My DIY Must-Have Supply List

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DIY must have supply list

Let’s be real.  If I could, I would own everything from all craft stores.  I literally mean that.  I’m the lady you see at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s (sometimes multiple days of the week) that roams every aisle.  I’m also that lady you see that zooms from one side of the store to the other, then back, then the middle, and then back again to the first side.  That’s usually when I’m thinking of a project and want to consider all my options.  Yes, I’m the crazy craft lady.  But if I had to pare it all down to my must have craft items, the ones I use most, the ones that will be most useful to the casual DIYer, the list would look a little something like this…Continue reading

January 5 Favorites

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For some it’s felt like January went on forever and for some, it flew by.  For me, I love January.  The newness, the birthdays, the reset mode mindset, the birthdays…..did I mention the birthdays.  It’s always been one of my favorite months and here are five things that loved about this particular one.

  1. I’ve kept up with my new year reading goal so far and finished not one but TWO books! I am loving getting back into reading.  At first I had to force myself away from the urge to just veg whenever I had a second to relax.  But, after I got into the habit, I looked forward to my reading time.  This month I read In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day (Christian/Non Fiction) and Bring Her Home (Suspense/Fiction).  I highly recommend both!
  2. THIS BLANKET!  I’m always on the lookout for super soft/neutral blankets for our living room and basement.  This one is under $10 and so soft and warm.  It’s my napping blanket.
  3. THIS Sweater – If it wasn’t obvious, I love to be comfy and warm.  This sweater goes great with literally everything because it’s neutral and keeps me warm without being too heavy.  It runs just a tad small so the arms aren’t long like I usually prefer but I still love it.
  4. My office is almost complete and I had fun making THIS art inspired by pieces I found in Target.  (Who isn’t inspired by Target?!)
  5. My newest sweet treat obsession is THIS peanut butter “ice cream”.  If you’re on a restricted eating plan or diet, this is a must try.

Bonus faves: Donut cakes for the cutest six year old birthday boy and that gorgeous Kate Spade (my first designer bag ever!) from my bestie for my birthday.

Now it’s YOUR turn!  What was the highlight of your January?

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DIY Target Art Knockoff


DIY Target Art Knockoff

Since getting our basement back in order, I’ve had the opportunity to redo do the boys play area and gained an office. (All the praise hands and heart eyes!) I love the freedom of completely redesigning a space. You can declutter, regroup, rearrange, and, my favorite part, SHOP! While perusing the aisles of all my favored decor spots, I saw a common style at Target (from the Pillowfort line to be exact) that I loved but didn’t quite want to pay the price. I wondered if there was a way I could recreate it and this is what I came up with.Continue reading

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4 Perils Of The Perfectionist Parent

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Becoming a parent completely throws a perfectionist for a loop.  I use the term “perfectionist parent” in the sense of someone who has always been a perfectionist and has become a parent.  I do not mean it in the sense that I expect to be the end all/be all in parenting or that my children must be perfect little robots.  I’ve remarked in past posts about my OCD/perfectionist tendencies but, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at realizing that pretty much no one cares about certain things as much as I do.  I’ve also learned to let some things go.  This, however, does not mean that I don’t still get irritated,itchy, or anxious from time to time.  I’m not perfect (GASP!) but my brain certainly tries to be.  There are 4 areas I’ve found that are my “triggers” or things that make me get all hot and tight chested.  If you’re a perfectionist parent like myself, I know you’ll totally understand!Continue reading

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I Sent An Evite

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Gavin's 6th Birthday

Well…I did the unthinkable.  I sent an evite for Gavin’s birthday party this past weekend.

Ok, ok.  I kid.  (No really, please don’t think I’m THIS dramatic.)

But, as one of “those” moms, those “Pinterest” moms, I enjoy doing all the bells and whistles for birthdays.  Yes, I ACTUALLY ENJOY doing all the crazy labels and renaming food and decor and anything else I can do for a theme.  Yes, I realize that it’s mainly just for me and my children will have no recollection of said party.  It’s just who I am.  However, as kids get older and my house continues to stay the same size, there’s less and less space to have the parties at the house.  This means jumpy places and specialty parties and those places cost the money that I would normally spend.Continue reading

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Peanut Butter “Ice Cream” (Daniel Fast/Whole 30 Approved Gluten + Dairy Free)

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Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream"

Have you tried the faux ice cream (AKA nice cream) that’s made with bananas?  It’s now my new favorite thing.  I’ll be honest, if you don’t like bananas, you should pretty much skip these recipes.  However, if that’s not you, these are DELICIOUS.  I whipped up the simplest one ever the other day and it’s so good that even my kids like it.  I can’t really think of a diet that this wouldn’t fit the guidelines of so feel free to indulge.

I have a pretty big sweet tooth which makes doing a Daniel fast pretty difficult at times.  Whole 30 is much the same just with meat.  One night while on the Daniel fast (I did a 7 day one at the start of the new year.),  I was craving something sweet pretty bad. Usually I can satisfy the sweet tooth with an apple and all natural peanut butter.  This particular night, all I wanted was ice cream.  I decided I needed to figure out something that would suffice and here’s what I came up with.

Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream"

It’s three ingredients.  That’s it! Here’s what you need for a single serving.

Ingredients: 1 Frozen Banana, 1 Tbsp Date Honey, 1 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

What’s date honey you ask?  You can check my post about Daniel fast recipes HERE to find it.  But to simplify it for you here, it’s boiled down dates, water, and cinnamon.  (It’s the dark brown stuff in picture above.) Sounds kind of unappealing put like that but it’s great for adding sweetness to oatmeal, smoothies, etc.

Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream"

A note about natural peanut butter:  Make sure that it has only peanuts and salt in the ingredient list.  If you don’t check, you’d be surprised how many products are labeled “natural” and still have added sugar.

Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream" Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream"

All you need to do is blend everything together in a food processor (I’m loving my mini Kitchenaid I got for Christmas!) and put it in a container back in the freezer for at least an hour.

Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream" Peanut Butter "Ice Cream"

Top it off with some nuts, unsweetened coconut , and/or some extra nut butter drizzle.  Now that I’m not on a fast or diet of any kind, I want to try it with some cocoa powder or at least top it off with some chocolate chips.  Because, you know, chocolate!  If you want to make more, it’s just a basic 1 to 1 to 1 ratio. (ie: A batch for three people would be 3 bananas, 3 Tbsp date honey, and 3 Tbsp nut butter.)

Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream" Daniel Fast/Whole 30/Gluten Free "Ice Cream"

What are some of you favorite healthier versions of desserts?


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Doing Better For My Skin // Part 2

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doing better for my skin // beauty counter review
*Thank you to Rebecca Lee, Beauty Counter consultant, for providing the product this post.  The following is my 100% my honest opinion.

In my last post I tackled the preventative/corrective measure that I’m taking to keep my skin looking it’s best. But there is an even more important part of doing better for my skin that I’m trying move towards. Less chemicals. Honestly I’m trying to do this in as many areas of my life as I can but what never occurred to me was something I’ve always used, makeup.

Makeup is full of junk that our skin, our largest organ, is constantly absorbing. Let that SINK IN. (See what I did there?!) It’s really crazy when you sit down to think about it. If you were to turn over a number of makeup bottles on the drugstore shelf, you’d find a list of ingredients you’d never want on your skin in the first place and most you probably can’t pronounce. This is where I introduce you to my friend, Rebecca.Continue reading

Doing Better For My Skin // Part 1

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*Thank you to VIIcode for sponsoring this post.  The following is my 100% my honest opinion.

One of my smaller goals for this year is to do exactly what the title says, doing better for my skin.  Why a smaller goal you may ask?  Because, a lot of the time, doing better means getting better quality products which means dollar amounts higher than I’m used to.  I want to do all the things that are better for my skin, especially now that I’m in my thirties (technically the beauty world says you should be using wrinkle cream in your 20s but whatever), but my budget just doesn’t allow me to completely overhaul my beauty routine with top of the line products.  So, for now, I’m doing two things and today I’m sharing with you number one.Continue reading

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Welcoming the New Year

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It’s 2018!  Here’s to a good few months of everyone totally forgetting to write 8 instead of 7 when they have to write the date.  Happens to me every year.

I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that loves the newness of January first.  It’s like you get a reset button on just about everything.  Also, this particular day is a new year, month, and week all rolled into one which makes me and my fellow OCDers super stoked.  I’m so excited about this new year and, just like most people, I have a good amount of goals I’d like to achieve.  I’ve looked at the different “categories” of my life and set my goals according to what I feel like I’ve lacked this past year (which is why one of my focus words is patience), what I’d like to accomplish moving forward, and so on.  There’s something both freeing and anxiety inducing about sharing your goals publicly.  It’s that big A word….accountability.  But it’s a good thing and I want it, so here goes:


  • read 20 books
  • make (and stick to) a cleaning schedule
  • eat more veggies
  • drink more water
  • learn to use my sewing machine
  • practice patience


  • more outside time
  • more hands on time


  • more blog posts
  • start to write a book (something on my life goal list)
  • actually read all those Pinterest posts about blog tips and implement them
  • ditto for photography
  • devote more time to promoting the shop


  • focus on prayer
  • daily quiet time in the Word

I’m sure there are a ton more tiny goals I have that will pop up as the year goes on but what these broad goals boil down to is more intentional time.  I have to find a balance, as we all do, between all of the things that need my attention.  I plan to really make some strides in bettering my daily quality of life.  Striving for less stress here!  And I think this is a very achievable goal.  This brings me to my focus words for the year, prayer and patience.

A few days before the new year I prayed about what God wanted me to focus on for 2018.   I prayed that God would lead me to a verse that would speak truth into my life and help me be a better wife, mother, and all around better person.  I started thinking about the words prayer and patience.  Let’s be real, as a mother, my daily (hourly, minutely, secondly) prayer is for patience.  But I think that God wants me to focus on long term patience as well.  To be patient and joyful in the waiting periods of my life.  So, I looked up verses that had to do with both of those things and was led to Romans 12:12.  “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

And that’s where I am on this first day of 2018.  I plan to live day by day while still planning and looking to the future (Seems counter productive doesn’t it?  But it makes sense to me!).  Happy new year and may God bless you and yours!

What are some goals you’re setting for yourself this year?




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