Welcome to Gav + Ro!

I’m Kelly and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my little corner of the blogosphere.  This space of mine is where I like to share my crafting ventures, my journey through motherhood, and some kitchen concoctions.
What’s up with the name?  Good question!  I named my blog and business after two of my greatest gifts from God, my boys.  There names are Gavin and Roman but I’m a chronic nicknamer and so I usually just call them Gav and Ro.  These boys are wild, crazy, and incredibly wonderful.
My Blogging Journey I started blogging in 2012 when Gav was just a couple of months old.  I was pretty lonely as a new mama and was just beginning to feel human again after seeking treatment for PPD (more about that HERE).  I’ve always been a creator.  Whether I’m writing, painting, drawing, dancing, or gluing 5 million things together in the name of DIY, I truly find joy in creating.  As the blog evolved (including two name changes and two platform switches) it eventually found it’s sweet spot as Gav + Ro where I chronicle some bits of life and do some DIY.

Favorites List

  • Coffee (always…)
  • Reading
  • Jeopardy! (I record it every night)
  • Unicorns
  • Emojis
  • Farmhouse Style
  • Painting
  • Craft Stores
Click on the pictures below to browse through projects, recipes, and even learn a little bit more about yours truly.