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    Treating My Skin with Food

    Over the Summer I did my second round of Whole 30 and, if you’ve been around since then, you know that I’m a huge fan of it.  It’s funny that I thought I’d never try it about a year ago and now, I’ve done two rounds and don’t find it so crazy after all.  It does wonders for resetting your body in so many ways but the one I noticed the most was my skin.  It is so clear when I’m doing Whole 30.  I’m not talking breakouts though, but that is something I was clear of too.  I’m talking about my skin condition, tinea versicolor*.  It was GONE.  So I’ve decided that, for the most part, I’m going to start treating my skin better with the food I eat.

    *What is tinea versicolor? It’s a common fungal infection that occurs when the body has an over production of the yeast/fungus that our bodies naturally produce.  Flare ups can be small discolorations on the skin, to larger patches that appear scaly.  Mine have even been mistaken for an allergic reaction.  It’s not contagious and you can be perfectly healthy and have this condition.

    Treating my skin with food

    I had no idea before Whole 30 that my skin condition was being effected by food.  It makes sense now of course, but it just never dawned on me.  I pride myself on knowing a good bit about nutrition and health for someone who doesn’t have any formal education so the fact that I’m just now figuring this out is crazy.  Anyway, after this revelation, I decided that I wanted to make a permanent change to my diet but I wasn’t quite sure what was causing the flare ups to come back.  There’s a period of time after Whole 30 called the reintroduction phase but I didn’t notice flare ups until after that time.  So what was it?  Gluten? Dairy? Sugar? Time to do a little research*.

    Turns out that it’s most of those things, not just one.  Yay for me right?  It’s also a number of other factors too, such as humidity, excessive sweating, oral contraceptives (something I’m NOT willing to change at this time of my life), and hormonal changes.  The hormonal changes definitely explains why it’s worse in my postpartum life than when I was younger.  As for what I can control and am willing to change, I had to decide what was worth it for me to keep and what I felt effected my skin the most.

    Treating my skin with food

    Let’s cut to the chase…

    What can’t you eat?  The answer here is best given as a list of what I CAN eat with little to no risk of flare ups.

    • Whole Grains (foods with no yeast)
    • Vegetables
    • Vegetable Oils
    • Eggs
    • Poultry, Beef, Pork, and Seafood

    Yeah…that’s it.  But why?  Because with this condition, my body over produces this natural fungus and it reacts with many common ingredients in food, even naturally occurring ingredients.  That includes fruit!

    So, is that all you eat?

    No.  I ate a ton of fruit on Whole 30, aka natural sugar, and my skin was still clear so that’s one food I can keep.  Vinegar is also a food to avoid but, again, I had balsamic vinegar dressing while resetting.  But the most problematic foods I have definitely cut out (with a few exceptions).

    Treating my skin with food

    Sugar, added and otherwise, alcohol, baked goods, and dairy are the main things I try to stay away from.  It’s also advised that I stay away from coffee and opt for teas instead.  Not happening.  It’s all about finding a balance and figuring out what’s worth it for me.  (Food Freedom Forever is a great book to read on that topic!) If I’m going out to dinner, or having dinner with family, I’ll have a glass of wine but I’ve decided to not have it in my house.  Too tempting.  I eat gluten-free items and stay away from cheese/milk products but I’ll eat a little ice cream or fro-yo with the boys on the weekend if we happen to be doing that.

    I totally have my weak moments, I get stressed and completely fall of the bandwagon.  What happens then? I get flare ups.  It is what it is.  My condition does not have a permanent solution so I have to do my best to keep it from flaring and keep my anti-fungal cream handy.

    If you have a health/skin issue (non life threatening), I highly recommend trying Whole 30 as a way to discover what you’re body is reacting to.

    *Articles: whole30.com / livestrong.com  / healthygoods.com / tineaversicure.com / mayoclinic.org
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    I Signed Up For a 5K + Why You Should Have A Life List

    Why you should have a life list

    Many people talk about checking things off their bucket lists or things they’d like to do before they die.  However, I refuse to have a bucket list, or rather, I refuse to call my list that.  As with most things in life, I enjoy putting a positive spin on things so instead of focusing on what I want to do before I kick the proverbial bucket, I think of it as what I want to achieve in my life time.  Same premise, less focus on the life ending part.  I call mine my life list.  Some of the things have specific time stamps and some do not.  But why should you have one?  I’m glad you asked!

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    10 Things To Do If You’re In A Funk (+ One Don’t)

    We all go through seasons of life that are great, and some that just plain stink.  It’s easy to go through the good times.  They’re good!  But how do we break free from those not so wonderful times.  I’m not talking about true tragedy or deep depression.  Please, if that describes you, ask for help.  I’m talking about those times where you just don’t feel like yourself.  When you don’t feel inspired or motivated.  Life can throw in these wrenches in from time to time and I like to be prepared.  These rough patches don’t have to be debilitating, use them to grow and learn more about yourself.

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    Doing Better For My Skin // Part 1

    *Thank you to VIIcode for sponsoring this post.  The following is my 100% my honest opinion.

    One of my smaller goals for this year is to do exactly what the title says, doing better for my skin.  Why a smaller goal you may ask?  Because, a lot of the time, doing better means getting better quality products which means dollar amounts higher than I’m used to.  I want to do all the things that are better for my skin, especially now that I’m in my thirties (technically the beauty world says you should be using wrinkle cream in your 20s but whatever), but my budget just doesn’t allow me to completely overhaul my beauty routine with top of the line products.  So, for now, I’m doing two things and today I’m sharing with you number one.

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    10 Things Your Dance Teacher Wants You To Know

    10 Things Your Dance Teacher Wants You To Know

    Yesterday marked the first day of the new dance season.  This season makes my eighth year as a teacher at my “dance alma mater”.  I love teaching dance.  This artistic expression is one of my passions in life and I get to share that with kids from ages 3-18.  Three nights a week I get to train young dancers and teach them about this great art form.  I also like to think I teach them a little about life as well…#lifelessonsfromMsKelly.

    I teach kids from all levels of experience as a recreational dance teacher.  What does that mean?  It means the kids that I teach take class for fun and have a recital at the end of the year.  The classes I teach are not like what you may or may not have seen on Dance Moms.  My kids don’t compete, they take their time learning their end of the year routine, and are simply doing it for fun.  With all of this said, there are still some things that I feel that parents and students should learn about this dance world.

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    Too Many Plates

    image via Unsplash

    My alarm clock goes off somewhere between 5:15 and 5:30 everyday.  And by alarm clock, I mean Ro and/or my phone.  Sometimes my phone will actually beat the little man to the punch but lately, it’s been Ro who wins.  I used to get some time in the morning to myself but more often than not, I have my little buddy with me.  My mornings start right away because Ro waits for no one.  Changing the diaper (if he’ll let me), getting him milk, trying to make my coffee, and sometimes getting the dishwasher emptied and filled from the night before.  Gav has always been a late sleeper so I can pretty much depend on him to sleep until 7:00 most mornings.  But before I know it, it’s out the door we go to get to school.  After drop off, it’s on to the next.

    Mondays are Gymboree for Ro, Tuesdays and Fridays are workout days for me, Wednesday is small group, and Thursday is usually grocery day.  Somewhere between these things and work, Ro takes a nap and I try to do house work and any orders or projects that need to be done.  Unfortunately, Ro has been refusing a second one for awhile now so I haven’t been getting that extra time.  Three days out of the week I work at the dance studio and then there’s tae kwon do for Gav twice a week and church activities on Sunday.

    Why in the world did I tell you all this?  Maybe to give myself a little perspective, maybe to cut myself a little slack?  But it’s basically to say that I’ve had too many plates spinning in the air.  That’s why I haven’t been able to find the time to sit here post about, well, anything!  That also had a lot to do with the fact that we had a computer that was 10 years old and was slowly but surely dying before my eyes.  Like seriously, that thing was on life support!  This meant that any time I wanted to post something, I would need a block of about and hour just to boot the thing up and get the page open to type.  Add another hour if I wanted to add pictures, which, of course, I do!  But I’m happy to report that we took the plunge, made the investment, and I’m posting from my shiny, beautiful, and super fast new computer!

    I’ve been feeling like I’ve been drowning in “plates” and I haven’t been able to get a balance but I’m figuring it out.  I’m often asked how in the world I do it all.  I don’t.  Often times one thing gets sacrificed for another (a lot of times it’s the laundry because that requires climbing two sets of stairs) and that’s just how it is.  Sometimes I have to sacrifice a chore and the blog because I have a deadline for a shop order.  It all depends on the week but I’m starting to find a bit more of a balance.  I have a fabulous new planner (thanks bestie!) that I make a point of looking at each day.  I find little moments to brainstorm and have a nice list of ideas ready to go.  I’ve also learned the beauty of saying no.  It’s still not easy for me and I totally need to finish reading The Best Yes, but I’m working on it.  I’ve picked my plates back up one at a time and they’re starting to spin again.  I’m one of those people that likes to be busy, no idol time for this mama.  I’m ready to get back to pouring more time into this happy little space of mine.  If you’ve stuck around, you’re the best and I love you!

    XO, Kelly

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    Looking Back and Looking Forward

    Looking forward in 2017

    So, clearly there’s been a big change and I’m ridiculously excited about it!  I have officially switched to WordPress, rebranded a bit and I’m so ready to get back to more consistent blogging.  There are still parts of the site that aren’t quite up to par yet (oh you know, like my about page that has been MIA for about 3 months!  *facepalm*) but they are coming! Now that we’ve had the chance to be in the new year for one whole week, I thought I’d take a look back and share some favorite moments from 2016 and some of the things I’m looking to accomplish in the next year.

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    It’s Been A Minute…

    Somehow I’ve ended up taking a month long brake from blogging.  A MONTH.  And I have to say, it was much needed and accidentally came at the right time.  If we’re going for complete honesty here, I was in the middle of one of those blogger identity crises where I had no idea what I was doing anymore.  I loved blogging but had no idea if anyone was reading my stuff, was my stuff any good, why am I doing this, and so on and so forth.  So I stopped.  I stopped stressing about getting something done just to be able to push the publish button and sat back a decided to refocus.

    I stopped worrying about applying for campaigns or reaching out to companies to do collaborations because, while it was really awesome to get those things, I didn’t find my voice in it.  I love small shops and of course I love the companies that I applied for sponsored posts for but in all honesty, I’d just rather purchase from them, post about it if I want to and share that way.

    So why even blog anymore?  Because I want to share my DIYs still, I’d like to get back to that.  I’m constantly crafting and I enjoy being creative. I want to keep this as a log of motherhood, especially these early stages.  I want to connect with other people.  That’s the exact reason I started blogging in the first place.  It was my way of feeling connected to the world again after Gav was born.

    Another reason this break has been a happy accident is because I have been super busy!  I’ve been blessed with so many chalkboard art clients, commissioned art pieces, and photography work that something had to give.  I want to share that all here as well.  So I guess to some it all up, why still blog?  Cuz I wanna!

    There will be some changes here and there and I will be in and out.  My hope is that by the new year I will have all of my ducks in a row and be ready to tackle a tight but doable schedule.  This hopefully will also include a switch over to WordPress. *fingers crossed*  As for now, I’ll be popping in from time to time, sharing this or that.  If you have stuck around, THANK YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I pray that you will continue to visit my little corner of the web and walk with me on my journey.  Want to know where you can pretty much always find me?  Follow me on INSTAGRAM and say hey!

    Check out what I’ve been up to and stop by the SHOP and my PHOTOGRAPHY site.

    XO, Kelly