy doing mommy/wife things like laundry, writing, or trying desperately to get all three of us ready for church.  But please know this does not mean I love you any less.

    I so wish I could spend just as much one on one time with you at this age as I did your brother, but he needs me too.  Maybe now even more than he used to.  But please know that this does not mean he loves you any less.  I see how much your big brother loves you and wants to protect you.  He may not always want to hold you or, heaven forbid, take a picture, but he loves you something fierce.  And I know you love him as well.  The smiles you give when he’s near, not even talking to you, are enough to make this mama burst.  Luckily I do get some quality time with you when Gav is in school or when he goes with Daddy on an errand.  I cherish these fleeting moments we get, just the two of us.  These times when I can soak in you, my sweet Ro, as just you.  Not little brother, or “baby Roman”, but as the amazing little wonder that you are!

    I will never forget the moment, and I talk about it often, shortly after you were born and they placed you in my arms for the second time.  You were beginning to fuss and they laid your sweet little swaddled body in my arms.  A soon as they did, it was like you realized, “Hey, I know her!”, gave a little shuttered sigh, and immediately became calm.  That is the moment I gained my second heart.  My second heart, just for you, emblazoned with your initials, RC.

    I love you more than all the stars in the sky!
    XO, Mommy

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    Taking Bathtime to the Next Level

    Now that RC is here, I’m learning how to adjust to life with two kids.  And let me tell you, while very fulfiling and amazing, it ain’t easy!  Our routines have had to change and I’ve most certainly not figured them all out.  From getting out the door for a simple errand, to church on Sundays, to our three preschool days.  Not one of those things has started to pan itself out yet but I do have one area that I have just about mastered, bathtime!

    Before RC’s arrival, Mr. G had taken to having showers.  So simple, so easy, and daddy did it!  Then, once little bro was here and had his first bath, that’s all Mr. G wants to do.  Showers with daddy have taken a backseat to bathtime with brother.  That means, especially on nights when daddy works late, I’m back on hygiene duty.  With a newborn in the home again, I’ve been having the urge to go for a more natural cleanser.  RC has also had a rough time with dry skin and peeling so I needed to find something moisterizing and gentle.  That’s when I found out about Little Green products.  They have a complete line of products that are safe, gentle, pure, and as their name suggests, green!  Their formulas are biodigradable and non-caustic and the packaging is recyclable.

    I love knowing that what I’m putting on my baby is not only good for his skin, but safe too.  I also love that just a little bit goes along way.  I know RC is a tiny little thing, but I don’t have to constantly resoap the washcloth like I’ve had to with other brands.  Can we also just take a second and talk about how good my baby smells after his bath and lotion?  While this product is not fragrance free, the fragrances used do not contain allergens, as some fragrances do, and are less likely to cause a reaction.  RC has had no reaction and just smells delightful!

    One of their unique items that I like is the soothing balm.  It can be used for so many things and with the winter months coming up, both my kids will be coated in this stuff.  Chapped lips, cheeks, and dry skin be gone!

    I’m loving these Little Green products and I know you will too!
    Want to learn more about Little Green?  You can check them out HERE!
    XO, Kelly

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    RC’s Newborn Session

    When I started thinking about getting newborn pictures done for RC, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  It’s hard to schedule a newborn shoot because you really don’t know when they’re going to make there arrival and then, depending on your photographer, if someone will be available.

    Needless to say, at 10 days early, I still didn’t have anything planned in the line of pictures.  Sister-in-law to the rescue!  My husband’s sister is actually one of our wedding photographer’s (who I originally as going to have take these) assistants.  Perfect much?  She asked me what I wanted and I told her just some of just RC, the boys together if possible, and a good shot of the four of us.  Very laid back and nothing fancy or styled.  Well, the threenager’s after nap “tude” took over and we didn’t get any of just the boys but with all of us in the picture, a whoopee cushion, and everyone pretending to pass gas, we got a smiling toddler for a few shots!  Roman is a whopping 4 days old in these pictures and my girl knocked these out of the park.  I couldn’t be happier!

    What were or are some of your must have shots for your newborn session?
    XO, Kelly

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    RC’s Birth Story

    I figured, since I’m (unbelievably!) all done with bumpdate posts as of last week, I’d use today to share how our sweet RC made his way into the world!

    I have to say, it went much like Mr. G’s in the way that it was, for the most part, uneventful.  I mean, other than the huge event of just having a baby, it went as routinely as it could have.  But the day leading up to delivery was pretty fun so here we go!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015
    8:00 AM
    This morning was completely normal.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I hadn’t slept much the night before and I wasn’t really sleeping much at all period due to the massive discomfit of being 38.5 weeks pregnant.  I got up as usual to get Mr. G some milk and get him and his bag ready for school.  Hubby had decided he was going to drop of Mr. G with me that morning so he got ready for work so he could head that way right after dropping me back home.

    I began making breakfast for everyone, nothing crazy, but as I was moving around the kitchen, I just didn’t feel well.  My contractions weren’t consistent but they were a little uncomfortable and I just chalked them up to Braxton Hicks and the fact that I had worked a little harder the night before in my classes.  My feet were a bit swollen and my back was killing me, but neither seemed like anything new.  Hubby wasn’t convinced though and wanted me to call my doctor.  I told him no and that if it got worse, I would call on the way back from carline.  Plus, I had my weekly OB appointment that morning anyway so I’d probably wait until then.  By the time we got home, I felt a lot better and went on my way to my appointment.

    10:30 AM
    Time for my appointment!  They called my name and as soon as I walked though the door from the waiting room, I started having one of those little contractions.  I gave a little pause and kept going.  I told my doctor about how I had been feeling that morning and she said she’d take a look and see if I was progressing.  Sure enough, I was.  I was 3 cm dilated.  I was a bit shocked, I still had 10 days until my due date, surely I wasn’t going into labor now.  My doctor told me that if I was 39 weeks along, they would have sent me across the street (the office is right across from the hospital, super convenient!).  But I was only 38 weeks and 4 days so she told me to monitor my contractions from then on, call them if anything changed, and that we’d probably have a baby by the end of the week.  Woo hoo!  Just hearing that made me excited but little did I know…

    I went to check out, made my appointment for the next week, and headed on my way.

    11:00 AM
    I made my calls and texts to update my husband and mom, and of course my dad who was on stand by to drive me to the hospital in case I went into labor in the middle of the day.  While on the phone with hubby, I had another contraction.  Hubby decided he’d call his dad to make sure that someone as available to pick of Mr. G from school if I happened to be in labor.  I made note of the contraction, 8 minutes, and kept driving to my next destination.  Starbucks!  I got my favorite iced coffee and sat outside in the lovely, slowly cooling off weather.  I started to text my boss just to let her know what was going on and then hubby calls again.

    He was not happy that I wasn’t near the hospital anymore.  I was only a mile away!  Seriously…maybe 2 miles tops.  But I assured him that if I had a couple more contractions at the same interval, I would call the office and see what they said.  Well, sure enough I had two more, eight minute apart contractions.  True to my word, I called and they suggested I go walk and call back if they became 5-6 minutes apart.  So I drove the mile or so back towards the hospital and pulled into a shopping center parking lot.  If was going to be walking and contracting, may as well be shopping too!  I began my walking in one store and made sure to make all my phone call and text updates.  Another contraction, another time check, 8 minutes.  Still consistant but maybe they wouldn’t get any closer together.  Honestly, I was feeling like maybe they would go away, there’s no way I could be in labor 10 days early.  No way!  Plus, I still have two more days of work and I wanted to finish out that time.

    Another contraction…and this one felt really strong.  And didn’t I just have one?!  Time check, 6 minutes.  What?!  Maybe this was going to happen today.  I kept walking, even made it to another store, and more came 5 and 6 mintues apart.  Well I’ll be…this baby was coming today!

    11:30 AM
    I called my OB office again and they said to head on to the hospital, good thing it was literally around the corner.  I couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that I was driving myself to the ER, that I was so calm, and that my biggest concern at that moment was that I wasn’t going to get to finish my coffee.  I guess being my second time around had something to do with all of that.

    I walk into the ER and I think the people there looked at me sand assumed I was there to find someone.  Since I’m so short, the counter hid most of me until I walked up to it and they caught sight of my giant belly.

    I think I said something to the effect of, “I was told to come on in.”  and they sent me off to have all the insurance/ID business stuff done.  One wheelchair ride to the second floor, a nurse, gown and vitals taken, and I was all checked in to pop this baby out!

    12:00 PM
    It didn’t take my mom and husband long to get to the hospital.  Even with my husband working about 40 minutes away, he still made it there in record time.  My mom was at school, basically down the street from the hospital so, no worries, I wasn’t alone for long.  Now it was time for all the paper work.  As I’m filling in all the little lines and what not, the contractions were getting stronger.  I had not felt the majority of my contractions with Mr. G because I got my epidural so quickly.  This time I wanted, for some reason, to wait a little longer but I had made sure to let my nurse know that I did want one eventually.  I had no plan to do this to the end!

    These contractions , however, were getting to be the kind that you seriously need to breathe through.  So here I am trying to breathe through the pain and fill out forms and my husband is standing watching the monitor, telling me I’m having a contraction.  I love my husband dearly but seriously!?  I know it was because it was facinating to watch but still…

    Once the paperwork was filled out and some blood work done, I as finally able to get my epidural.

    1:00 PM (ish?)
    I’m not really sure what time I eventually got the epidural, I just know I was so happy to see the man with the giant cart come in!  So as he starts the process, my husband and nurse stand in front of me and I hunch over for the needle and catheter.  He then tells me to let him know if I experience any ringing in my ears or anything out of the ordinary.  Then, very suddenly, the sound room got muffled.  I voiced this new change and then began to panic.  Completely uncontrollable panic came over me and I looked over at my monitor.  Big mistake.  I watched my heart rate begin to rise rapidly and then I started to panic on purpose!  Turns out, this is what happens when they miss your spine and hit your blood stream instead.  I’m freaking out, hyperventilating, and crying in panic and my wonderful husband was standing right there telling me that it was ok and that I needed to take deep breaths.  It helped that he wasn’t panicking too and I think that helped me to calm down more.

    Luckily, it only took one more try, the meds started going, and I was able to lie back down and chill for a minute.  But really only a minute.

    About 15 minutes later, I started to feel very nauseous.  I told my husband and he walked over to look at my monitor.  He didn’t say anything but started looking for something for me to puke in and told me that I should buzz the nurse.  I tried and missed, I really wasn’t feeling so hot.  Hubby pushed it for me and the nurse came on the little speaker, “How can we help you?”  In the most pathetic muffled mumble I managed to say,”I don’t feel good.”  Immediately my nurse was in there placing an oxygen mask on my face.  I was a little confused and pretty concerned at this point.  I had gotten sick during my delivery with Mr. G but I just threw up and was better.  Why the oxygen?  I’d never had to have that before in my life.  After things started to calm down, my nurse told me that my blood pressure had been so low and that can happen with the medication.  My husband also told me that when he had looked at my monitor, he saw how low it was and knew it wasn’t a good thing.  It had gotten down to 80/40 something.  Dang…

    But now is the point where things start to get exponentially less hectic and the waiting game began.  Over then next few hours we just sort of sat there waiting for me to dilate.  It seemed to take forever, much like with my first labor and they began to start mentioning pitocin.  I had had it with Mr. G and it almost  seemed to prolong the labor, but if that’s what needed to be done, then that’s what they would do.

    6:00 PM
    Around this time I had been stuck at a 5 cm for awhile.  Half way but still not that far.  The nurse came in to check me before they decided to give me pitocin and I was 7cm.  Huh…maybe no pitocin.  I had started progressing again.

    7:00 ish
    By now, I had been feeling my contractions in one half of my body at a time.  They were having me roll from right to left periodically and that would cause the epidural medication to drain down into one side, leaving the other free to feel EVERYTHING.  I was also feeling the pressure of the contractions when I wasn’t on my side which I don’t remember with the first time.  But since I was, I happened to notice that the pressure, and some of the pain, was headed a little south of where it was before.

    8:00 PM
    I told my nurse, someone new by now, and she went ahead and gave me a check.  9.5 cm!  Well, that went fast!  They called my doctor and everything started to take a faster pace.  We were getting ready to have this baby.  We said goodbye to anyone that was in the room that wasn’t going to be there for the delivery and the nurses began the final preps.  The big difference this time around as that it wasn’t just me and hubby in the delivery room this time.  My mom was joining the party!

    8:55 PM
    It was time to push!  Last time around I got Mr. G out in 45 minutes.  I was pretty proud of that time because they say the average is 2 hours for a first time.  I was determined to do it in even less this go round.  I asked for the mirror because it not only helped me visualize where to push last time, but because I throughly enjoyed seeing my baby come into this world.  For me, it becomes less about the “grossness” of where it is and what’s actually happening, and all about this beautiful and amazing miracle.

    Hubby was up by my head, holding my right leg, and my nurse was holding the other.  My mom?  Down by my doctor, hands over her mouth and eyes wide as they could be.  It was pretty funny!  There were actually a couple funny moments that even a woman pushing a baby out of her could appreciate.  At one point, I was pushing, my doctor counting and then all of a sudden everyone around me starts chatting it up.  While still straining, I mange to blurt out, “Can I stop pushing now?!”  “Oh yeah sorry!”

    Another fun moment was everyone marveling at the full head of hair my son had while he was still inside!  Can we say awkward?  My OB even made a mohawk with RC’s hair in between pushes.
    Anyway, 20 minutes later…

    9:16 PM (yes…one minute from being born on 9/15 at 9:15)
    A final push and out he came!  Our sweet little Roman came into this world and was placed on my chest.  Everything I had worried about having a second child melted away and love took over.  I sobbed happy sobs and stared at this beautiful boy that was mine.  I didn’t even mind that, in all his newborn flailing about, he manage to stick his hand in my mouth.  Weird and gross? Yes.  Still one of the most precious moments of my life? Absolutely!

    They took him over to the warming bassinet and hubby followed.  I got to have a wonderful moment with my mom and I told her how glad I was that she was there to experience this with me, with us.
    It was very surreal as I sat there remembering my first time and now here I was doing it all again.  God had blessed me with two amazing little boys.  It all felt the same and new all at once.  My husband came back over to me and we just looked at each other.  Roman as actually here.  We now had two children.  TWO!

    Being a mother is what I always felt I was meant to do.  My calling from God.  And now my heart has grown even more to make room for this new little life.  I am blessed each day by these sweet, beautiful boys and I love them more and more each day.

    Have a memorable moment from your labor and delivery?  I’d love to hear about it!  Share with me your experiences in the comment below!
    XO, Kelly

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    It’s been two weeks since our sweet RC made his arrival and we love him so much.  But at the same time, as it is with any newborn, my life has been in a state of limbo.  I feel like our whole house is a paused video with that little buffering circle going around and around and around.  Trying to find some semblance of a routine feels like an absolute impossibility.  And let’s face it, it pretty much is.  RC has no idea what’s going on and all he does know is that he’s in a very bright, loud, and strange place.  He’s feeling these strange new feelings, hunger, wet diapers, being cold, people poking and prodding him constantly.  That’s enough to make anyone want to scream and wail.  Also, the one constant thing he’s known in his whole existence was me, all around him.  Now, I’m no longer all around him, he’s on the outside and he has to call for me.

    We’re all fairly sleep deprived, except for maybe my toddler who doesn’t seem to be bothered by the late night/early morning screaming sessions (yes, I just knocked on wood!).  My husband and I could seriously use an IV of coffee.  We’re trying to find a good balance for the both of us since he does have to go to work during the day and I have to function for a newborn and an active toddler.  He takes the first few hours of the night/morning, and I do the second half.  I wouldn’t say it’s working perfectly, RC is still flipped with his days and nights.  He wants to eat just about every hour, and sometimes it takes an entire hour for him to eat if I’m breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding…

    I realize that it is suppose to be this natural thing, human instinct, so to speak.  But it’s really just not.  We’re still having trouble with latching and he seems to prefer a bottle to my “naturalness” and will pretty much only latch if I have a shield on.  I’m trying to pump as much as I can but I just can’t stand cleaning all of the parts every single time I use it.  I will say that the pumping has helped with my supply, so there’s that.  Plus, at least with the pumping, I can give him more of my milk than if we just gave him formula instead.  You do what works I suppose.

    Then there was the entire first week of his life spent at the pediatrician and hospital lab.  He had jaundice and, while it wasn’t severe enough to need a bili-bed, it was still high and continued to go up as the week went on.  So every morning we would take Mr. G to my parents’ house (huge thanks to them by the way!) and then make our way to the hospital to get RC’s little foot pricked again.  Then sometimes it was also a trip to the pediatrician for a weight check.  We were told to start supplementing so he could gain weight and also to help get the bilirubin out of his system (done by pooping, in case you were wondering) when he was three days old so maybe that has something to do with our breast feeding issues.  So that first week, which my husband thankfully had off, we didn’t have a chance to adjust, to just be home and learn about this new little human in our family.

    I realize that, to some, these may not seem like huge problems to have.  I realize that.  To the mom who has lost their child, to the woman who is having fertility issues, I realize these are issues they wish they had.  I’m not writing this to complain.  I’m writing this as more of a diary entry.  This time goes by so fast, although it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.  I’m also writing this in case there’s another mother out there going through the same thing and needs to read something that makes them feel like “Yes!  I’m right there with you!”  Whenever I’m with other mom’s and I mention something I’m going though and they validate me by say “Yes! Me too!”, it automatically makes me feel better.  No matter if you got 4 hours or 30 minutes of sleep the night before, it will make you feel better!

    So what helps me during this hard stage of parenting? Coffee! Caffeine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  But seriously, it really does help me.  Getting out of the house helps.  Even if I have both kids, it still helps to change the scenery.  It also REALLY helps that Mr. G goes to preschool 3 days a week for 4 hours.  It makes running an errand easier for sure, but also just provides a mental break.  I love that little boy, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to turn on the radio and just listen to music or watch something other than PBS kids or even read a magazine!  Yes, RC does need me much more than Mr. G does, but in a much different way.  He also doesn’t run around like crazy and sleeps at different points of the day.  Mr. G?  The napping concept is lost on him now!

    I know this will all iron itself out eventually.  It did with Mr. G and it will with RC too.  It’s just a process for all of us.  RC is learning what the heck this world is and we’re learning how to love on him, soothe him, and care for him.  Every baby is different.  Each day is different.  Each day is new.  If you’re reading this and just nodding your head, I feel ya.  Pour a cup of coffee (you know, not too much if your breastfeeding! ha!), raise it up and know that I’m sitting here clinking my favorite mug with yours!  Cheers to being moms!

    XO, Kelly

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    Mr. G’s Big Brother Bag

    This is something I have been looking forward to ever since I found out I as pregnant with RC.  I had been researching “preparing your child for a new sibling” like crazy and one of the things I loved as this idea of a big sibling bag, something special for big brother or sister during this very new experience in their life.  Another bit of advice was to have a special present for them that is specifically from their little sibling.  Well, I just decided on making the entire bag from RC and Mr. G has no idea it exists.

    But what to put in it?  There are so many options but I went pretty simple.  Every time we go to a store, as any toddler does, he points out things that he likes.  And by “points out” I means he says “Can I have this/these” “I want this/that/the other”…and so on an so forth.  If you have kids, you know all about the fun of going to Target/Walmart/etc. and having to pass by the dreaded toy section, just to get to the one section you’re actually there for.

    Anyway…I’ve been keeping a mental tally of what he’s been eying and figuring out what’s going to go in this special bag.

    The Bag

    Yay for free stuff!  The office supply store next to where my husband works had a back-to-school hand out event and these bags were a part of it.  You know I love a good bargain and you can’t beat free.  To make it a bit more special, I stenciled his name on it!  I love that it has a few pockets, fun to put little things in, and a big enough main pocket for larger items and future use as an over night bag.

    Activity(ies) for the hospital

    When Mr. G comes to visit, it’s not going to be an in and out type of visit like most family members.  He still needs us, needs to be around us, and we’ll want to be together as a family.  No, he won’t be spending the night, but he’ll be spending a good amount of time there.  Well, toddlers get bored.  *GASP* I know, right?!  These marker sets are something Mr. G has had his eyes on for awhile.  He saw a Planes set that he liked and, unfortunately they didn’t have them when I went to buy them.  But, I don’t think TMNT is going to be a problem.  Plus, they’re shiny!  Bonus Points: They’re Color Wonder markers so they only color on the special paper!

    Another activity that’s great for the hospital is having something for him to watch.  I’m not really sure if the TVs at our hospital have DVD players (I could probably go look but…meh) so we plan on bringing our portable player for Mr. G.  Plus, he can watch the same videos over and over and we won’t have to too.  For this, I found a new TMNT video that he doesn’t have and I know he’ll love.

    Fun and Just Because Items

    Being an only child for 3.5 years, Mr. G has plenty of toys so getting a new, big toy wasn’t on the agenda.  But now that he’s older, he loves little things like novelty items and things with his favorite characters on them.  Some great places to find some stuff like this are Party City, the Dollar Store, and the Target Dollar Spot.

    Disposable Camera

    This is by far my favorite item in the bag!  It may not be Mr. G’s, but I’m super excited about it.  After looking up a few different posts about big sibling bags, I stumbled arose one from January and June that included a disposable camera.  This item is so that big sibling can take pictures from their point of view.  Mr. G loves playing with his toy camera and, being a blogger’s kid, he’s used to mommy taking tons of photos.  When he finds out that this is a real camera, I think he’s just going to go click happy!  But that’s ok, it will be so much fun to have them developed and see from his perspective.

    I can’t wait to see his face  when he gets to open his special bag!

    UPDATE:  He loved everything in his bag and asks to use his “big brother” bag all the time.  The pictures, once we showed him how to wind it, were taken in about 5 minutes and then he refused to give it up and took pretend pictures for a good 2 days after.  We’ve watched a ton of TMNT and eaten plenty of candy too!  Mr. G couldn’t believe that RC knew exactly what he liked.  *wink wink*

    XO, Kelly

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    GEAR-ing Up for Baby Number Two

    Every mama has their “must have” list for a new baby, especially if she’s not a first time mommy.  Once you’ve gone through it once, you definitely start to form options on what you HAVE to have and what you could definitely skip this time around. There’s also a list of “just gotta have it”s because, come on, baby stuff is just too cute!

    When I as pregnant with Mr. G, I was so out of the loop on trendy baby items.  Especially in the handmade world.  Through the wonderful world of blogging and Instagram though, I’ve found a plethora of fabulous shops that make everything from onesies to bibs to sheets and Boppy covers.  I mean, let’s face it, I didn’t even have Instagram when he as born because it as still only available for the iPhone at the time.  Crazy to think of right?

    As I near the end of my pregnancy I’ve been slowly but sure collecting some adorable items that I just have to share.  And this time I’m getting ready for a newborn and a toddler transitioning to big brother!

    FOR RC
    Bassinet – Now there will be people who totally disagree with me.  I know that.  But we decided to forego one with Mr. G before he was born and I ended up in a pool of mommy tears, full of anxiety, on the couch in his nursery the first night home from the hospital.  This time I plan to save myself some of the trouble and have one ready.  We, unfortunately, don’t have the bassinet from Mr. G but we found one through a Facebook online yard sale that is also a Pack n’ Play.  I highly recommend this option!  Once the bassinet is no longer needed, you have the Pack n’ Play for everything else, which we also needed because our old one as broken.
    Swing – Swing = life saver! For the longest time, and who know why, I kept Mr. G’s swing in his nursery.  This rendered it pretty much useless because that’s not where I spent most of my day.  Then one day I decided to slide it into the main room, where I did spend most of the day, and voila!  Turns out I could do a whole lot more with my day when I wasn’t carrying a baby around or having to keep my eye on him laying on the floor. 
    Diaper Pail – Another controversial piece of baby equipment that not everyone will agree with but it’s definitely something on my list!  We’re not a cloth diapering family.  I definitely see the benefits, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not for us.  Neither is taking a trip out to the garbage can every time baby poops.  That’s why I like the diaper pail.  THIS is the one we have and I like that it has a spot to mask the odor with baking soda, and twists after each use, preventing odor from coming out every time you open it.  I only use it for the dirties, wet ones go straight to the trash can.

    Sound Soother

    When we bought one for Mr. G, it as something I thought was cute and heard would help with sleeping and soothing and all that goodness.  Little did I know that, 3.5 years later, he would still be using it!  Oh my has this thing been wonderful!  So,of course, I had to get one for RC.  I know that every kid is different and he may not love his like his brother does, but I’ll take my chances.  The ones we have are from Cloud B. but you can get any sound soother you’d like.  I love these because they attach to the crib and run on batteries.  They are great for travel, Mr. G’s giraffe has been everywhere he has, and have really helped with transitional phases.

    THE GOTTA HAVES (Here’s where it gets super cute and fun!)
    Adorable Onesies and Rompers – There are so many shops out there that have such unique designs and handmade items, it’s hard to narrow it down.  However, two of my favorites are Milk ‘n Cookies and Stylin’ Sophie!

    images via
    Milk and Cookies has great graphic tees and onesies that are great for babes and toddlers alike.  My favorites are the ones taken straight from the shops name!

    Also, as a fabulous readers of my blog, you can get your Milk ‘n Cookies apparel for 10% off for a limited time!  Just use the code “KELLY10” at checkout.  

    images via
    Stylin’ Sophie uses some of the most unique fabrics for her handmade collection and the rompers are to die for!  We have the “Where the Wild Things Are” and it is one of my favorite pieces in RC’s closet.
    Stylish Leggings – Now I always thought that leggings were just for girls.  Don’t ask me why, just the way my brain worked.  But then, once turned on to the handmade world…GAME. OVER.

    image via
    One of my favorites that I have found come from Lola & Stella.  The fabric is so soft and the handmade quality is top notch.  And look how cute!
    (Stylin’ Sophie and Milk ‘n Cookies have great leggings to choose from as well!)
    Moccasins/Crib Shoes

    Brown Moccs / Gray + Brown Moccs

    No, I know, newborns and tiny infants don’t NEED shoes.  Cover them up with socks and they’re arm and good to go.  I know that…but look how cute!  Little teeny tiny shoes make my mama heart eyes pop out of my head. 

    FOR MR. G

    Big Brother Bag

    I have been looking forward to putting one of these together since I first heard of them.  I wasn’t even thinking about having a second child and I had already pinned this idea on Pinterest!  Why is this an essential, you ask?  Because I feel that after 3.5 years of being an only child, the center of attention, this is a hard transition.  I want my sweet first born to feel special, all on his own.  I want GAVIN to feel important and loved and while of course these things are undoubtedly true, he may not always feel that way.  

    This will definitely be a separate post all it’s own so you can see exactly what fun things are going inside Mr. G’s special bag!
    *Big Brother Tee – Honestly…this feels like it should be an essential.  But I suppose having more than one may not be essential…maybe.  Anyway!  I had to include one of my favorite shop’s tee in here because I have had this on my Etsy wish list for quite a while.  

    Plucky Mustard makes some of the cutest, handmade tees I’ve seen.  These super soft tees are hand painted by the lovely mama owner and she gets bonus points because she’s from the ATL, just like me!
    *Nursing Cover – With Mr. G, I stopped breast feeding very early due to medication needs. (You can read about that HERE.) So I don’t think I ever actually nursed in public.  I remember once during our newborn session and then once at the pediatrician but I don’t count that as public.  I fully plan on doing much more nursing this time around so there will definitely come I time when I’ll be out on public and RC will get hungry.  I’m also a very modest person when it comes to my body and, while I find nothing wrong with breast feeding in the open, it’s just not for me.

    Insert one of the coolest multifunctional nursing covers I’ve seen!  Milk Snob‘s multifunctional nursing covers have been on my list since I found out about them.  Not only are the a cover for nursing, but they are also a carseat cover.  I never used one with Mr. G and I like the idea of some added peace for the little one while you’re out.  People love babies, and that’s great, but it will be nice to have him covered up from time to time without constant peering eyes into the car carrier.  Another added bonus is how comfortable the cover is.  The fabric is so soft and light making feeding/bonding time even more pleasant.  

    *Baby Carrier – Another something I missed out on was the big push into baby wearing.  If I had known more about it, I definitely would have worn Mr. G all the time.  I did/do have a Moby Wrap and I plan on using it but I love all of the versatile options that are out there that I had no idea existed!

    My latest obsession is the ring sling.  This one in particular comes from Cute Awakening.  The linen fabric is so nice and she has a ton more colors to choose from.  It not only comes with instructions, but an instructional DVD as well.  The DVD made all the difference when I as learning how to use it.  Another feature I love is that this bad boy can hold up to 35 pounds!  It can hold my 3.5 year old y’all!  That’s quality, my friends.

    Diaper Bag for 3 – I’ve gotten very used to carrying only my purse with me with the occasional snack in it.  We’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t carry a change of clothes for Mr. G just in case.  Now I need room for all the basics again.  Something that can basically fit an entire baby aisle, my everyday purse stuff, and a couple things for big brother.

    I love this one that I bought from Skip Hop!  It’s super roomy, definitely bigger than the one I had when it was just Mr. G.  I love all of the pockets, great easy access to a water bottle, phone, keys, etc.  It also has stroller straps which, I think, are pretty darn cool!

    *Transitional Clothes – One of the best things anyone ever told me before I had Mr. G was that I would still look pregnant after delivery.  (Thanks Mom!) I knew that there was the whole losing baby weight thing that everyone struggles with, but the fact that I would push out this baby and still look like I was carrying one was good to know.  I would have been highly upset!  So what can you do in that interim time where your body is finding it’s new normal, becoming less swollen, etc.?  Invest in some comfortable, transitional, clothes.

    I’m IN LOVE with these pants by Belly Bandit!  They’re part of their B.D.A. collection of products that are specifically made to fit you at all stages, aka before, during, and after.  These pants are made from quality bamboo fabric and are like a dream to wear.  If you’ve never worn anything made from bamboo, I highly suggest it!  Another feature I love about these pants are the fold over waist band.  When I was smaller, it sat easily below the belly and was very comfortable.  Then as the belly has continued to grow, it slides up nicely over the belly for an equally comfortable fit.  Now they are packed safely in my hospital bag, ready for my next stage, the after.  I’d still love to wear them now, but I fear they won’t be available when I need them and I want those bad boys at the hospital with me!

    UPDATE:  Since this was posted after my delivery, I have to let you all know that these were amazing to have with me in the hospital.  Once I as able to get out of my gown they were the first thing I reached for and I was so comfortable!

    *These products were given to me in exchange for my review.  The words are 100% my opinion.

  • Mommyhood

    Bumpdate // 38 Weeks

    Two more weeks and we’re at FULL TERM y’all! I have one week (and that’s really just 3 days) left of work and I’m on my maternity leave.  It’s getting real and I’m definitely ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m also really excited to meet this new little guy, but I’m reeeaaaally ready to not be pregnant anymore.  It’s also very possible that this could be my last bumpdate! (WHAT?!)  If RC comes a few days early like big brother, and since I do these biweekly, there could be an extra little person in the next post.  We’ll see!

    Physically, how do you feel?
    Pretty much the same.  Nothing fits and my feet and ankles are starting to swell.  All the normal, end of pregnancy stuff.

    Definitely not sleeping much, little bouts here and there.  Not like my body needs to get used to sleeping anymore anyway!

    RC’s movement?
    Still rolling around in there!  We’ve also graduated to rib kicks.  Luckily, at 38 weeks, this is much later than when Mr. G started the rib karate. RC still gets the hiccups quite a bit, even so much that one of my classes was able to see them once!

    How’s the nursery coming along?
    Did you get to see it?!  If you missed it, check out the nursery reveal post HERE.

    Any new cravings/aversions?
    The only thing I’m craving is my first meal after baby!  I’ve told just about everyone that all I want is a turkey and cheese sub.  I don’t care where it comes from, I just want a deli sandwich.  And if you’re wondering why that sounds so delicious, it’s because I’ve been restricted from deli meat, as all pregnant women are urged to be, do to a bacteria called listeria.  Very harmful for a growing baby in the womb, not so much for adults and kids.

    How’s Mr. G doing?
    Mr. G is doing very well!  He’s back in preschool now, three days a week, and he’s having great days!  It makes me so happy to know that he’s doing well in his school environment, even though I know that may change for a little bit with little brother’s arrival, but his teachers know and have gone through it themselves.

    Another thing that’s happened lately is that Mr. G has really gravitated toward daddy.  He wants to do just about everything with daddy rather than mommy these days and that will also be a huge help.  We were worried for a little while when he was attached to me, wouldn’t even let daddy do anything at bedtime.  Now, it’s “no girls allowed” most of the time!

    Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!

    XO, Kelly
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    RC’s Camping Nursery Reveal

    The day has finally come!  I get to share with you the finished nursery for sweet little RC!  A lot of hardwork, DIY (by both mommy and daddy), and love from friends and the whole family went into creating this special room for our newest little adventurer.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Crib/Rocker: Kohl’s

    Changing Table: Handmade by hubby
    Chevron Baskets: Walmart
    Metal Hanging Basket: Hobby Lobby

    Blanket Basket: Home Goods
    Side Table: hand me down from Grandma and Grandpa
    Fishing Baskets/Bait Buckets: donated by family friend
    Squirrel Nightlight: Land of Nod

    Cardboard Deer Head: Joann’s
    Open Barnwood Frame: Hobby Lobby
    Vinyl Wall Decals: designed by me and printed by hubby

    Adventurers Hoop Art: Hoopsy Daisy
    Fox and Rabbit Camping Print: Sweet Melody Designs
    Wooden Arrow and Arrow Print: Hobby Lobby

    Explore Print (coming soon)
    Stick Letter
    Felt and Branch Mobile
    Bear Rug

  • Mommyhood

    Bumpdate // Week 36

    Nine months down and roughly one to go.  I totally thought by doing biweekly bump dates, this pregnancy would go by slowly but that isn’t the case at all.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been so busy, there’s a toddler full of energy running around, who knows.  I feel like every time I sit down to write the next bumpdate, I’m saying the same thing but it’s seriously shocking!

    Physically, how do you feel?
    Meh…Not too hot really.  Even sitting is mildly uncomfortable after a period of time.  Teaching is getting pretty rough and I go home pretty much each night with my back feeling like it’s on fire.  However, I only have three more weeks left of work before I head out on my maternity break and two of those, my sub will be with me.  So I’ll be able to rely on her to be the body and I’ll mainly just be giving instructions.

    I think a lot of the discomfort also comes from how I’m carrying RC.  I’ve been told many times that I’m carrying all out front and it definitely feels that way.  This explains why my back tends to take the brunt  of the weight.  I seriously don’t know how in the world thuds belly can stretch forward anymore, but I’m assuming it can.

    RC’s movement?
    I don’t think he’s a big fan of my stretching and trying to teach.  A lot of the time he’ll start squirming if I’m bent over too long in a stretch.  I haven’t really been tracking when he moves exactly but I’m definitely keeping track that I a feel him move throughout the day.  That’s the important part!  The hiccups are still very common as well.

    How’s the nursery coming along?
    There is literally ONE thing left to hang! ONE!  I can’t wait to take a million pictures and share them with you.

    Any new cravings/aversions?
    Nothing new…still buying a jar a pickles each week and if they didn’t have so much sodium, it would be two a week!  Also, my coffee aversion has subsided a bit.

    How’s Mr. G doing?
    Little man is headed back to preschool in two weeks and he’ll be going three days a week this year.  I think this will be a great distraction for him, something just for him.  He’s been doing more things here and there by himself, previously a battle, and I try to make a big deal about it when he does.  He’s also doing great with helping me get things I need or putting things away where I tell him to.  Great prep for helping me with baby brother!

    Hubby and I have also been talking about how we’re going to make time each weekend for one on one time with Mr. G.  It’s so important to me that he feels like we are still here for him, that he is still important, still loved.  He’s going to be such a great big brother, it’s just the initial transition that will be different.

    Are you expecting?  I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, no matter if it’s your first or your 15th!

    XO, Kelly