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Minimal Decorating Tips for Any Season

minimal decorating tips for every season

I love to decorate. This is, of course, no secret. Decorating a living space, for a holiday, for a party, just because, is something that brings me joy. However, this little passion of mine can sometimes lead to clutter and/or breaking the bank. Both of those things totally stress me out and I know I’m not alone. But I’ve found ways to “get my fix” for decorating by keeping it minimal. Here are my tip for decorating for any/all seasons without breaking the bank OR cluttering up my house with my summertime decor for example!

minimal decorating tips for every seasonminimal decorating tips for every season

1. Pick just a couple areas to decorate. – While decorating the entire house sounds like fun, it can be overload. If that’s your thing, more power to you! You do you! But for me and my house, it doesn’t work. We don’t have a ton of storage space so that becomes an issue as well. The places I choose to decorate for every season are my coffee station, the kitchen table tiered tray, and the porch.  For certain holidays, I’ll include a small shelf in my office, the mantle, the boys playroom.

This may still sound like a lot of places but it’s only one or two things in each space. For example, unless it’s Christmas, the only thing I put on the mantle is a garland or two. The coffee Station with get couple of floral picks for the season and maybe one of two festive items. So on and so forth.

minimal decorating tips for every season

2. Don’t pay full price. – If it ain’t half off, you don’t have a coupon, or it’s not a doorbuster sale, WAIT. All seasonal things EVENTUALLY go on sale in a reasonable time frame to still display them. You won’t have to wait until after the season sales, I promise.  Also, the Target Dollar Spot is a great place to find inexpensive gems!

minimal decorating tips for every season

3. Pick “classic” items. – Styles change all the time, even your own personal style. Go as neutral/classic as possible with each season, i.e. pale or pastels for spring, red/white/blue for summer, etc. For winter/Christmas, choose a color scheme you know you’ll stick to year after year. I love all the brighter Christmas decor, the bright whites and glitter too, but what I prefer for our home and looks the best is good ole red and green. Very country Christmas. I know that about myself and our style so I don’t go crazy buying all the things! Lemons and Sunflowers will always scream summer to me.

4. Once you have your staples, resist buying every year. – SO HARD. I’ve definitely been guilty of this in the past and I end up with more stuff to put away at the end of a season than I started with. This year I purged a lot of our holiday decor and I allow myself to buy *maybe* one of two new things. It’s hard not too when they keep putting out cute stuff! How dare they?!

In the picture above, I’ve had the bottom part for years.  It was just an unpainted wooden container.  This year, I turned it into a pineapple and only had to purchase the faux succulent.

minimal decorating tips for every season

5. Keep it to ONE box. – Get a storage tub and if it doesn’t all fit in one, you need to do a purge. My only exception to this rule is Christmas. This is my family’s favorite so I make an exception and we have two tubs. Rules were meant to be broken right?

minimal decorating tips for every seasonminimal decorating tips for every seasonminimal decorating tips for every season

Seasonal decorating is a great way to brighten up your space and make it new every few months. However, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and you don’t have to let it take over your house.

minimal decorating tips for every season

What’s your favorite holiday or season to decorate your house?

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