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Unicorn Essential Oil Blend

If you know me at all, you know I have a deep love of unicorns. If you know me well, you know I love my essential oils. Naturally, when my BFF told me she had seen something called a unicorn blend and gifted me a fabulous roller bottle, I had to look it up. There are MANY different varies of a “unicorn” blend. Everyone’s tastes are different and different oils may not be as effective for you as others.

Here’s what I love in my personal blend:

Why these oils you ask? That’s a great question! I have looked up many blend recipes for this and found what works for me. Some of these may not appeal to your personal sense of smell but here is why* these are included and their purposes.

*all information stated below was pulled from

  • JOY – produces an aroma that brings joy to the heart, mind, and soul
  • STRESS AWAY – promotes relaxation and a calming environment / has an inviting aroma that helps calm the mind
  • SARA – designed as a soothing scent to be used during difficult or emotional times
  • VALOR – positive aroma that inspires confidence and courage 
  • GRAPEFRUIT – uplifting and energizing
  • TANGERINE – can create a happy, contented mindset

One other thing to remember, to truly feel the effects of any oils, you have to use them on a consistent basis. If nothing else, this makes for a wonderful smelling, all natural perfume.

What are some of your favorite blends? Want to get into the oily life? Start here!

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