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Nature Scavenger Hunt

As much as I was an indoor kid growing up, I love spending time outside with my boys. Exploring with them is so much fun and it’s probably one of my favorite ways to stay clear of too much screen time. I thought it would be fun to step up our exploring game and make it a scavenger hunt. I got the idea from something I saw in the Target Dollar Spot. I loved the idea but wanted to make it my own.

What You’ll Need: Paper Bag, Printable Sticker Paper, Pen, Colored Pencils

These paper bags are no more than $0.97 anywhere you go and they are super sturdy. They’re perfect for little hands to hold and they can fit quite a bit inside them.

Section off the sticker paper into even squares and fill each one with a different item. I knew I’d be making two bags so I just doubled everything, colored them in, and cut them out. All you have to do from there is sick them onto each bag and you’re ready to start your scavenger hunt.

We could not have picked a more perfect day or time to do our hunt. It was still cool outside, only a light jacket needed, and there was barely anyone at the park yet.

I let the boys tell me what was on the bag and to go look for those things. They found a few right away, like grass and rocks, but definitely took some real hunting. The look on Gav’s face when he found something we’d been looking really hard for was priceless! The only thing we couldn’t find that day was a feather but we plan to go to different parks and see what we find.

We also found things that weren’t on our list but were still really cool. I think the boys could’ve stayed and watched the tadpoles all day!

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