My Go-To Easy Hairstyle

When it comes to doing my own hair, the easier the better. Also, the faster the better and the less maintenance the better. I know all my mama folks are shouting some amens right now! I prefer that my hair looks good too, but ease and speed are the two selling points for me most of the time. Once I started doing this new style, and getting compliments I might add, I knew I had found a winner! It works best with unwashed hair, so there’s another tic in the pro column!

Taken at the studio before work. It held ALL NIGHT!

All you need are those tiny clear elastics and maybe a few bobby pins. Other things you may like to use are bows, anything decorative, or a bun maker. If you don’t have a bun maker, you need one! They’re awesome. On to the tutorial!

It’s a video! ENJOY!

So yay…my first video! I don’t think I was too awkward but I probably said “Um” about 22.36 million times. It’s all good! There are so many ways you can make this style your own or fit it to the occasion and that’s why I love it so much.

Think you’ll be giving this style a try?

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