April 5 Favorites

Time is slipping away as we get so close to the end of the school year. So much is going on and then there’s also Mothers Day, hubby’s birthday, and recite for the dance studio. Y’all….I’m gonna make it but don’t be surprised if I look/act scattered. (At least I have an excuse right?!) Time for the favorites from last month!

  1. Vacay Mode Tee – If you’re not already following Amy Lou Hawthorne/The Ever Co., you definitely need to be. I was so excited I was able to snag her shop’s “Vacay Mode” tee because I wanted to wear it over spring break. If you happen to see it a lot over the summer, don’t be surprised!
  2. Sugar Cookie Recipe – This recipe is the closest one I’ve tried that tastes like the Loft House cookies you buy at Walmart. So so good and I was super happy to get back to our tradition of baking cookies for holidays.
  3. Norsk Studios – So I have to give a shout out to my new favorite local tattoo shop. My mom and I got matching ones over spring break and they are THE nicest people. We had a blast chatting during our tattoos and the artist are incredible. To my local peeps, check them out!
  4. Creative Journaling – This has been so cathartic for me. It’s many things all wrapped into one, part creative outlet, part scrapbook, part feelings dumping ground. Check out my post on how to get started!
  5. Essential Oil Pocket Reference – This was one of those Amazon purchases that, as soon as I hit “buy”, I was basically camped out at the mailbox. This book was suggested to me by my friend that enrolled me in Young Living. I’m making a conscious effort to learn more about oils and what they do. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. You can get your starter kit HERE.

What did you love last month?!

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