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    Nature Scavenger Hunt

    As much as I was an indoor kid growing up, I love spending time outside with my boys. Exploring with them is so much fun and it’s probably one of my favorite ways to stay clear of too much screen time. I thought it would be fun to step up our exploring game and make it a scavenger hunt. I got the idea from something I saw in the Target Dollar Spot. I loved the idea but wanted to make it my own.

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    How to Start a Creative Journal

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to keep a journal. I’ve never been very good at it. You’re probably thinking,”How can you not be very good at keeping a journal? There’s no right or wrong way to do it.” And you would be correct. But I’m not very good at it in the sense that I don’t keep up with it. It would usually be a day or two of writing stupid stuff and then I’d forget about it for the next 5 months.

    Then I saw bullet journaling and it really appealed to my creative side. So I tried it, and I flopped on that too. I tried the different tracker pages and all that but I came to realize that I’m just not an everyday, spill all my guts in writing, kind of person. So I combined three things together, bullet journaling, regular journaling, and scrapbooking to create the perfect way for me to keep up with it. It’s so much fun and it looks cute and that makes me want to keep doing it *almost* every day.

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    Decorating for a Small Front Porch

    In a perfect world, I would have a very large front porch. I’m talking old style wrap around porch with plenty of room for a swing and chairs and I’d read out there and drink coffee and…I’d have a glorious porch. But in reality, my house has a very small porch that only really fits a bench. A bench that the previous owners left and seriously needs some TLC. (It’ll happen, one day…) I want my front porch to look inviting and I love decorating for the season. Unfortunately, the way our porch is designed, it gets hit by all the weather. Rain, pollen (my goodness, the pollen!), wind, etc. I needed a solution that was minimal and *fairly* weather proof. This is where those awesome, multipurpose, wooden crates come in handy!

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    Gav + Ro’s Joint Easter Basket

    I can see how this title could be read wrong…..but let’s move on.

    Each year I love putting together special Easter baskets for my boys. And every year, since Ro has been around that is, I have done a separate basket for each boy. However, I was scrolling Instagram, as one does, and saw that Amy Lou Hawthorne was doing Easter basket ideas but there was only one basket for both of her girls. That’s when it hit me! I don’t HAVE to get them each a basket that’s going to end up becoming a hat, or a weapon, or giant rock holder, or a weapon. (Yeah, I said weapon twice. It’s highly likely.) We already have buckets from last year that they can use for all the egg hunts they’ll go to so why not just place the focus on the goods inside? That’s the part they like anyway! Here’s what I put together…

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    March 5 Favorites

    March was great and all but I am so excited for April! April means SPRING BREAK, which we are currently on and it’s so nice. We’re not doing anything crazy, it’s just nice to have a few less obligations for a week. This year has been off to a pretty good start. Can’t really complain and I’m b using tail to get stuff done as much as I can. Here’s what I found last month that I’m loving!

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    Our Spring Break Bucket List

    As of about 4:00 today we will all officially be on Spring Break! I’m so excited because I’m off from all my outside obligations as well. I get to spend some quality time with the boys. I only have a few things set in stone with ages and times but other than that, we’re free to bounce around from different activities or change up plans depending on weather. Here’s what’s on list this year:

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    Unicorn Essential Oil Blend

    If you know me at all, you know I have a deep love of unicorns. If you know me well, you know I love my essential oils. Naturally, when my BFF told me she had seen something called a unicorn blend and gifted me a fabulous roller bottle, I had to look it up. There are MANY different varies of a “unicorn” blend. Everyone’s tastes are different and different oils may not be as effective for you as others.

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    My Go-To Easy Hairstyle

    When it comes to doing my own hair, the easier the better. Also, the faster the better and the less maintenance the better. I know all my mama folks are shouting some amens right now! I prefer that my hair looks good too, but ease and speed are the two selling points for me most of the time. Once I started doing this new style, and getting compliments I might add, I knew I had found a winner! It works best with unwashed hair, so there’s another tic in the pro column!

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    February 5 Favorites

    March is under way but spring has decided it’s just not quite ready to sprout. I know we’re not the only ones experiencing these ups and downs but, my goodness, the rain! I saw someone refer to Atlanta as “New Seattle” the other day and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve actually had more rain than they have this year. What?! Needless today I’m soaking up every minute of sunshine that decides to come out these days! Here’s what I’ve been into lately that I want to share with you!

    1. The Road Back To You – This is the book that most people who love talking enneagram recommend. I’m here to do the exact same thing! It was so interesting to read about every type and think of someone I know that either is that number or I think might be. It explains people’s personalities almost to a tee (I mean, everyone is different but this was scary accurate!). It’s definitely worth a skim through at the very least.
    2. Grown Up Faith – Yup….I read two books! This one is near and dear to my heart because it was written by my church’s senior pastor, Kevin Myers. This book really dives into hard questions that we all ask and how the bible has already answered them. I highly recommend this one for anyone who has big questions that they feel have never been answered before.
    3. Big Lots – Before last month, I barely ever went into this store. I didn’t really think it had much of what I was looking for. Boy, was I wrong! One of my recent trips included getting that round hanging shelf from the picture above. They have really stepped up their decor game and we even purchased our new basement couch from there! It’s definitely worth a peek if you pass by one.
    4. Water Beads – I had seen these on a blogger’s Instagram stories and bought some but, before they came, Ro got to play with some at a birthday party. He was glued to that activity for a good 30 minutes. They are so much fun and a great sensory activity! This also makes for a great indoor activity if you’re experiencing the amount of rain that we are.
    5. Target Optical – I recently switched to Target Optical for my eye exams and was pleasantly surprised! Be sure to always check reviews online, but the one I went to had the best reviews out of all optometrists in our area for our insurance. My new glasses are from there and I want to wear them all the time! Which is good, I suppose, since I NEED them. #blindasabat

    What are you loving from last month?

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    Calm Clutter In One Simple Step

    There are so many different ways to organize. Just do a quick google search/Pinterest search and you’ll get everything from Marie Kondo to just burn the house down! Sometimes the latter sounds way easier than going through anything. BUT that’s a felony so…don’t do that. I do have one tip that helps me calm clutter in one simple step. And if you’re a parent, you know that clutter happens just about anywhere and EVERYWHERE.