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Gav + Ro’s Joint Easter Basket

I can see how this title could be read wrong…..but let’s move on.

Each year I love putting together special Easter baskets for my boys. And every year, since Ro has been around that is, I have done a separate basket for each boy. However, I was scrolling Instagram, as one does, and saw that Amy Lou Hawthorne was doing Easter basket ideas but there was only one basket for both of her girls. That’s when it hit me! I don’t HAVE to get them each a basket that’s going to end up becoming a hat, or a weapon, or giant rock holder, or a weapon. (Yeah, I said weapon twice. It’s highly likely.) We already have buckets from last year that they can use for all the egg hunts they’ll go to so why not just place the focus on the goods inside? That’s the part they like anyway! Here’s what I put together…

I try my best to not go heavy on the candy, they’ll get enough of that elsewhere and I try to put in things I know they’ll use a lot. Easter baskets are the best tome to reboot your bubble and sidewalk chalk supply. They fill up a lot of space in the basket and they get tons of use in the coming months.

I also love to get them something I know will make their faces light up. Even if it is a plastic egg with Peppa Pig on it. The item I bought for Gav is a smaller version of something he loved from Christmas know he’s going to break right into it.

These were totally random and part of the “not too much candy” policy I have. I can just imagine the amount of sticky fun these will create!

I made the tags with some scrapbook paper and chalkboard labels I already had!

These are probably one of my favorite items because I know how much Gav wants to start a garden in the back yard. He’ll be able to use his very own tools and there’s a special set in the basket for little brother to help too.

Last but not least is this special book. It’s important to me to add one thing that brings us back to the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place. I mean, this is the central holiday of our belief so, you know, kind of a big deal. Anyway, I’ve had this book on the boys’ Amazon list since the very first time I saw it.

It’s an adorably illustrated book about how we are all different but created in God’s image. We are all part of God’s very good idea. What I didn’t know was that it has the story of Easter is right in the middle of it! Perfect! I can’t wait to read it to the boys.

What’s in your kiddos’ baskets this year?

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