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    Monster Bash Cake Topper

    So I know you’re probably ready for the monster takeover of the blog to be over…  
    Well this is the last monster post because I just had to share!  
    I made LM’s birthday cake topper and here’s how!
    Use kabob skewers, like the ones from the photo booth props, and glue your monsters and twine.  The skewers work well for the topper because the pointed ends slide easily into the cake.
    Side note: MAD PROPS to my sis-in-law for her sick cake baking/decorating skills!
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    Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Monster Bash

    Now that all the (self imposed) stress over LM’s first birthday and photos is gone, I feel like I can finally relax.  
    For a little while anyway, until the next (unnecessary) stressor comes along. 
    I had such high expectations but they were all met and I’m so thrilled how it turned out!
    Here’s all the fun we had!
    Have your own Monster Bash!

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    Monster Bash Photo Booth (Part 2: The Backdrop and Pics)

    I am so happy I did this photo booth!  It was a lot of fun and we came out with some GREAT shots!
    For the backdrop, I hung a piece of muslin on hooks and made a ribbon banner and an eyeball banner.
     To make the ribbon banner:
    Cut a piece of jute string the length of your photo booth area.
    Tie SEVERAL pieces of ribbon along the jute string.
    To make the eyeball banner:
    Cut a piece of twine the length of your photo booth area.
    Glue eyeball cutouts along the length of twine.
    You can use a stationary camera on a tripod or leave the camera out for anyone to act as the photographer.  We did the latter.
    Here’s what ensued:

    And winner for best photo goes to……
    My Mom!! 
    aka “The NODrama Grandmama”


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    Monster Bash Photo Booth (Part 1: The Props)

    LM’s party is just a few days away and I’m finishing up all of the details.  Since this is a 1 year old’s party, we won’t do much of the usual birthday party things.  The kids will play, the adults will mingle, and we’ll watch a 1 year old open presents and eat cake.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to enjoy the bejeezus out of it and I’ll probably cry.  But I thought I’d make it a little bit extra fun for the adults and have a photo booth!  
    Of course with a photo booth, comes PHOTO PROPS!  So here are my DIY props!
    It’s as easy at print, cut, and glue.
    We have the classics…
    No photo booth is complete without a mustache!
    the special monster themed props…
    and last but not least a very special prop in honor of the birthday boy!
     AND because y’all are so special to me, here are the monster props for you!
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    I Like Being “The Pinterest Mom”

    It may not come as a surprise but I LOVE Pinterest.  Everything about it from the inspiration to the recipes, even to the gorgeous wedding pics and boards.  I may be married but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate all of the pretty inspiration photos!  But in my mommy world, the kind of parties I’m looking to plan are of the kiddo variety.

    There are probably double the number of pins as there are children in the world for every type of party you can imagine.  And you can best believe I already had a full board of pins for Gav’s first birthday before he turned 6 months old.  (Ok…ok…Roman too!)  I can’t help myself and I’m not even doing it for the “wow” factor of party guests.  It’s for me!  I absolutely love all of the themed food, games, and favors.  As a crafter since birth and perpetual DIYer, it’s fun for me!

    But this year, for Gav’s 4th birthday, well…I didn’t.  I had a really hard time with it at first.  There was just no way I could have as many kids as we were inviting in my house.  If Gav had a summer birthday, maybe, but with a January birthday, outdoor activities aren’t an option.  So we booked a party at a jumpy place and I began the mourning process of my Pinterest board.  But then the more I started to think about how I wouldn’t have any clean up, no worries about where to put the cat, no millions of cars on my lawn, and minimal expenses, the better this party was sounding.

    Then, after looking at my board, I realized that there were a few elements that I could still do, like pizza box favors and TMNT balloons.   I was going to get to do some of my favorite parts and not have to worry about the rest which, even before I had two kids, can get stressful.  Don’t get me wrong, the stress is beyond worth it, but this time around, I was willing to let the board go.  Plus, I still have a few years of Pinterest parties left with Ro!

    I was feeling so relieved as we pulled in to the parking lot with only balloons in my backseat but the best part was once we were inside, Gav looked around the play area and, jumping up and down, he said, “I’m so excited!  It’s my party!”  That right there was the most perfect moment.  To make it even better, my aunt over heard my sweet boy with two of his friends saying, “Isn’t this amazing?!”

    Sadly, I left my DSLR at home in the rush to get out the door, but thank goodness for cellphones!

    My mom and my aunt even bought matching TMNT shirts!  

    XO, Kelly

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    I Sent An Evite

    Gavin's 6th Birthday

    Well…I did the unthinkable.  I sent an evite for Gavin’s birthday party this past weekend.

    Ok, ok.  I kid.  (No really, please don’t think I’m THIS dramatic.)

    But, as one of “those” moms, those “Pinterest” moms, I enjoy doing all the bells and whistles for birthdays.  Yes, I ACTUALLY ENJOY doing all the crazy labels and renaming food and decor and anything else I can do for a theme.  Yes, I realize that it’s mainly just for me and my children will have no recollection of said party.  It’s just who I am.  However, as kids get older and my house continues to stay the same size, there’s less and less space to have the parties at the house.  This means jumpy places and specialty parties and those places cost the money that I would normally spend.

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    Project Life: Finally Caught Up!

    A couple weeks back I mentioned that I had finally gotten started on my Project Life.  
    Well now I can happily report I have caught up to the present!  
    When I started, I knew I didn’t want to just start with now but go back and document from LM’s birth.  So I decided to do highlights from 2012 first and then get into this year.
    Here’s are some of my favorite pages!
    January 2012
    February – April 2012
    Recital & Our First Mother’s and Father’s Day – May/June 2012
    Christmas 2012 – LM’s First Christmas
    NEW YEAR! 2013
    My Birthday and LM’s First Birthday
    Valentine’s Day
    The Present
    Of course, there are many more pages but those were just some highlights.
    My goal is to do a few weeks at a time, to document the everyday and not just the big events.  
    Want to start your own?  Start HERE!
    AND follow my FREEBIES! board on Pinterest for a ton of printable inserts!