How to Start a Creative Journal

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to keep a journal. I’ve never been very good at it. You’re probably thinking,”How can you not be very good at keeping a journal? There’s no right or wrong way to do it.” And you would be correct. But I’m not very good at it in the sense that I don’t keep up with it. It would usually be a day or two of writing stupid stuff and then I’d forget about it for the next 5 months.

Then I saw bullet journaling and it really appealed to my creative side. So I tried it, and I flopped on that too. I tried the different tracker pages and all that but I came to realize that I’m just not an everyday, spill all my guts in writing, kind of person. So I combined three things together, bullet journaling, regular journaling, and scrapbooking to create the perfect way for me to keep up with it. It’s so much fun and it looks cute and that makes me want to keep doing it *almost* every day.

So, if you’re anything like me, here’s what I like to suggest to get started. I love the smaller binders for my journaling because they are easier to tote around or store. Then I just use THIS dot grid filler paper for my pages. I like using the dot grid version mainly because I like the way it looks and because I like to do some bullet journaling pages. I use the same size (8.5×5.5) sheet protectors as well for special pages, as pockets to hold different pieces of memorabilia that I don’t want to glue down, or to separate sections. Those are the three basics that I like to use to get started.

Now to take it up a notch, I bought this zipper pouch with an elastic strap that fits perfectly around the cover of the binder. In here, I keep glue sticks for printed pictures/notes, my favorite pens, and colored pencils for my doodles. Last but not least, I LOVE stickers. Give me all the cute stickers! There are so many sticker pads out there for planners and just general use . The one I have fits nicely in the back of the binder without causing too much bulk.

As for the actual journaling part, just go for it! If you didn’t do much or have anything super exciting happen, doodle something that made you happy, add some color, and done! Pick a cute sticker that goes with it if you’re not super into drawing. Or lastly, and this is a crazy one, skip that day! It’s ok! Sometimes I literally have nothing to say or record or that I want to remember and I just don’t journal. Then there are other weeks, aka spring break, where each day has a two page spread of pictures, notes, doodles, AND stickers. It’s all about balance, right?

I also love using fun little paper clips to mark where I am, to section off a previous year, or just to hold something in place.

One other thing I like to do is have monthly pages. These are ones I come back to and record throughout the month. In March, I did a doodle-a-day challenge that was fun. One that I like to do every month though (except this month because I forgot to make it) is a gratitude page. This is such a wonderful way to practice giving thanks even on crappy days or just plain boring days.

That’s really all there is to it. There aren’t any rules just you and your thoughts. You can pour out your feelings or just jot down the mundane. You can do it daily or just for the big moments. It’s totally up to you and your creativity. So what are you waiting for?! Get creating and have fun!


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