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Our White + Bright Fireplace Makeover

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Along the same lines as the emergency binder post, I’ve accomplished another item off my own personal summer bucket list!  This one was with the help of my awesome hubby and Youtube.  I love DIY and doing different crafts but I’ve never done one on a larger scale.  And while this project is mainly just a paint job, I think it definitely qualifies as a large scale DIY.

Hubby took to Youtube to find what we would need and how much of a process it would be.  He found THIS ONE and we got to work.  As you can see, I was super helpful from the start.

Fireplace Makeover

Hubby did the main rolling and I came in with the grout work.  That took, what felt like, FOREVER.  Our mortar is so far back in some places that it took more than a few strokes to cover.  Luckily, we only needed to prime the grout for it to look good.  Hubby rolled on the additional paint layer to finish it off.

We are so thrilled with how it turned out and how bright it has made the entire room.  We don’t have a ton of light that comes into our house.  When the fireplace was traditional brick, it would stay a little dim even with all the blinds up.  Now, it bounces right off of the pretty white paint and lights up the main level.  We were also fortunate to already have the white mantel piece (removed in the before pic) so that saved us a ton of time.

Fireplace MakeoverFireplace MakeoverFireplace MakeoverFireplace Makeover



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Gav + Ro’s Playroom Tour

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Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing another finisher space in my house!  I feel like all I ever do is plan and Pinterest board my ideas to death and they never actually come to be.  But I’m changing that with project sheets (I’ll share about that soon!) and it’s working!  This particular level of our house used to be completely different and fairly haphazard but with a complete (unexpected) basement renovation, it was the perfect opportunity to change some things around.  Continue reading

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