March 5 Favorites

March was great and all but I am so excited for April! April means SPRING BREAK, which we are currently on and it’s so nice. We’re not doing anything crazy, it’s just nice to have a few less obligations for a week. This year has been off to a pretty good start. Can’t really complain and I’m b using tail to get stuff done as much as I can. Here’s what I found last month that I’m loving!

1. My New Rain Booties – I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve received while wearing these. Specifically, three times in just one outing to the mall! They are super comfortable and crazy affordable. They come in preach ever color you could want for a rain boot. I highly recommend measuring your foot to get your true fit.  I had to size down a half size.  Get you some!

2. Unicorn Blend – I received my cute roller bottle with unicorn sticker back in February but finally made the blend and it’s fabulous. You can check out my post about it HERE.

3. Super Easy Up Do – Another post from March was my go to simple hair style. I wear it all the time, especially when I’ve past the point when I should wash my hair. this style looks great for any occasion from working out to going to church.

4. BFF Necklace – Yes. I’m an adult and I have a BFF necklace. I bought this for part of the gift for my bestie’s birthday. If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve definitely heard me mention her once or twice (or 100 times). It’s so simple and delicate and could totally pass for just a single necklace you would buy. You can get you and your BFF a set HERE.

5. Kinetic Sand – I know this stuff has been around for awhile but I just got on the train.  Put as much as you want to buy in a bug tub and let the kiddos go at it.  My wild and crazy boys will play with this stuff forever and I even love to play with it.  I also bought some dinosaurs from the Dollar Tree to put in there and they love those too.  My favorite part about it is that it can be an indoor or outdoor activity so its perfect for the warmer weather AND rainy days.

What did you find last month that you’re loving?

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