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    April 5 Favorites

    Time is slipping away as we get so close to the end of the school year. So much is going on and then there’s also Mothers Day, hubby’s birthday, and recite for the dance studio. Y’all….I’m gonna make it but don’t be surprised if I look/act scattered. (At least I have an excuse right?!) Time for the favorites from last month!

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    March 5 Favorites

    March was great and all but I am so excited for April! April means SPRING BREAK, which we are currently on and it’s so nice. We’re not doing anything crazy, it’s just nice to have a few less obligations for a week. This year has been off to a pretty good start. Can’t really complain and I’m b using tail to get stuff done as much as I can. Here’s what I found last month that I’m loving!

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    February 5 Favorites

    March is under way but spring has decided it’s just not quite ready to sprout. I know we’re not the only ones experiencing these ups and downs but, my goodness, the rain! I saw someone refer to Atlanta as “New Seattle” the other day and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve actually had more rain than they have this year. What?! Needless today I’m soaking up every minute of sunshine that decides to come out these days! Here’s what I’ve been into lately that I want to share with you!

    1. The Road Back To You – This is the book that most people who love talking enneagram recommend. I’m here to do the exact same thing! It was so interesting to read about every type and think of someone I know that either is that number or I think might be. It explains people’s personalities almost to a tee (I mean, everyone is different but this was scary accurate!). It’s definitely worth a skim through at the very least.
    2. Grown Up Faith – Yup….I read two books! This one is near and dear to my heart because it was written by my church’s senior pastor, Kevin Myers. This book really dives into hard questions that we all ask and how the bible has already answered them. I highly recommend this one for anyone who has big questions that they feel have never been answered before.
    3. Big Lots – Before last month, I barely ever went into this store. I didn’t really think it had much of what I was looking for. Boy, was I wrong! One of my recent trips included getting that round hanging shelf from the picture above. They have really stepped up their decor game and we even purchased our new basement couch from there! It’s definitely worth a peek if you pass by one.
    4. Water Beads – I had seen these on a blogger’s Instagram stories and bought some but, before they came, Ro got to play with some at a birthday party. He was glued to that activity for a good 30 minutes. They are so much fun and a great sensory activity! This also makes for a great indoor activity if you’re experiencing the amount of rain that we are.
    5. Target Optical – I recently switched to Target Optical for my eye exams and was pleasantly surprised! Be sure to always check reviews online, but the one I went to had the best reviews out of all optometrists in our area for our insurance. My new glasses are from there and I want to wear them all the time! Which is good, I suppose, since I NEED them. #blindasabat

    What are you loving from last month?

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    January 5 Favorites

    One whole year of favorite lists! That’s crazy! I’m so happy I started doing these because it really helps me to reflect back on the month and what I enjoyed. It almost works like a gratitude list that I can share with you so that you can enjoy it too. So here is what I’m digging from last month!

    1. Girl Wash Your Face – Would it really be a favorites list if I didn’t include a book? No…I don’t think it would. I read this book in about three days. That might not seem like short amount of time for many bookish people, but when you have two kids and fall asleep as soon as you’re a paragraph in, it’s a HUGE deal. I devoured this book and it’s full of good nuggets that have really stuck with me. While it is written by a Christian author, it’s not solely geared toward Christians. It’s very much an every woman’s book.
    2. Sacred Holidays – Yep…another book. But there’s a catch, I’ve barely read any of this book and I’m already recommending it. Why? Because it’s a read as you go type of book. Sure, you could read through it if you wanted to but it’s not meant for that. This book was meant to be a guide and tool kit for making any holiday more special and meaningful for your family. It is also a great resource for including more faith in your holidays. The tag line for this book is “Less Chaos, More Jesus”. Yeah, I can get on board with that!
    3. Witch Hazel – I’m probably late to the witch hazel bandwagon but it’s awesome. I’ve used it in a DIY linen spray with essential oils and I use it as a natural toner after I wash my face. It’s super cheap and all natural. No harsh chemicals on my face and no burden on my wallet.
    4. Kemps Chocolate Caramel Brownie Froyo – Did you read all that?! Just reading it makes my mouth water! This is the treat I bought myself for my birthday. So if you happened to see my Instagram post that day, this is what was in the bowl!
    5. Kingfolk Co.A bracelet from Kingfolk Co. was pretty much the only thing on my wishlist this Christmas for hubby. He totally pulled through and got me the exact one I wanted. I love how easy it is to put on, magnetic, and it’s simple design. It goes with EVERYTHING and has one of my favorite verses on it that serves as a wonderful reminder.

    What have you been into lately?

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    33 Random Things About Me

    It’s my birthday! Today I turn a whopping 33 years young. I’m one of those people that still gets excited about their birthday even though aging at this point in game isn’t as fun as it used to be. Something about it being my special day makes it just that, special. So today I thought I’d share with you some random facts about yours truly, 33 to be exact. I’m not going to lie, this was way hard than I thought it would be. Enjoy!

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    Shop Update // Reopening

    I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to everyone who shared or purchased something from my shop this past holiday season. You truly blessed me and my family and I loved seeing all of the pictures of you enjoying your goodies!

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    New Year, New Goals, New Word

    Each year, like many, I chose a word to focus on that will help me grow. Grow spiritually, mentally, and so on. I pray about it before I choose it and sometimes I’ve even had a verse that accompanied it. This year came about a little differently. As I was praying, I kept “hearing” the same word. I kept thinking, “Yeah ok, but let’s think of some other words. That one is weird.” I’m sure God laughed a little at that and then kept giving me only the one word, one little word. SAVOR.

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    December 5 Favorites

    I love love love the new year! I get so excited about the prospect of new goals, positive outlooks, and general NEWNESS of it all. It’s that awesome clean slate feeling that doesn’t come around all that often. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m an enneagram 3 (“The Achiever”) and all the new goals/projects/task/etc lay ahead. Speaking of, I didn’t QUITE make it to my 2018 goal of 20 books. (Yes, my achiever self hates it.) But, hey, I got pretty darn close and red more than I have since Gav was born! (Pic above doesn’t show all of them!) Anyway, I’m pumped. But before I get into all that, let’s recap this last month of the year!

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    November 5 Favorites

    It’s December 6th and I’m finally getting around to sharing my monthly favorites for last month. This first week of December has been a doozy for us. Our little family of four is 75% out with the flu. I’m the 25% that has survived so far, so I’m downing all the elderberry I can and trying to get everyone back to healthy. Tis the season though, right?

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    October 5 Favorites

    *This post may contain affiliate links.

    I sat down just the other day to get back to brainstorming some blog content when I realized it was November.  October was an insanely busy month and I think I finally caught up mentally.  There was a wedding every weekend (#allthechalkboards), a few orders, a couple Instagram campaigns, fall break, and my best friend had a baby.  Oh!  And let’s not forget Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween!  November, let’s slow down just a bit.  Kthanks!

    1. Thieves Household Cleaner – This stuff is amazing. If you’ve jumped on the oil bandwagon like I have, then you have more than likely heard of this. I’ve been using oils for almost a year but have just started using the cleaner. I am loving it! I love that I can clean anywhere in my house and not have to worry about toxins. It’s natural and smells so good too!

    2. World Market – I am obsessed with World Market these days.  If you watch my Insta stories, I was raving about them just last week.  The Christmas selection is unreal and, maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I’m all about everything in that store!

    3. Risen Motherhood Podcast – Such positive and uplifting advice, truth, and wisdom coming from these two sisters-in-law.  I look forward to days when I can just binge listen (that’s a thing right?) to a few episodes while I do laundry or catch up in the office.

    4. Portrait Mode – We just switched to the iPhone X and it has what I have been drooling over for months now.  PORTRAIT MODE!  I’m all about it.  It’s amazing what they can do with technology and the quality of pictures our phones can take these days.

    5. Chuck E. Cheese – Yes, that’s literally on my favorites list. It gets such a bad rep but Gav and I went over our fall break and had a blast.  I have a few pieces of advice to make the most out of your experience:

    1. Look for coupons.
    2. If you have kids older than 4, opt for time, not tokens.  100 minutes of play goes WAY further than 100 tokens when your kiddo jumps from game to game like mine did.
    3. Get there early.

    What did you find in the month of October that you’re loving?