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    Ten Little Things #134

    1. Delicious new recipes
    2. Pudgy baby feet
    3. Looking through pictures from our vacation
    4. Brother selfies
    5. A long overdue play date
    6. New choreography
    7. More time with my boys
    8. A fabulous birthday party
    9. A solo shopping trip to Michaels
    10. Gav helping me fold laundry (I had to refold it but he was so sweet just helping without be asked!)

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #120

    1. Monday morning motivation
    2. Watching Gav and his class lead prose and worship at preschool
    3. Sleepy Ro in the Tula
    4. A wonderful spring concert, picnic, and egg hunt at preschool
    5. A pretty good turnout for the ready to ship sale (psst! There are still a few hoops available!)
    6. A sweet reminder
    7.  An amazing birthday party with gorgeous details
    8. Gav’s excitement and joy when he came home from church to see Easter goodies
    9. Cookie making with Gav
    10. EASTER!  He is risen!

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    I Like Being “The Pinterest Mom”

    It may not come as a surprise but I LOVE Pinterest.  Everything about it from the inspiration to the recipes, even to the gorgeous wedding pics and boards.  I may be married but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate all of the pretty inspiration photos!  But in my mommy world, the kind of parties I’m looking to plan are of the kiddo variety.

    There are probably double the number of pins as there are children in the world for every type of party you can imagine.  And you can best believe I already had a full board of pins for Gav’s first birthday before he turned 6 months old.  (Ok…ok…Roman too!)  I can’t help myself and I’m not even doing it for the “wow” factor of party guests.  It’s for me!  I absolutely love all of the themed food, games, and favors.  As a crafter since birth and perpetual DIYer, it’s fun for me!

    But this year, for Gav’s 4th birthday, well…I didn’t.  I had a really hard time with it at first.  There was just no way I could have as many kids as we were inviting in my house.  If Gav had a summer birthday, maybe, but with a January birthday, outdoor activities aren’t an option.  So we booked a party at a jumpy place and I began the mourning process of my Pinterest board.  But then the more I started to think about how I wouldn’t have any clean up, no worries about where to put the cat, no millions of cars on my lawn, and minimal expenses, the better this party was sounding.

    Then, after looking at my board, I realized that there were a few elements that I could still do, like pizza box favors and TMNT balloons.   I was going to get to do some of my favorite parts and not have to worry about the rest which, even before I had two kids, can get stressful.  Don’t get me wrong, the stress is beyond worth it, but this time around, I was willing to let the board go.  Plus, I still have a few years of Pinterest parties left with Ro!

    I was feeling so relieved as we pulled in to the parking lot with only balloons in my backseat but the best part was once we were inside, Gav looked around the play area and, jumping up and down, he said, “I’m so excited!  It’s my party!”  That right there was the most perfect moment.  To make it even better, my aunt over heard my sweet boy with two of his friends saying, “Isn’t this amazing?!”

    Sadly, I left my DSLR at home in the rush to get out the door, but thank goodness for cellphones!

    My mom and my aunt even bought matching TMNT shirts!  

    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #109

    So this was technically supposed to be yesterday’s post but I seriously couldn’t fight the urge to just let it go and throughly enjoy….MY BIRTHDAY!  YAY!  Yesterday was my birthday and I simply enjoyed the day with my mom and my boys.  But any who, here are my joyful moments from last week.

    1. Shopping for anything and everything Ninja Turtle
    2. A local pizza place coming to my party favor rescue
    3. Moustache photo props from preschool
    4. My aunt came in town!
    5. Silly improving with my students
    6. Sweet Ro turned four months old
    7. Celebrating my favorite (almost) four year old at his birthday party
    8. Hearing my sweet Gav say how much he loved his party
    9. The most AMAZING birthday dinner full of surprises and deliciousness!
    10. My family and friends….they really outdid themselves in celebration for both Gav’s party and my 30th birthday!

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #100

    1. I won a giveaway!
    2. A delicious cinnamon latte
    3. My first postpartum workout was a success!
    4. My mom finished RC’s blanket and it is fabulous!
    5. Mr. G channeling James Dean
    6. Watching Mr. G be his little brother’s protector…so many heart eyes!
    7. Playing with washi tape
    8. Four photo sessions over the weekend!
    9. A TMNT birthday party
    10. RC turned two months old!

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #85

    1. THESE fabulous preggo pants!
    2. Mr. G singing to the birds
    3. Parking perks at Babies R Us (and some other stores)
    4. Mom and Dad came over to help hang up a ton of stuff in RC’s nursery and we’re just about finished!
    5. Swimming with Grandma (my mom) and soaking up her last full day of summer.
    6. Playdate with our faves
    7. Maternity mini session at a sunflower farm
    8. Starbucks date, just me and Mr. G
    9. Fun birthday party for a sweet little lady
    10. Catfish fry at the in-laws

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #63

    1. It’s been far too cold to play outside so we had a fun play date at an indoor jump place.
    2. Yummy lunch at Moe’s after our play date!
    3. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately from Pinterest and I haven’t had a recipe I didn’t like yet!
    4. Lot’s of snow, for us Georgians that is!
    5. Watching Mr. G and the hubby sword fight in the snow.
    6. Cake pops at Starbucks
    7. This DIY phone case has definitely been a favorite so far!
    8. Birthday Party fun at Skyzone for one of Mr. G’s friends.  They’ve been friends since about 3 months old and now they’re 3!
    9. Mr. G and his new “dinosaur”.  It’s definitely a dragon but don’t tell him that!
    10. I love posting a new hand lettered verse each Sunday.  Have you been following along?  You can see all of them with the hashtag #TLTscriptureSunday!

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #57

    1. Crashing monster trucks with Mr. G
    2. My new (DIY!) slippers
    3. Mr. G is really starting to say some funny things.  I need to start writing them all down! This week it was “I’m a spy!” as he hid behind his chair at lunchtime.
    4. Freshly brewed espresso
    5. I bought a new font that I’m absolutely obsessed about so naturally the blog got a tiny makeover!
    6. Mr. G has been having really good days in school these past few weeks.  I’m one proud mama!
    7. Party Prep!
    8. My Birthday and Mr. G’s birthday party!
    9. Jumping monster trucks over my mom and aunt was a highlight of the after party.  They’re such good sports!  Anything for Mr. G!
    10. Wonderful birthday dinner with family.

    PS: Don’t forget to enter the giveaway I’m a part of with Pretty Providence and the contributor team!  $100 VISA card up for grabs! Enter HERE.

    What brought YOU joy this past week?
    XO, Kelly

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    Ten Little Things #52 (the 1st anniversary!)

    1. Mr. G has come down with a case of the snuggles recently and I’m living for it!
    2. While looking for new places to put our elf (oddly named Elk) can take forever, sometimes we find a place that makes us all giggle.  Mr. G might not get the pop culture reference, but it gave me a good laugh!
    3. Mr. G’s big boy bed!
    4. A smooth transition into said big boy bed.  We are so blessed with a heavy sleeper. (he’s still asleep as I write this at 8:30 am)
    5. Making silly faces in the carline with my sweet boy.
    6. *gross mommy bragging warning*  Mr. G is going #2 on the potty more often than not!  Full on potty training in this house now!
    7. Good results on my mom’s CT scan.  She had a bit of a scare with stroke like symptoms but it was not the case and she’s doing well! Praises to the Lord!!
    8. Being silly at bath time (see above pic)
    9. This song quote and finally sharing some handwritten art I made with it.
    10. Our Santa visit was a SUCCESS this year!  Third times the charm!

    52 weeks!  One whole year of consciously writing down 10 moments each week that made me happy.  Wow!  It’s made a big difference to the start of every week.  Mondays can be tiresome, looong, depressing even, if you let them.  It’s been so refreshing to reflect each week on the past seven days and, even though it may have been stressful, realizing there were moments of joy.  I encourage you to do the same!  It forces you to look for the joy in the littlest of moments.  Maybe it was something huge, like a birthday party or good test results, but it may have been even as small as treating yourself to a cup of Starbucks, just because you felt like it.  Joy comes in all sizes and no joy is too small to leave an impression on your soul.  Look for it!  Everyday, in the smallest corners of your life, there is joy and that’s what this is all about!

    So, as always, I ask you what brought YOU joy this past week?
    PS: Instagram giveaway to be announced tomorrow afternoon!

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    The 7 Day No Makeup Challenge

    Last week I did something crazy.  I did something I never thought I could do unless I never left the house.  I went an entire week without wearing a stitch of makeup.  No consealer, no tinted moisturizer, nothing.  I went an entire week with only plain ole SPF face moisturizer and lip balm.  A whole week with my face in it’s birthday suit if you will.

    I started it on a whim when I ran out of time last Monday morning and had to leave the house without makeup on.  I remembered an article I had read where a woman had done a week without makeup and I thought, “That sounds like a really hard thing to do…let’s try it!”  So, the week was chosen at random and I didn’t really have anything super important going on, no real plans.  I thought this was going to be pretty easy.  Not so.  Here’s how it went down complete with photographic, no filtered, unprocessed evidence.

    Not feeling super confident but not that bad.  Just like any challenge you try, new habit you start, day one can be one of your most determined, self disciplined days.  I went to work where I teach dance so it’s not that uncommon for me not to wear that much makeup.  I forgot to put in my contacts and hiding behind my glasses made me feel better. And as you can see from my main photo, I stayed in them for most of the week.

    Still, not the most comfortable but not that bad either.  I wasn’t going to work so I could dress a bit nicer and I re-straightened my hair.  I did have a play date to go to with friends I hadn’t seen since the beginning of the year but we’re all moms so we don’t judge.

    Yeah…this day was harder.  Dance clothes, no hair or glasses to hide behind.  Plus, this was the day Mr. G ended up going to after hours care from coughing so much.  I was all stressed and I could just feel the pimples forming from it all.  But I got through it.  When I looked at myself in the mirror at work, giant wall to wall mirrors guys, it wasn’t as bad as I felt it was.  So there’s that…
    Then I realized that Mr. G had a birthday party to go to on Saturday.  People I don’t know, a new setting, a prime “put-on-your-best-face” situation.  Greeeeeeaaaat. I considered backing out at this point.  But then again, these are people I. don’t. know.  Not that they matter any less, but when will I see them again right?

    Getting better here.  Yeah I was breaking out a bit from stress but I started feeling more “eh…” about it.  I looked in the mirror and told myself that it is what it is and I’m not the only one who breaks out.  I’m not ugly because of it, it’s life.  Then, in the afternoon Hubs texted me that we were going to dinner with his parents and some of their friends on Sunday.  I think I started convulsing.  Why….why did I pick this week?!  Maybe I’ll quit now.  Saturday and Sunday I NEEED to wear makeup!! But no, I was on day 4, more than half way through, and maybe I’ll feel better on those days.  I’ll curl my hair or something.

    Ah….Friday, sweet Friday!  I don’t do anything but stay home with Gavin on Fridays.  We stayed home all day, went to Walmart that evening.  This was a very easy day.  I actually felt like this weekend was gonna be no problem, I was going to do this if it killed me.

    This is the morning I came 2 seconds from quitting.  I forgot to take a picture for day 5.  This was my out!  “Oh well I forgot, I’ll do it again another week.  I NEEED to wear makeup today and tomorrow.  I forgot, this isn’t quitting, I forgot so it doesn’t count anymore!”  After all that nonsense, I realized I was making excuses.  So I snapped the pic you saw for day 5 right after waking up because, let’s be honest, I didn’t look any different that morning than I did the day before.
    I curled my hair, did NOT put on makeup, and went to the party with Mr. G after work. And then a shocking thing happened.  I realized that no one cares what I look like!  I mean, I KNOW the party was, of course, not about me, but I realized my feeling that I need to impress people with my appearance is just plain incorrect.

    Sunday!  Day 7 and I did it!  Hair still curled from the the day before, spruced up with some dry shampoo, and my glasses.  I dressed nice and it wasn’t all that bad.  Yes, I still felt insecure at the dinner being with people who are used to seeing me with makeup but no one said anything.  I never even got the oh-so-wonderful “you look tired” comment.

    So there it is, my week without makeup.  Did I enjoy my experience, not really.  Would I do it again?  UH NO.  Did I happily slap on foundation as soon as Monday rolled around again?  You betcha!
    But did I learn a whole heck of a lot? Yes ma’am, I did!  I learned that I don’t need makeup like I think I do.  Half the time, people really don’t notice.  I have other qualities (and I’m not talking about my hair and glasses) that are more important.

    I didn’t tell my husband about this until Sunday.  I knew what he would say if I had told him on Monday.  He would tell me he loves me just the way I am, that I don’t need makeup, I’m beautiful without it to him. And yes, this should be enough but since when does anyone, male or female, listen to their spouse/significant other the first time around?  I needed to do this for my own crazy mind.  I look at myself a little more forgivingly now.  I did tell a couple of friends so that I would feel accountable to go through with it, kind of like a diet.  You feel more inclined to stick with something if you tell people you’re doing it.

    Most importantly I actually realized that the cliche “it’s ok not to be (or look) perfect” is true.  I embraced it rather than stress about it or blow it off.  Call me cliche then, if you must, but I am perfectly imperfect and that’s pretty awesome.