Shop Update // Reopening

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to everyone who shared or purchased something from my shop this past holiday season. You truly blessed me and my family and I loved seeing all of the pictures of you enjoying your goodies!

With that said, I was also very relieved once it was time to shut down for a hot minute. It gave me time to complete all the remaining orders and enjoy the season with my family. I’m feeling recharged and ready to open back up, but not quite yet. “Why?” you ask? January is a busy birthday month for us so I’m holding off until after my son’s and my birthday. So when is that?


Woo hoo! My birthday is this Friday (look out for a coupon code that you can use once I open back up!) and Gav’s is Monday. So, Tuesday’s the day!

What’s new? I’ll definitely have many of the same things in the shop like the water color house drawings, cake toppers, pet portrait hoops, etc. But I’ll be adding separate listings for water color portraits, pet portraits, and some state love items. I may also be dabbling with some prints and coffee mug designs in the future. I’m very excited for this year and I hope you are too! For now, enjoy a free hand painted printable!

Click the size you need and download.

Be sure to tag me if you print these out. I’d love to see where you put them in your space!

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