Decorating for a Small Front Porch

In a perfect world, I would have a very large front porch. I’m talking old style wrap around porch with plenty of room for a swing and chairs and I’d read out there and drink coffee and…I’d have a glorious porch. But in reality, my house has a very small porch that only really fits a bench. A bench that the previous owners left and seriously needs some TLC. (It’ll happen, one day…) I want my front porch to look inviting and I love decorating for the season. Unfortunately, the way our porch is designed, it gets hit by all the weather. Rain, pollen (my goodness, the pollen!), wind, etc. I needed a solution that was minimal and *fairly* weather proof. This is where those awesome, multipurpose, wooden crates come in handy!

We bought these more than a year ago off of Facebook marketplace. Someone was selling a lot of them for a good price so we snagged a few. I originally bought them to use for my booth for selling but then realized I had too many and no where to put them. That’s when they found their new home on my front porch. And there they sat for a long time, exposed to the elements and just kind of plain. It was time to spruce them up and give them a makeover that completely brightens up the space. It’s neutral and works well all year round.

All you need is paint that is meant for outdoors. I prefer the chalk based paints because they require the smallest about of prepping and coats.

I did clean the crates up a bit before I painted them and you’ll notice that they are two toned. I’ll be honest, I ran out of the white paint and when I went to buy more, the store was out. The did have this awesome gray color and it was on CLEARANCE for $1.99 a piece! I decided that, for a fraction of the original price, I could definitely make this work! Turns out, I love it even more now!

What’s that big “HOME” sign you ask? I’ve seen similar ones all over them place and convinced my hubby to screw a couple of old boards together for me and I made my own. It’s just two boards secured together and some white painted letters. I put a screw in the place where the “O” should be and change it out each holiday/season.

Are you a porch person? What’s your ideal outdoor space?

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