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    Gav’s Construction Birthday Party

    *Featured in September 2017 issue of Parents magazine

    We had so much fun last week celebrating Mr. G’s birthday with our friends and family.  This year we went with a construction theme since that’s one of his favorite things in the world.  He knows just about all of the names of the vehicles and will, no doubt, correct you if you’re wrong. Also, as an added bonus, the street behind our house, a major road that we travel daily, is undergoing massive construction.  I mean, like this won’t be done for a few years so there are construction vehicles working on the shoulders everyday.  Mr. G is in hog heaven!

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    6 Tips for Throwing a Themed Party on a Budget

    Tip for a Themed Party on a Budget

    In years past, I’ve been super excited to plan and throw some fun themed parties. If you’ve been here for a little while, then you may have seen one or two of them. Some of my favorites are Gav’s construction, Ro’s 2nd trip around the sun, and Ro’s Wonka party. This year was a little different.

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    Roman’s Birthday Time Capsule

    Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

    We are finally at part 3 of Roman’s second birthday party.  Today I want to share with you our little disclaimer from our invitation.

    Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

    You read that right.  We asked for no gifts. (I am also proud to tell you that I wrote that.  *pats self on back*)

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    Space Party Photo Booth

    Space themed party photo booth

    Welcome to part two of Ro’s second birthday party, the photo booth!  I love photo booths.  Call them cliche, call them basic, I don’t care because they are so much fun.  Whether they’re full of props or just a place to document who was there, I think a photo booth is a always great idea.

    The hardest part of all of this was definitely getting the little ones to cooperate.  But you do the best you can with what you’ve got which is why the picture of both my boys is Gav with a helmet on from bike riding and Ro trying desperately to get the sunglasses to go on his face.  For my props, I found a few things round the house (i.e. the gold frame and left over party favor glasses).

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    Gav’s Tae Kwon Do 5th Birthday

    Tae Kwon Do Birthday Party - Gav + Ro

    This past Saturday was our precious firstborn’s birthday.  The last time his birthday fell on a Saturday was his actual BIRTH day.  The day he came out!  You can read all about that HERE.  What was the theme this year?  Why only one of his favorite things to do, tae kwon do!  Gav started taking tae kwon do last summer and immediately loved it.  His masters are so encouraging yet firm and he thrives under that sort of discipline.  This practice has been so good for him and lucky us, they throw birthday parties!  We knew this would be perfect.  We literally had this party booked in November.

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    Mr. G’s Train Birthday

    We had so much fun celebrating our little guy’s birthday this past weekend.  I know Mr. G had a blast too because there were plenty of Thomas the Train details!  He’s probably never said “Thomas!” so much in his life.  We had the party at my parent’s house since our apartment is a war zone.  Ok, its just in boxes, but my OCD mind sees it differently!

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    February 5 Favorites

    March is under way but spring has decided it’s just not quite ready to sprout. I know we’re not the only ones experiencing these ups and downs but, my goodness, the rain! I saw someone refer to Atlanta as “New Seattle” the other day and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve actually had more rain than they have this year. What?! Needless today I’m soaking up every minute of sunshine that decides to come out these days! Here’s what I’ve been into lately that I want to share with you!

    1. The Road Back To You – This is the book that most people who love talking enneagram recommend. I’m here to do the exact same thing! It was so interesting to read about every type and think of someone I know that either is that number or I think might be. It explains people’s personalities almost to a tee (I mean, everyone is different but this was scary accurate!). It’s definitely worth a skim through at the very least.
    2. Grown Up Faith – Yup….I read two books! This one is near and dear to my heart because it was written by my church’s senior pastor, Kevin Myers. This book really dives into hard questions that we all ask and how the bible has already answered them. I highly recommend this one for anyone who has big questions that they feel have never been answered before.
    3. Big Lots – Before last month, I barely ever went into this store. I didn’t really think it had much of what I was looking for. Boy, was I wrong! One of my recent trips included getting that round hanging shelf from the picture above. They have really stepped up their decor game and we even purchased our new basement couch from there! It’s definitely worth a peek if you pass by one.
    4. Water Beads – I had seen these on a blogger’s Instagram stories and bought some but, before they came, Ro got to play with some at a birthday party. He was glued to that activity for a good 30 minutes. They are so much fun and a great sensory activity! This also makes for a great indoor activity if you’re experiencing the amount of rain that we are.
    5. Target Optical – I recently switched to Target Optical for my eye exams and was pleasantly surprised! Be sure to always check reviews online, but the one I went to had the best reviews out of all optometrists in our area for our insurance. My new glasses are from there and I want to wear them all the time! Which is good, I suppose, since I NEED them. #blindasabat

    What are you loving from last month?

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    Roman + The Chocolate Factory

    Roman + The Chocolate Factory

    This party was so much fun to plan for a few reasons.  One, this year I went with something Ro is really interested in.  I didn’t ask him what he wanted for is birthday, but I knew this would be a hit since he was asking to watch the movie at least once a day.  Two, it’s my husband’s favorite movie and he was actually really excited whenever I would show him things for the party.  And three, I’m now the proud owner of a Cricut!  So with my fancy new machine, the movie constantly playing in the background, and a little “pure imagination”, I got to work planning a Wonka-tastic birthday party.

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    I Sent An Evite

    Gavin's 6th Birthday

    Well…I did the unthinkable.  I sent an evite for Gavin’s birthday party this past weekend.

    Ok, ok.  I kid.  (No really, please don’t think I’m THIS dramatic.)

    But, as one of “those” moms, those “Pinterest” moms, I enjoy doing all the bells and whistles for birthdays.  Yes, I ACTUALLY ENJOY doing all the crazy labels and renaming food and decor and anything else I can do for a theme.  Yes, I realize that it’s mainly just for me and my children will have no recollection of said party.  It’s just who I am.  However, as kids get older and my house continues to stay the same size, there’s less and less space to have the parties at the house.  This means jumpy places and specialty parties and those places cost the money that I would normally spend.

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    Ten Little Things #140

    1. My mom had surgery and it went very well!
    2. And it was her birthday!
    3. First birthday party prepping
    4. Gav got another stripe on his Tae Kwon Do belt which makes him one step closer to testing for his yellow belt!
    5. My new favorite app for healthy living (stay tuned!)
    6. Finishing up projects
    7. Photo session with a baby on my back
    8. Hubby cleaned the house!
    9. Mani/Pedi time with my mom and grandfather
    10. Having an amazing time serving in highichool ministry.

    What brought YOU joy this past week?  Follow along on INSTAGRAM for more joyful moments.
    XO, Kelly